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  1. Wow.. I’m bummed. I found out about this deal to late to get the deal. I just bought Fallout 3 and MS space bucks today to cover the cost of all the DLC at 400 points… 🙁 I’m a sad panda.

  2. Can you please just drop the price on these permanently? I bought the original Fallout 3 for 30 bucks and I can now get the DLC packs for 50 USD Dollars? So 80 dollars to play all the content when you sell the GOTY for 60? That is Bethesda just trying to make some extra bucks off the uneducated consumer. Drop the price forever. It will give you good karma bonuses… lol Also New Vegas is out why not just drop the price of the old DLC? Please… I missed the short sale.