Fallout: New Vegas Video Developer Diary #5

We’re back this week with Fallout: New Vegas Video Diary #5. For this video, the team (plus Wayne Newton!) discuss the iconic Las Vegas Strip, and how Obsidian brought this unique and memorable (okay, maybe you want to forget what happens there) hotspot to the latest Fallout installment.

We’ll have one more video for you next week. And if you’ve missed any of the previous videos, head to our YouTube Channel.

Reader Comments

  1. Wayne Newton! WAYNE NEWTON! i’m still quite impressed you pulled in Mr. Las Vegas himself – not just for booking him, but for actually thinking to have him in the game! (and i repeat my request – i guess for a DLC, at this point – that at some point his char should say “Bless your heart!” a la “License to Kill”.)

    the strip really does look impressive. however, i’m waiting to see just how many people are actually visible indoors or on the street – the videos make it look like a decent amount, but not crowds. i felt Fallout 3 could have had many more NPCs in some areas, but, sadly, that’s the price you pay for cross-platform games. computers can support more NPCs that were put in the game (just look at some of the mods, like 3x ghoul spawns), but you’ve gotta pander to the lowest common denominator of hardware: consoles.