Meet members from Obsidian’s team on New Vegas’ launch night


For those in and around LA, we wanted to let you know that members of Obsidian, including Project Director Josh Saywer, will be on hand to meet fans and sign copies of the game at their local GameStop in Irvine, CA. Below is the address…

GameStop – Irvine Spectrum

STE 856
IRVINE, CA 92618

Developers will be on hand at the store starting around 11:30 PM PST on October 18th, and will stick around until around 1:30 AM.

I’m also told that the first 30 people at the event will get a free Fallout poster, so get there early.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh, my god how I wish to be there developing games. But I am from Ecuador, a third world country so this is out of my leage. I have a masters degree in finance so maybe there I can work in finance in Obsidian’s financial department. Who knows.

  2. omg i would do anything to get over there and meet the crew. but the sad thing is im allllll the way in chicago. you think walking might be a good idea???

  3. I have been a the biggest fallout fan in the world for ever! The game is just amazing from the whole envirnment to te interaction and the gameplay. I think im going to be blown away from how good Fallout New Vegas will be because fallout 3 was just to good. i have about 56 hours on that game, and i didnt really play video games that much befor fallout 3 came out.

  4. Wow anyone wanna trade I got free health care in exchange for a spot in line awww Canada how little game devs we have. At least I got to meet bioware employees once before but fallout creators that would be something else