QUAKE LIVE updated with new ‘Start a Match’ feature


The QUAKE LIVE team is always hard at work bringing new updates to the game, as evidenced by last night’s quick patch. The update added the ability for Pro players to create servers to play with non-Pro players, making it easier for everyone to get into a server and frag some friends.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Start a Match configuration option added – ‘Membership Level’. You may now alter the required membership level, allowing you to launch ‘Standard Servers’ that non-subscribers may join.
  • Start a Match launched public servers will now appear in the default ‘public’ match browser..
  • Fix: The missing time-remaining timer on the match browser server hovers has been restored.
  • Fix: IE javascript issue resolved.
  • Fix: Improved error handling on account registration page.

As always, head over to QUAKELIVE.com to give the game a whirl.

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