New Vegas News: It’s done! Plus PC reqs, and cake


As you may have heard in this week’s episode of The Bethesda Podcast, Fallout: New Vegas is officially finished and off to manufacturing. Congratulations to the team!

In other news, look at that cake. It was presented to New Vegas designer Robert Lee on his birthday, which happened to coincide with the official end of development.

“Complete surprise birthday present from my wife,” says Lee. “I had no clue she was planning this.”

The cake was designed by Christopher Garrens, whose Costa Mesa bakery “Let Them Eat Cake” is regularly featured on WEtv’s Amazing Wedding Cakes. Click here and here for a few more angles.

Also on the podcast, we revealed the PC system requirements for New Vegas. In case you missed it, here they are in chart form:


Reader Comments

  1. why are the system requirements in games for windows guys? thought you were using steamworks….*looks below* looks like i’m not the only one who’s confused!

  2. Congratulations to all on going gold and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Robert Lee! Truly a day of thunderous clouds! Avanlanches roaring! and volcanos throughout the world erupting! exploding as one!

    Thank you for the joy to come.

  3. Oh, I had missed that it was going to be Steamworks instead of GFWL – that is great to hear indeed. I have had nothing but trouble with GFWL and would like to avoid it as much as possible.

  4. Just curious where is the Mac love at Bethesda, outside of id? No Mac version of New Vegas or Fallout 3.

    Congrats on finishing but…

  5. Excellent! I can’t wait to play this.

    Now port Fallout 1 and 2 to iOS. Please. Seen Undercroft? You can do it!

  6. that cake is so damn awesome. screw Valve, you’ve got the best cake-related gaming news!

    you know what’s the worst about this news? that i have to wait two weeks to play while the game is DONE! (sigh) guess it’s time to go out to Poseidon and kill time…

  7. First of all congrats! I have just ordered a laptop with a i7 720QM 1.6 GHz. Is that enugh? And the gfx card should be ok after what I understand..a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1 GB GDDR5 SDRAM.

    Kinda a expensive computer so hope it will have enugh punch…?

  8. also, @tcrown… it’s a rough world. i’ve been a Mac user since 1988, and i’m still mainly a Mac user at home and at work. but it didn’t take long for me to realize that the only way to be a Mac gamer… is to buy a PC.

    i got tired of playing stale, years old ball sweat from third-party porting companies. so for years i’ve run a Windows box for games, and my Mac does everything, well, important. if you have a decent Mac then GPU support in VMware and Parallels is actually OK now, and you can give that a shot.

  9. wait so this game does NOT have GFWL support? Meaning no achievements friends list etc? Seems i might need to cancel my Pc steam pre-order and grab it for 360, as I am one of the few people who actually likes those things I guess.

  10. @emilio I think if I was going to go dedicated system, just for games I would probably go the console route. Currently I’m making wine ports of PC titles I want to play, which is what I had to do for Fallout 3 not perfect by any means but plays very well with minor problems, lost sale for Bethesda also.

    Given all the positive data that Valve is generating for it’s Mac business, it certainly shows that Mac users have plenty of ready cash on hand and eager to purchase quality current games, but Valve to seem to be unique in really listening and offering their fans what they want, and are heavily rewarded for it.

    I’ll leave it at that as I’m sure Bethesda won’t reply to this post, but thought it good to voice my thoughts on the subject regardless.

  11. ok so I have an intel Pentium 4 3.06 ghz processer 2.5 gb RAM and 8800 gts graphics card, I my processor is not dual-core does that mean I can’t play the game on my PC???

  12. In re: to your system specs questions, the best way to answer is simply this: if you’re able to run Fallout 3 successfully on you machine, it’s unlikely you’ll have issues running New Vegas. As Jason mentioned in our podcast, we’ve bumped up some of the specs of the game, but you should be able to run the game in some manner still.

  13. alrighty good news, thanks and yes my Comp. can and does run Fallout 3 on highest settings with no hiccups. Thanks for your time and the awesome game.

    Still need to upgrade the old rig tho, it’s about run its course lol.

  14. ” if you’re able to run Fallout 3 successfully on you machine, it’s unlikely you’ll have issues running New Vegas”

    thanks for the tip! this is exactly what i wanted to hear

  15. Fewer bugs for PS3 version, I hope. Gameplay for Point Lookout, GOTY edition was severely @#*&ing broken. Most messed up console play ever. Still looking forward to Vegas, though.

  16. o god, that is recommended right?!?! not minimum!!! just tell me that, i can run Fallout 3 15-40 fps 25 avg on everything low 800×600 and its good, dont tell me it will become 5-20 fps 10 avg o god please!!!!!!!!!!!
    and in fallout 3, the sniper scope on 800×600 resolution is glitched, cant snipe, the plus inside the circle are gone, and the lines are messed up, hope not meeting that, i love snipers

  17. The Eyebot has a core of rice krispy treats and then a layer of fondant. The cake was designed to look like a wasteland area. The tree and bits of road are marshmallows. Part of the reason for choosing Christopher Garren was everything he puts onto his cakes is edible, which just adds to the awe. The base of the cake had four layers of red velvet.

  18. Hello people of the Wasteland! Here Speaks the ENCLAVE!! I waiting for this Moment since years i Hope i can join the Enclave in this Game….

  19. I’m an avid Fallout 3 player, on ps3. I’m SO happy you guys built Fallout: New Vegas on the same game engine! It actually truly saddens me that your game is DONE, but I gotta wait over two weeks to get it! But enough of that, thanks to everyone working on this game, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you got one great wife!

  20. So, now that Fallout: New Vegas (which I will be getting) is done, at least the main game, as I’m sure there will be extra content/expansions, maybe us Elder Scrolls fans can get some attention?

    I mean c’mon Bethesda, you weren’t even working on this project…

  21. Whoa it was that doods birthday and it feels like hes giving US the present of Fallout: New Vegas, yous musta had a great time developing the game and I should thank y’all in advanced the game is no doubt going to be EPIC!!!!

    Happy belate birthday, great looking cake!

  22. probably a forum question but…is there any word on DLC for this one? is it gonna be a timed exclusive again? sure hope not.

    grats on finishing development of the main game!

  23. Woooo hooooo!!! I’ve played FO3 so much I melted the DVD! lol Been patiently waiting for FONV since first hearing of it last Feb.

    Can’t wait!

  24. I cant wait for it ahhh collecters edition ill go head shot when i get lol jkjkjk im glad u all that its finish come on october 18-19 YEAH!!!!!!!

  25. Is there a noticeable difference when you go from platform to platform. I know there are obviously better computers for gaming, like the Dell XPS. But aside from specialty laptops, is Mac a better computer for these games overall?

  26. I dont have a question I just wanted to say how excited I am about this game guys 🙂 …. I have booked a week off work on the 22nd so i can sit at home like a good lil geek and level up in the wastelands haha. Fallout 3 swallowed so much of my life and I just cant wait to do it all again.
    Keep up the good work guys and man that cake looks awesome …. thats what you call a cool wife 🙂

  27. These are recommended specs, not minimum requirements. Again, if you’re able to run Fallout 3 on specs lower than this, you’ve still got a strong chance that you’ll be able to run the game.