New Vegas Update: Questions, Answers and Perks


A seemingly radioactive skyline set against a pre-nuclear LA Shell station acts as the perfect backdrop for this New Vegas billboard, another reminder that the game is only five days away from release. Are you ready to enjoy your stay — and get blown away, simultaneously?

Before the enjoyable explosions begin, we’ve got some more news to share. For instance, the PlayStation Blog corralled Fallout: New Vegas senior producer Jason Bergman for a lengthy Q&A session today. He answers some questions you may already know the answers to, and some you might not, so I’d read it just to be sure.

PC Gamer also revealed a few more perks, complete with some giant-sized Vault Boy artwork. Meanwhile, New Vegas audio director Scott Lawlor has written about the process of engineering and directing the Music of the Mojave Wasteland on GamaSutra. It’s one of those interesting, technical articles. Worth a read!

And don’t forget that Best Buy is hosting a live New Vegas Q&A tonight at 7pm EST. In case you forget again, we’ll mirror the stream here when it goes up. If you’re looking for something to listen to in the meantime, the latest Adrenaline Vault Podcast features none other than Chris Avellone. Give it a listen.

Update: Senior Producer Jason Bergman is back at TechLand talking about his favorite post-apocalyptic visions. Elsewhere, learn five things you didn’t know about the game at USA Today Game Hunters.

Reader Comments

  1. In fallout new vegas, will there be any mentioning of the lone wanderer or anything about fallout 3 like the defeat of the enclave, in other words will the characters in new vegas mention any news of the capital waste land

  2. Oh and would you guys PLEASE make a concept art book for New Vegas!??! Fallout 3 had one with the collectors edition, but it didnt have it for the DLC. And the dlc looked like it had a lot of cool concept art as well!! HINT HINT!!

  3. i’ve been trying to stave off any spoilers, but the perk previews are just too damn good to pass over! i’ve definitely no hardcore mode on the first play (though enemies on hard). hardcore seems like the kind of thing where you really want to know and plan your perks! i just wanna experience the first playthrough with the whim of wandering – no wiki, no strat guides.

    the closer we get to the 19th, the more i get in to full geek-mode. i even have a freakin’ checklist for my little “vacation”!

  4. With both Oblivion and Fallout 3, Bethesda made references to various short stories by H.P. Lovecraft. Will this tradition carry over to Obsidian and Fallout New Vegas?

  5. Just like i posted on the Q&A at the Playstation blog.

    Being one of the how ever many people who preordered the Collectors edition when it was first availiable around summer time for the PS3, I really hope the PS3 version isn’t as bad as Fallout 3, especially the memory leaks around 50 hours into the game where game save files get as large as 10-20mb and causes the game to freeze when switching weapons, going into VATs, fast traveling, etc…

    I really hope most of this stuff got fixed for NV, i still love you Bethesda.. but the lack of support for the PS3 versions makes me sad.


  7. I’m reposting from a different thread since I saw no official reply…

    I can’t tell you guys how excited I am- hell, all my friends are- about this release.

    A few questions:

    1) Are any retailers having midnight New Vegas launches? Gamestop? Best Buy? Just curios.

    2) I know you’ve got a new soundtrack and a few radio stations right out the gate. But is there any chance you guys would consider selling DLC radio library upgrades? I know PC versions have user-gen radio content- expanded song libraries, Mutant radio, etc. But I’m XBOX bound. I loved the music and radio stuff so much- but inevitably, after so many hours of playing, the repetition sets in. But if y’all would sell a $9.95 Music/Radio expansion pack- with a lot more original radio chatter (or another radio station) and a lot more music, I know I’d buy it as soon as you sold it… (And I can’t be the only one!)

  8. Can’t wait for this! Made my pre-order of the Collector’s Edition with Amazon as soon as it was available! Finished Fallout 3 three times so far and working on a fourth. It never gets boring for me! I’m not going to read the perk previews or anything else. I’ve seen the trailers and that’s enough for me! I’m going to start playing this game with nothing but the knowledge I gained from Fallout 3. Also, kudos to Felicia Day for getting the role of one of the companions. I always play solo, so I’ll probably never hear more than a few lines from her, but I’m still glad she got the job!

  9. I’m playing the G.I. Blues mission and am in the NCR Ruined Store. I talked to Elizabeth Kieran and now have to go back and tell the king what I learned. But when i go to leave the store, the door is locked and it says i need a key. I killed everyone in the place but no one has the key. What do i do? is this a glitch?