Reader Comments

  1. This game looks pretty cool, i will only buy it if it has a long campaign though. Im getting tired of games nowadays that are only 5-15 hours long. And it seems games with amazing graphics fall into this category… so i hope Id Software doesnt make that mistake.

  2. Awesome preview! 60 fps, incredibly sharp graphics, smooth controls with the DualShock 3 – absolutely no worries about the PS3 version of RAGE. That makes me happy, ’cause Imma PS guy 🙂

  3. There was a few excellent points I read…

    The dynamic movement of one the mutants/Ghosts — AWESOME

    Vast landscape — AWESOME

    Realistic controls on vehicles — AWESOME


    Crisp renders without unified texture patterns — AWESOME

    Then ended with a clever quote — `… Making games to endorse fun — AWESOME

    The Dialouge written by that Playstation editor could and should have been better… I sat there reading illustrative paragraphs that broke into emphasised opinions, written tediously…. “Is Rage a racing game” That is a emphasised idea in a shallow conception. Either way, I still got those few points, above that made the article worth while.

    Stupid journalism doesn’t turn the viewer away from the game — It just turns the viewer away from the site or Magazine…..