Reader Comments

  1. Did they realize we could hear their sound checks? o.o
    Oh well, it was strangely comforting hearing her prep for the introduction lol.

  2. Do I have my time zones wrong? Or was this supposed to start 10 minutes ago? I’m staring at a screen that says “COMING UP MOMENTARILY”.

    Strangely- before the hour- I could hear chattering coming down the line. But now only silence… What’s up?

  3. their “best question” was a TOTAL FAIL. i can’t believe someone won a NV neon sign for that! i wish i’d known… i’ve coughed up better questions after a night of hard partying. “how it connects to Fallout 3” has been beaten in to the ground over and over… the general answer is “no.” (however, the “Wasteland Survival Guide” as a skill book is rad!)

    (jeeze, do they have a freakin’ monkey running their sound board?)

  4. Looks fantastic. More colorful world and the companion command screen is great. Companions really feel alive and like individuals. Love how true everything is to FALLOUT 3 in looks and gameplay along with all the exciting new enhancements like hardcore mode. The artwork is very eye catching like having sugary cereal for breakfast!

    Thanks for this most satisfying preview as release day is less then a week away.

    Oh and for those who missed the original airing like i did you can catch it on YouTube by entering something like Fallout New Vegas live stream which should bring up the Best Buy video with plenty of high quality.