The Bethesda Podcast Episode 3: Parity Error


It’s all New Vegas, all the time on the third episode of The Bethesda Podcast.

In our first segment we sat down again with Fallout: New Vegas senior producer Jason Bergman for a lightning round of fan questions ahead of the game’s October 19 release — including an update on the PC system requirements from a special guest. Then it’s on to our long talk with Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart on all things Fallout.

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Reader Comments

  1. great stuff! i really liked the interview with Fergus. first, it felt nice and casual, like it was just some geeks sittin’ around. two, i really love hearing about the concerns, inspirations, and debates that go in to the big and small features of a game.

    now, i’m gonna repeat the questions i posted in the forum, because… well, in all the non-fanboy humbleness i can muster, because i think they’re awesome questions that are better than most of the ones posted! like, i’d love to just interview someone on the way that the game engine shapes open-world games, and vice-versa.

    – how much life do you think Gamebryo has left? was there anything about TES:IV/FO3/FO:NV development that was difficult or impossible under Gamebryo?

    – what technical changes were made to Gamebryo between FO3 and NV? lighting, sound, physics, memory management, etc.

    – for all games, and particularly FO3/NV, how is loot scaling balanced? that is, i’m probably not going to find 20 stimpaks, a rocket launcher, and 20 rockets right outside of the game’s start – it changes the flow of the game. alternately, i hope to find a decent number of aid items if i’m slogging through some creep-filled sewer, but perhaps not enough to make it easy. all of this, in turn, must be placed in the context of a global economy. is there one person entirely devoted to figuring these issues out?

    – are any of Bethesda’s development houses creating technical properties to be used by other Bethsoft devs? that is, will we see Fallout 4/TESV/Doom 4 in the RAGE/Brink/etc. engine?

    – speaking of… Doom 4? what’s up with that? (it has been announced.)

    – what would you consider the first modern open-world 3D sandbox game?

    – are there any amusing intra-Bethesda rivalries? does iD send Obsidian beheaded teddy bears? does Splash Damage crank call BGS, asking about a plumber for leaky memory?

  2. I’m with Randy!! I am so incredibly excited about FONV, but my heart beats solely for TES*, and I am going to lose my job with how much time I spend on the internet searching high and low for ANY information I can find on TESV. Please, please, please. Also, please.

    *in case of any doubts–

  3. just wondering if anyone else find the game hole an that ayers rocklike outcropping. cant remember the coordinates just wondered if it was still there after the patch lol