Details on New Vegas midnight launches, digital unlocks


The day is upon us: the next chapter in the Fallout series hits stores tomorrow in the Americas. But how soon can you possibly be playing New Vegas?

If you’re looking for a physical copy, Best Buy and GameStop are both opening stores early to accommodate midnight playtime. For a list of all Best Buy midnight openings, check the handy pop-up on this page. If you’re looking to hit up a GameStop when the clock strikes, check out this link.

As for the digital realm, all copies of New Vegas purchased through stores like Steam, GameStop Digital and Direct2Drive will unlock for players in North/Central/South America at 12:01am PST/3:01am EST tomorrow morning. All other territories will see their copies unlock at 12:01 GMT on October 22nd.

So, are you planning on heading to a midnight launch? Send us pictures! Are you taking the day off work on Tuesday? Tell us your story! Especially if it involves lies. We’ve all been there — after all, Fallout fans have the best speech skills.

Reader Comments

  1. Wait, isn’t New Vegas a Steamworks game? if I buy it from D2D I have to link it to Steam no?

    Anyways, I have to wait ’til the 22nd to play… HF America 😛

  2. Fortunately for myself, Gamestops in my area always give us the midnight launch…my friends/family won’t see me for a month. The Fallout series has been a game that I nerd out to all of the time. I LOVE FALLOUT.

  3. I hate you right now. You wait until the release date to tell me that the 360 is getting exclusive DLC for the holiday season. If I didnt already have my copy in my hands I would seriously consider canceling it.

  4. lies?! good Sir Nick, those with the highest of speech skills find the truth is always compelling, no matter what it is.

    (i will absolutely be taking pictures and video at the Sunnyvale GameStop tonight. just listen for the music…)

  5. lol nice to know i not the only one who hates Steam I getting New Vegas for both pc and xbox 360 just in case steam side to do “Game not find try again later” that what it was after the last game i got with it and yes i did try and restall it 6 times any hoply batter look with fallout since i looking forward for the mods

  6. Unfortunatley, I can’t play it until it gets here. I preordered the special edition off amazon, and forgot to pick release shipping. So I probably have to wait 2 days after it’s out. :[

  7. Why do you even need to go “exclusive” on the DLC content anyway? It’s not like Microsoft is going to prohibit you from publishing this game on the Xbox360 unless it has “exclusive” content. You are just pissing off us PC users that preordered on Steam months ago.

  8. Luckily for me my GameStop is participating and they said get there by 11:30 PM! I finished paying off the game during lunchtime. I’ll probably take a video of my unboxing! 🙂

  9. Ugh, seriously? I just happen to be going into work late tonight(0430), and I’ll still barely be able to touch the game since I’m EST? That sucks. Figured it was going to be midnight for all zones. So much for being lucky tonight. Cut a USAF member a break? No? ='(

  10. I preordered through gamestop digital download, anyone know how that works? I got an email saying it was ready to download at 11am thismorning and I got my serial #, I go to the download link which downloads a 2mb installer, the 2mb installer installs “Fallout – New Vegas CODE” which at first went through the activation process, activated, then closed. It doesn’t do anything when opened. I assume this will start downloading at midnight? Anyone preorder digital download through them or know how it works? Very weirddddd.

  11. My local Gamestop is inside a mall, which is not open past 9pm so I’m out of luck on the midnight launch.

    I had scheduled a day off for Tuesday but then had to cancel it because a work meeting was scheduled for that day, but that won’t stop me from running over to Gamestop on my lunch break. I’m taking Wednesday off instead, so I’m looking at a late night gaming marathon Tuesday night leading into Wednesday morning.

  12. My moms BF is picking it up for me tonite. 😉 Ima gunna play at 3 AM till school starts. Ill be reading the manual and game guide and admiring all the CE cool crap aswell.

    Kudos Obsidian/Bethsoft!


  13. Very disappointed that you just announced that the first DLC for Fallout New Vegas will be exclusive to Xbox 360. What are you thinking? You do realize that the root of the Fallout franchise is with PCs, right? I’m sick and tired of game publishers signing exclusivity deals with Microsoft and Sony, whether it’s a timed exclusive for DLC or a complete exclusive for a game that then doesn’t get developed for other systems. Are they really paying you that much that you want to upset all your fans who don’t buy the game for that particular system?

  14. I gotthe collectors set for my boyfriend and he loves it its hard to drag him away from it I love the details and how different it looks from the other one its awesome