News Roundup: New Vegas


We’re six days away from the release of Fallout: New Vegas, so here’s a look at some of the final previews, features, and interviews you’ll see before you have a chance to play the game for yourself.

At Gamespot, there’s a new feature revealing some of the new Perks for New Vegas — including comments from the team at Obsidian. Above, you’ll see the awesome image for the Cowboy Perk — not to be confused with the Commando Perk. Come on Bennett, let’s party!

Meanwhile, tomorrow at Best Buy’s video site, Live @ Best Buy, they’ll be doing a livestream of New Vegas from an LA Best Buy — where project director JE Sawyer will be playing the game and answering your questions. If you’d like to submit a questions, sign up for our forums and post here.

If Josh doesn’t answer your Q’s during the livestream, you can always ask them to Talking About Games, who will be chatting with Pete Hines on Friday. If you’d rather just read fan interviews TheGamersHub and Gamer’s Guide to Life already have community interview ups. And elsewhere, Planet Fallout’s Blinzler recently interviewed Sawyer. Here’s an excerpt…

What’s the expected playtime of New Vegas – with and without sidequests?

I generally only give my own experiences as a reference point since I don’t want people to be disappointed by a generic game length number. On my last playthrough I spent seventy hours doing the main quest and a large number (maybe thirty five) of the side quests. It’s a big game.

More New Vegas updates after the break…

Both Gamespot and Gamasutra report on lead writer John Gonzalez’s talk at GDC Online’s Game Narrative Summit last week. The talk also featured Q&A with senior designer Eric Fenstermaker and game designer Travis Stout.

For more previews an interviews, check out the following sites.

Finally, in case you missed it, Pete Hines walked GameTrailers through areas of Primm at PAX. Watch the segment below.

More New Vegas news coming soon!

Reader Comments

  1. Quick question related to pre-orders that I haven’t seen addressed – will the bonus pack codes be swappable between platforms? For instance could I trade a code from a PS3 version purchased from Amazon with one from an Xbox360 version from Gamestop?

  2. Damn i would want to ask a question, but i dont want to watch the live stream because of spoilers… i was going to ask if there was gonna be more radio stuff this time. Especially stories like (The Adventures of Herbert “Daring” Dashwood).

    That was one of the most entertaining things on the radio, i wish there were more of them because it was funny to listen to while exploring.

  3. I can’t tell you guys how excited I am- hell, all my friends are- about this release.

    A few questions:

    1) Are any retailers having midnight New Vegas launches? Gamestop? Best Buy? Just curios.

    2) I know you’ve got a new soundtrack and a few radio stations right out the gate. But is there any chance you guys would consider selling DLC radio library upgrades? I know PC versions have user-gen radio content- expanded song libraries, Mutant radio, etc. But I’m XBOX bound. I loved the music and radio stuff so much- but inevitably, after so many hours of playing, the repetition sets in. But if y’all would sell a $9.95 Music/Radio expansion pack- with a lot more original radio chatter (or another radio station) and a lot more music, I know I’d buy it as soon as you sold it… (And I can’t be the only one!)

  4. I really can’t wait to play New Vegas. I’m so certain that it is going to be spectacular. And apparently, a lot of people agree with me.

    With still a week to go before it’s released (splitting the difference between release dates in Europe and NA), it has been on Steam’s “Top Sellers” list for a long time. And now I just saw that it has taken the number one spot on the list, beating out popular and actually released games like Civilization V. That’s just awesome 🙂

    And I agree with Justin – a radio DLC would be welcome. I couldn’t imagine playing a game like this on a console so I’m playing FO3 on PC and have downloaded lots of user-created radio stations with both musics, stories and random funny talking. It’s great, but if you give me the option I’ll pay for more official content. More radio in the game to start with is of course preferable, but you know, whatever works.

  5. all of these perks got me really excited. i’m already planning my 2nd and 3rd characters…

    @Justin I JUST CONFIRMED THAT MY GAMESTOP IS DOING A MIDNIGHT RELEASE! i am insanely stoked, and i’ll be taking the next day (or two) off. it is the GameStop in Sunnyvale, CA, at El Camino & Mathilda Ave. i grilled the boys there when paying off my preorder: apparently the manager & corporate overlords will weigh the number of preorders and authorize the hours for a midnight release, so often the staff doesn’t know until a week or so before.

    ++ to radio DLC! i was really hoping that one day i’d get a message about Three Dog needing me to descend in to some Vault or hellish cave to retrieve fresh tunes for him. i would totally pay like $5 to get some new music and a couple cool missions.

  6. I have a question about Euclid’s c-finder. How do you get ammo for this weapon if you already completed that lucky old sun?