G4TV goes Beyond the Beef; New Vegas Special on X-Play Tonight

Today on G4TV.com, you can check out an exclusive gameplay walkthrough of one of New Vegas’ quests, Beyond the Beef. Watch the video as Obsidian designer Eric Fenstermaker joins X-Play’s Morgan Webb to walk you through the questline.

As the game gives plenty of details on the questline, be warned that the video contains some spoilers.

Update: Also, be sure to tune into G4TV tonight at 6:30 EST (check local listings for the time in your area) — X-Play is premiering a half-hour special for Fallout: New Vegas. And if you miss it, we’ll be sure to put the footage up on the blog.

Reader Comments

  1. i am in full anti-spoiler mode and will avoid this like the FEV.

    however, i am happy that, with murmurs of “Wind-Brahmin” and a mission called “Beyond the Beef”, FO:NV is keeping the tradition of bovine-related humor alive and well.

  2. Run boy! Run! AiiiiiEEEGGG!!!

    Wow the art work looks fantastic and thick with details. The lighting also looks improved. Npcs really look colorful in appearance and character.

    As for spoilers i just listened with no sound and avoided reading anything. Was gonna fast forward but the beauty of it all was just too captivating!

    Thanks for the comforting pre-release rush of advertising. To think in two weeks from today i’ll be immersed in the game reality of FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS. Thank goodness i got a few months to kill before my orientation appointment and new adventure in training classes begins.

  3. ME WANT NOW!!!!! This game looks amazing!!! I hope Fallout 4 brings all this stuff and more into it!! I wonder if we will be able to farm or own a business in New Vegas to make money and food….. that would be amazing.

  4. was that woman walking in mid air? Cant wait to play this game it looks amazing!!!!!! if it doesn’t arrive on the 22nd (UK) i think i might cry 😛