Fallout: New Vegas Official Strategy Guide Blog — Mapping the Mojave: Stunning Vistas, and Slaughtered Settlers

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After a one week hiatus, David Hodgson, author of the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide, returns to discuss to discuss places you’ll visit on your trip to the Mojave Wastleand..

Here’s David…

A lonely shack, slowly rusting in the dry heat of the Nevada sun. But what oddities are contained within? Traps? A crazed Prospector? Moonshine? The guide knows all….

Sometimes you need to take a moment from your massacring of the Viper Gunslingers, and gaze out across the arid plains where sharecropper farmers are eking out an existence using a mixture of chutzpah and NCR-owned water. Or, go swimming in Lake Mead, and drink as much radiation-free H2O as you can… before you’re set upon by savage Lakelurks. Where the Capital Wasteland was a pock-marked mess of radioactive hot-spots and shacks containing madmen named Dave, the Mojave Wasteland has much more of its natural environment intact. New Vegas contains just as many shack-dwelling madmen. Perhaps the most deranged is known as No-Bark Noonan. He lives with his shotgun traps and showroom dummy friends.

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Mapping the Mojave for the strategy guide was no easy task. While it didn’t lay me out in a fit of conniptions like linking the DC Metro Underground areas together, the number of locations that the guide covers (in meticulous detail I may add, which includes every single type of collectible you’ll want to find, and every Crafting location, Healer, Trader, and Caravan Player) is still immense.

New Vegas has a massive game world featuring well over 200 primary locations, and that’s not including around the same number of secondary locations not on your Pip-Boy’s map (which the guide tags). Basically, if there’s ammo, something to tempt you, an item of interest close by, or if there’s an Abomination prowling nearby, the guide lets you know. From threat levels to lists of every character that inhabits a location, the tour of the Mojave Wasteland is exhaustive.

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Occasionally it’s okay to stop trying to complete every one of the over 70 side quests, and 90 free quests and sit a spell to marvel at the sunsets and check out the gleaming spire of The Strip.

But what kinds of locations are available to the sight-seeing Courier? Well, some personal favorites include The Devil’s Throat; a giant rock depression filled with Evolved Centaurs, radioactive barrels, and heavy Energy Weapons. There are stretches of lonely highway to trek down passing savaged caravans with Brahmin corpses stinking in the mid-day sun.

There’s a whole mountain wilderness where Super Mutants are the friendliest creatures you’ll face, and hidden pathways to find locations you previously thought inaccessible. There are mines, shacks, ravines, mountains, caves, sweeping plains, dry lakes, rocky promontories, and wild canyons where the thrill of traversing the rugged landscape changes to fear as your hunting rifle jams just before a Legendary Fire Gecko spots you. And that’s before you enter the outskirts of New Vegas itself. Finding out which locations are safe to explore and which are deathtraps filled with Deathclaws is only a glimpse of what the strategy guide offers. Expect a full, complete, and helpful tour of every nook, cranny, and secret safehouse there is to find.

Tune in next week for another Strategy Guide blog post.

Reader Comments

  1. OMG that looks amazing, cant wait to get it, does it come out after the game or with it? i pre-ordered the collectors edition of the game the first day it was available 😀 fallout is the best game ever!

  2. Had my preorder for the PC collectors edition in the minute they started taking preorders.

    I can’t wait – I just hope my awesome “Return of Sulik and Grampy Bone” mini-adventure I’ve been working on in GECK is compatable with this. Would be more logical to have it takes place here than in the Capital Wasteland given the locations in FO1 and FO2…. which warrants the question —

    Will New Vegas support the ESM format, or have they made changes that will make FO3 ESM incompatable without conversion? Logically I think some conversion work would be needed, but I’m lazy.

    Curiouser and curiouser, Bethsoft fanboy modders that been around since Arena wanna know!

  3. Kewl beans. I have a question. If we purchase the CE of FNV at gamestop (preorder) will we get any sort of discount for the guide?

  4. I haven’t looked at anything New Vegas related in a little while. But I had to see this, I have to know the terrain and what kinds of locations we’re in for. Only about 2 weeks left and this week is half way over. Be patient everyone, it will arrive sooner than you think.

    I find not reading/listening to every New Vegas interview or even going to the blog or boards every 5 minutes really helps time fly by lol.

  5. God, this installment of Fallout is going to be completely and utterly amazing! I preordered the Collector’s Edition and the Guide as soon as I heard about it. This is the game series that blends all my favorite elements, creative semi-gallows humor, awesome story type, incredible gameplay, and graphics that are just plain amazing!

    P.S. Carey. I agree with your technique for making the time pass by but its still so hard!

  6. This has been my most anticipated game of the last few years. Seriously can’t wait to spend >100 hours like I did in FO3.

    Please. Fallout 1 and 2 for iOS. For the love of god.

  7. I have to say that im not really into guides, As I like to venture through a game on my own. However, Fallout is an extensive masterpiece that definitely needs to be given more study to enjoy what it has to offer, In my opinion. So as far as this guide goes, It will be a pleasure to read, But no way do I plan on having my hand held as I make my way around every corner. But by the looks of how big this guide is…Like 464 pages, Im REALLY looking forward to those maps and locations pertaining to acheivements and what-not.

  8. I can’t wait for this game. I can’t wait to sit inside my house for 100 striaght hours and play until I finish or die which every comes first.

  9. Awesome job. Can’t wait to get the collectors edition game along with the collectors edition strategy guide. I loved Fallout 3 and can’t wait to play this one, great job guys! Less than two weeks away 🙂

  10. tuesday 19th: come home from work, look in mailbox, grab game, open game, get a beer from the fridge and play til bed time, sounding better an better

  11. @vaultboy no, you don’t get any type of discount, i preorded my CE guide and game and it came to about 140-150 canadian. well worth the cash, but the wait is just killing me. ever since i read they had it finished and it was in manufacturing i’ve been losing more and more sleep, it’s like waiting for christmas when you were a kid. anyone know what the difference between the 2 guides is? the only thing i know is the CE’s hardcover and it might come with a bigger pull out map, but i don’t think that makes it very collector worthy, let alone the extra ten bucks and the 5 bucks down for the preorder cause they’ll be gone in like 3 days, max.

  12. I won’t come out of my room untill I have done every single thing you can do! But first I have to wait for it to come out. 🙁

  13. i’m taking a day off. maybe two.

    my roommate and i, at least, are gonna be playing on our PCs; a friend or two might come over to play on the TV and other available monitors. we’re getting mass Red Bull and Red Bull Cola, probably get pizza and/or crack some MREs…

    (pleaseohpleaseohplease do a midnight release, GameStop.)

  14. your teasing us like when a fat man goes to the restroom and you steal his steak, just release the game early so we can live and be happy!!!!

  15. the diffrence is quit simple the normal/offical is basiclly for the basic gamer.
    the person who wants to find the stuff and learn all the stuff you need for the main game.
    now the collectors edition guide is for the hardcore player (like me) who wants more bang for there buck or bottle cap lol.
    unfortunetly i have to wait an extra three days for my collectors edition 🙁 because i stay in Scotland which is rubbish.

    i love fallout 😛

  16. rite two questions (can you answer them in your next blog please thankyou!!!)

    1. will there be a temporay follower like the annoying man (sticky) in new vegas? because i enjoyed executing sticky off the washington monument in fallout 3 so i was wondering could i do that off the top of the lucky 38 tower in new vegas???

    2. i heard that you can get a house at the top of the lucky 38 building so can you buy themes for it and stuff you could buy for your megaton/tenpenny tower house in fallout 3???

    thankyou i would really appreciate if you could answer my questions
    thankyou bethseda aswell for fallout 3 and this stunning new game i am pre-ordering the classic pack very soon.

  17. also do lakelurks look like mirelurks because i thought that mirelurks were mutated crab-men and i cant wait to swim in RADIATION-FREE!!!!!! water.


  18. It would be nice to include a searchable digital version along with the book. I still like the book but sometimes you need a better index to find a particular quest item. Well either way I can’t wait for release. I played 3 many times and the pc version is the best with all the tes dlc. Now that gamepad works good with the pc it’s even better. Oh, what about oblivion 5??? It’s still the best except no pit boy radio..

  19. Probably already been brought up, but…. Will there be anything in New Vegas like Real Time Settlers (RTS) from the mod community? Can NPC have a farm? research team? or MERC faction of his/her own? Or become a leader of a community? If no, is this a consideration for future Fallout(s)?

  20. @Falloutboy***

    Sounds to me like something from a fable game. In my opinion, My take on fallout is all about “adventuring” And roaming the land. Thats what i look for, Thus tons of weapons and mods need to be made available…Which FONV Is incorporating. Joining a faction, Which is possible here, Is cool for some, You know, And maybe settling down and doin’ a lil’ farming might tickle some peoples fancy, But Fallout just isn’t that type of game. “Commitment” To be there and to rise the ranks of a dirty rad infested little towns political ladder just isn’t for people who play FO. Survival and makin’ loads of caps on the way is a good start…Not farming. But wait, I LOVE Fable, And I will be buying the CE for F3 I promise, But I will do that because I will be “Looking” To that type of gameplay. GO VAULTBOY GO VAULTBOY GO!!!!! hehe…

  21. Gah. The anticipation is killing me. But. @seadogzo – I’m really curious about ownable homes too. I loved my megaton home, and really wanna know if the casino room will be ownable as well, or any other building. And I’m stoked about having that enclave lookin eyebot as a follower. It’s awesome. GAH , gonna have to go play FO3 to calm the excitement. Haha and It is like waiting for Christmas as a kid:p

  22. WHY!? Im a PS3 gamer and i liked the Fallout 3 perk rate but cannot change it like PC modders can!!!

    Why not have a trait or perk that lets you have a Fallout 3 perk rate???????

    It would make many people happy to have the choice to have the perk rate that they know and loved from Fallout 3 and the people that want the new perk rate can still have it.

    OR have Fallout 3 perk rate as an optional thing like Hardcore Mode.

    It would have made SO much sense…. Because then everyone is pleased. (sigh) Why oh Why.

  23. A MUST HAVE FOR ANY FALLOUT FAN!!!!!!!! i would build a time machine to just skip ahead 2 days to get this game! After i beat travel back in time i wait for it to be released just to beat it over and over again!!!!!

  24. I was wondering: is there a way to turn off the notifications of nearby locations? And only make them visible in case I discover them?

  25. You know, when I was younger, I used to buy strategy guides to games I didn’t own and read them at night before I went to bed. It helped me gain a love for reading. Now, hearing PC Gamer claim that the big guide is literally bigger than War and Peace, I got to buy it just to read it. I won’t even use it for helping me in game, I’m just going to read that beast.

  26. man l cant wait for it already, why cant it be the 22nd already. lucky me pre-order it.
    well cant wait that long and one more thing is the a guide book and how much is it.

  27. i can’t wait, but it may have more download contains or none….also it my have a bigger map and it could take for ever and ever to get there like in the beginning of the game you are oblivious of the megaton bomb and you one to blow it up then you go to the saloon to talk to the guy then the long walk to tennpenny tower. 😮