Geof Darrow signing New Vegas lithographs at NY Comic Con this weekend


If you missed Geof Darrow — renowned comic artist, and the man behind the cover of the New Vegas graphic novel “All Roads” — at the last Comic Con, and you’re planning on attending this weekend’s New York Comic Con, you’re in luck.

Darrow (pictured above right) will be signing lithographs of the cover starting at 10am on Saturday at his booth on the show floor’s Artist Alley. They’re going to go quick, so make sure to get there early!

Reader Comments

  1. Hi I was just wondering if I should read All Roads before or after I start the game.Would it spoil anything ingame if I read it first?

    Other than that it looks really awesome I’m glad that I got the collector’s edition 🙂

  2. man, i’ve loved Geoff Darrow’s work since the early comics and concept art from The Matrix. he can produce these rich vistas with so many points of interest, yet despite their chaos they still feel like coherent, composed images.

    @Robert, apparently All Roads is all about backstory and leaves off right before the game starts. so i think you’re actually supposed to read it before starting the game. just as long as it’s quicker to read than the game is to install…