Beyond the Brink Interview

With the Beyond The Brink: European Parkour Tour videos beginning to go up this week, we caught up with Daniel Ilabaca to discuss his tour, which included a trip to the Bethesda booth at GamesCom.

You attended GamesCom… did you do anything special parkour stuff for the show?

Gamescom was great, really enjoyed playing the game with Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood. We had a few appearances on stage where I pulled off a flip or two for the people. Other than that most of the day was spent doing interviews and learning how to play the game.

Have you had a chance to check out Brink in person?

Most of the day at Gamescom was spent playing the game with one of the camera men from the tour, that had to have been the highlight during the day for me as I really enjoyed playing others online. Also having a clear advantage based on my knowledge of movement made the game so much more exciting to play.

What do you think of parkour being used in games?

It’s cool to see that Parkour has been introduced to the gaming world on the basis that people like myself are able to reach out to a whole new generation of young men and women. To be living proof that the human potential in games can be achieved in real life.

Do you play any games in your spare time?

Every so often I will get together with a few friends online and we will have some great sessions where we try and create new ways of play a certain game. It’s just great that although I haven’t seen someone in such a long time such as a few friends from America or Australia, I am able to play with them online. It’s amazing!

What were some of the highlights of your tour?

My highlights of the tour had to have been seeing old faces and new ones during my travels, getting to share energy with them was beautiful. Just talking about life and just moving together.

Thanks Daniel!

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