New developer diary from Chris Avellone


Fallout: New Vegas Senior Designer Chris Avellone has a new diary up on the Fallout official site. In the diary, Chris talks about his experience returning to the Fallout franchise. Here’s a quick look…

“To have the chance to come back to Fallout when you thought it was closed off to you was something that surprised all of us. The opportunity to work with Fallout: New Vegas is not just something I’ve been grateful and happy to be a part of, it was something the future held in store that exceeded all my expectations.”

Read the rest of the diary, which includes a piece of concept art for Mr. House, here.

Reader Comments

  1. this was a great read. it’s really the kind of stuff i’ve been wanting to hear: where are the devs coming from? what does Fallout mean to them? what are the worries when handling such a beloved franchise? what challenges lie in open-world storytelling?

    thanks for sharing.

    (also, Josh had to play all the prior games and take copious notes about what was cool? research has to be one of the most fun parts of directing a game…)