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  1. I’ve mentioned this before, so I won’t reiterate all my points, but I feel the need to mention again that the current trend in marketing for RPGs has me worried. Every ad campaign for modern RPGs implies that it’s literally all about the combat. Here’s another video with nothing but shooting in nearly every scene… and don’t get me wrong, I loved the action-aspect of Fallout 3, but it wasn’t the most important thing. And when ads keep trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator (people who are ONLY interested in shooting people) I worry that the game companies are on a path towards making less of an effort to please those interested in story, characters, humor, immersion, et cetera.

  2. The illustrator for the Fallout New Vegas game guide is going to be at the midnight release for the game at my local Game Stop. Does anyone know what his name is? I can’t find it anywhere. Unless he is the illustrator for the Fallout 3 game guide, then it’s right in front of my face. But still, if not, please help.

  3. To Zabinatrix hey maybe if you read and have been following up on fallout new vegas you would know that they have stated that its not just going to be a shooter game, and that its full of side quest and all sort of different dialog and ways to use your skills in set dialog and that you will need to talk to the people of the wasteland to help in quest that you will in counter in your journey in the wasteland, ect. but there is one thing that i wish you could do in fallout new vegas, is that it was an online game where you could run in to other players and waste them, lol that would be sweet. but i dont think it will happen unless they make a dlc that makes it happen. but i wont be holding my breath on that. geez i cant wait tell the 19th of october, pre-orded at gamestop for the classic vault 13 look, and to all good hunting out in the wasteland.

  4. Please release the system requirements for this game. I want to pre-order it, but I want the PC version if my computer can handle it. I’m hoping they are close to Fallout 3’s requirements.

  5. Adverts/video clips are usually made to appeal to the masses who want to see ‘combat’ and ‘explosions’ etc… If you do a bit of research on FNV you’ll see that the quest/side quests shades FO3 in terms of variety, content and the sheer amount of them there are to do. Besides, why give all the game’s secrets away before its released? 😉 FNV will be incredible I’m sure. Ordered my CE a week ago.