GameTrailers tackles ‘The Science of Fallout’

Over at, Daniel Kayser caught up with world-renowned physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, to find out what a post-nuclear world would be like. In the feature, you learn how some effects would be similar to the world of Fallout, while others… not so much.

And if you’re wondering, no, neither Wolverine or Hugh Jackman will be appearing in Fallout: New Vegas.

Reader Comments

  1. That could happen, but maybe not as extremely mutated as Fallout such as instead of Super mutants we could have three-legged things with claws.

  2. oh, this piece – like many others – ignores one critical aspect of the Fallout universe: FEV.

    the majority of mutations in Fallout’s post-apocalypse are not caused by radiation, though radiation does have an effect. leaked or intentionally exposed Forced Evolutionary Virus is the biggest mutagen in this story, while ghouls, radroaches, and bloatflies are arguably the only radiation-only “mutants”.