Watch clips from tonight’s X-Play special

Did you miss the debut of X-Play’s Fallout: New Vegas Special? Whether you were preparing for Monday Night Football or fighting through rush hour traffic, we’ve got you covered. put all six segments up on their website, and just for YOU, we’ve got them here on the blog.

In the video above, Chris Avellone discusses New Vegas’ story with Morgan Webb. And after the break, check out the other five videos —  covering the game’s Setting, Features, Art, Weapons, and Characters.

Senior Producer Larry Liberty discusses the setting in “Sin City Destroyed”

Josh Sawyer discusses new features in the game — including Hardcore More, Crafting, and Traits

Lead Artist Joe Sanabria talks about creating casinos, card decks, and creating post apocalyptic buildings

Josh returns to discuss the game’s weapons — including weapon mods

Learn more about the characters you’ll meet in the Mojave in this segment with Chris Avellone.

Reader Comments

  1. Thank GOD that we get all this great footage. I can’t wait for the game to come out. Stupid packaging delay…

    (Yes, I know, not a delay, but we know the game is done, and that’s what kills me. Dx)

  2. I’ve been waiting for this game series since i started playing games. But im also really glad that the super mutants are still in the game. i thought that they wouldnt be for some reason.