Fallout New Vegas Developer Diary #6 – The Characters (updated!)

In the final video diary for Fallout: New Vegas, developers and members of the game’s cast discuss the characters from the game. The final video features actors Ron Perlman, Matthew Perry, Wayne Newton, William Sadler, and Kris Kristofferson.

Watch all six video diaries here on our official YouTube Channel.

Update: We also have a new written diary from project director JE Sawyer.

Reader Comments

  1. For those concerned with spoilers, it barely has any scenes from the actual game and then just of the characters these voice actors play. (They’re mainly commenting on enjoying the roles, nothing at all about what the characters are like or any plot elements).

    Can’t wait for tomorrow! Dunno what’s going to keep me till then :p

  2. JUST voices? ok… i’ll bite… (i really gotta get work done today before i head to the Wastes, though, seriously. i’m not a complete degenerate.)

    i would disagree that this is spoiler-free… the bit about Matthew Perry’s character is spoiler-y. nothing too bad, it seems – i guess it just depends on when you find that out.

    i am so freakin’ stoked JUST for the voice cast! there are some true legends in there. like WAYNE FREAKIN’ NEWTON! that Willam Sadler bit at the end just about summed it up.

  3. If you ask me.. I’d say anything about it is a spoiler! Haha! I just read bits and pieces. Don’t want to know TOO MUCH!

    I’ve been play all the old Fallouts getting ready for this one!

    Can’t wait! Got it reserved and payed for already!!

    Happy gaming!,

  4. Given that every bit of info on new vegas in the past couple months has included the bit about you being shot in the very beginning with your package stolen, I wouldn’t consider it a spoiler that the guy who shot you happens to be in a gang (the name of the gang doesn’t really reveal anything).

    I guess it all depends on what kind of information you deem as a spoiler.

  5. 10 hours and counting till midnight release! what to do what to do… think ill go take knock out pills to pass out for 8 hours

  6. awww..why isn’t danny Trio in this video? he even does the voice of a companion. 🙁 Him and Ron Pearlman are the only actors in this game I like/know (I really wish they’d bring back Malcom Mcdowell who did the president’s voice in the first game).

  7. DLC is EARLY for 360, not exclusive. As it has been for the past Betheseda releases (oblivion, FO3). You haven’t even played the main game yet, no need to complain.

  8. great post from Josh Sawyer! sounds like he was getting a little misty-eyed, there…

    he makes a fine point, though: many hands make a Wasteland! that’s one reason why i really love the Developer’s Diary and Inside the Vault features: getting to know the people whose work entertains and enthralls me for countless hours.

  9. Yes Parvinder, but it was changed only after bethsofts mailboxes both IRL and on the web got filled up with complaints. maybe they made it a timed exclusive from the start, but in that case they really should have said something then (FO3) and now.

  10. @ Triangle Offense the first DLC is set to release on Xbox first, this holiday season, while other console owners will probably get it in the spring. This sets Microsoft up with people buying more Fallout New Vegas on Xbox rather than Playstation.