Union Square: Buy New Vegas, get a free cab ride home (updated)


If you’re looking to pick up New Vegas tonight in NYC and are in a rush to go home and play it… here’s a promotion you’ll want to know about. Between right now and 11PM EST, anyone picking up Fallout: New Vegas at Best Buy or GameStop within Union Square will receive a complimentary ride home. The taxis will have 2D Extension Taxi Tops for Fallout: New Vegas and will surround and light up the streets of Union Square.

No word if the Cash Cab guy will be driving (and yes, there’s a Cash Cab guy in New York).

Updated: We’ve got a winner!


Reader Comments

  1. Oh snap! Thats cool. Wonder whose picking up the tab.

    I got mine this morning and i walked twenty wonderful blocks back home in the sunny sunny sunshine before sleeking back into..THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE.

    Amazing game this FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS. Just finished another session and love the npcs and their different personalities aswell as all the new loot and recipies and the music and skill books and spooky critters that go itchy bite! bite! and..and..and..

  2. Wish Bethsoft would have fixed the crappy game engine. Its the same dredge since oblivion. Lots of odd issues and is DX9 based should have updated. Tons of performance issues…. The game is like a crippled Borderlands since there is no multiplayer. Yes it has more rpg elements but man the game should have been way more stable. Read the bethesda forums for all of the crap the PC community is having. There has been no response to the lag issues from Bethesda so far…

  3. I am all for New Vegas don’t get me wrong… but you think since those muslims corrupted the U.S. on 9/11, you would think there wouldn’t be allowed any pictures of guns (real or fake), parading around town… especially on a taxi cab… Love New Vegas though..

    And actually… you would think that they would give the free taxi rides home in Las Vegas, don’t you think? 🙂
    Cause of course, the game is New Vegas, why not free rides in Las Vegas?

  4. darn you amazon and your low supplies on new vegas now i have to wait till either the morrow or the eve afterwards… i even skipped school cause i though it was coming lol 🙁

  5. this sux, I have to pick up my copy of New Vegas on Saturday because I don’t have a ride to get it from Gamestop. I’m going to be the last to get it, but the 1st to pass it 😀
    I demand Fallout 4 to be in New York and were is the Enclave in New Vegas?