Your Fallout: New Vegas launch day stories


Photos of the Irvine launch event courtesy Kate from I Shoot Games

Getting time off from work to play a game can be tricky. Ryan devised a unique, but particularly painful solution to the problem for today’s Fallout: New Vegas launch:

I’m a school bus driver in cold ass Duluth, MN. Time off isn’t given to me very liberally, so unless I have a valid reason, I don’t miss a day. However, this game is something I’ve been looking forward to since its’ February announcement. I had to guarantee myself some time to play it, without anyone being able to ask me to move off of the couch. So, what did I do?… I scheduled all four of my wisdom teeth to be removed tomorrow, and I will have to be off work for five days, recuperating on my couch, and unable to help family or friends with anything at all. It’s time to Fall-Out!

Rodent” had a more direct approach:

I just straight told my boss that I can’t come in on Tuesday because Fallout trumps trolling on the computer. It’s even marked “FNV” on the calendar — but indecently I logged about 80 hours of Fallout 3 just at work so it’s not even an issue.


Brett found his boss amusingly receptive to a similar idea:

I already filled out my card for absence for the rest of this week so I will be able to play the game the whole week. I didn’t lie however — I was straight up with them saying I was going to be gaming out all week, and my boss laughed at me. I will end up blaming you if I end up getting some form of anxiety and sleep disorders… but good game!

Meanwhile, Collin is gaming the system:

I actually am playing it right now from work! I remoted into my home gaming rig at the highest bit rate, and it’s actually quite playable! No sound though…

Angelica sacrificed her launch event to save the lives of others:

I’m not cool enough for midnight release, got the flu you see =/ Plus I wouldn’t want to ruin peoples’ epic experience by my puking. Then people would be writing on here going “yeah mine was cool until some chick threw up in the line.” My brother is gonna go get it for me =)


Ryan needs to search some desks:

Played all night and came into work. Could definitely use some jet or psycho this morning.

Steve’s busy life is no match for the Mojave Wasteland:

I’m 41 years old, have 3 kids, an ex wife, a girlfriend and a real job, and yes I am taking Tuesday off to play New Vegas. I’m going to drive to GameStop at midnight and stand with guys half my age and stay up all night touring the new wasteland. I’m not ashamed. I play in a band. To my kids’ friends I’m “the cool dad.” But bring on the mutants, ghouls, and hacks. It’s time to hit Vegas.


I’m sure many of us can sympathize with Anthony’s timeline:

1a.m. Get home, put game in console.
2a.m. Okay let’s save this and go to sleep, I have work tomorrow.
2:30a.m. Crap… I should have been off by now.
5:58a.m. [censored]

Polykarbon” bid a fond farewell to his loved ones:

Picking up the new @fallout today. Must remember to kiss the family goodbye for a few weeks.

Finally, pity Jederson from Brazil, for he is sleeping on the couch tonight:

Hello my name is Jederson, I am Brazilian, I’m 20. This midnight my girlfriend called me out to dinner, but I will not because I want to play FALLOUT NEW VEGAS.


Reader Comments

  1. So, I didn’t take any time off today to play the game. But to keep myself sane, with the game sitting in my xbox at home, I decided to slip the platinum “Lucky 38” chip into my pocket, to play with at work.

    On the bus ride to work, I noticed that there were some… “interesting markings”… around the edge on both sides… and I believe I’ve decoded it.

    I won’t post the spoilers *here* so that other folks can enjoy the puzzle (I’ve posted my solution elsewhere), but, figuring out the puzzle encoded on this nice metal chip was a little extra release-day bonus for me. Outstanding!

  2. I’m STILL waiting for my strongly anticipated Fallout!!! Amazon, while preferred for their preorder bonus, have been waiting since midnight to get my copy! It would be an enlightened agreement if I paid for release day shipment, why must I wait a whole day, for “Same day” shipment? had amazon said same night, Id be better prepared to not be upset from waiting since midnight!

  3. Date: 10/18/10
    State: Alabama

    1:30pm – Text from mom – “you have a package”
    1:31pm – Checked tracking number – “Delivered”
    5:30pm – Opened Fallout: New Vegas

    So yeah I got my Fallout yesterday, not sure how but I did. Sorry if you had to go to Bestbuy at midnight, I already had 5 hours in before I crashed for the night.

  4. I am stuck at work, haven’t got to play it yet because it’s sittin’ on my front porch most likely right now so nobody get no ideas and steal it or I will go all V.A.T.S. mode on you. I think I am going to break every law possible trying to get home as fast as I can to play it, lol.

  5. I’m a graphic/web designer for a high-end apparel company. I have been working there for sometime now and I haven’t hit my 30’s yet. It get’s extremely busy for the company when we are nearing the end of each month. BUT–and this is a big BUT..I decided not to come to work today because I want to roam the streets of New Vegas instead! I have beaten Fallout 3, 6 times and that includes all the DLC’s.

    My excuse for missing out on work is..”There is a pipe burst in my apartment and I need to wait for the repair man to fix the pipes”!

    While he’s “fixing” the pipes, I’ll be playing FALLOUT!

  6. Got new vegas at midnight launch and i knew i was going to play it all night long, so i sent my professors an email stating i wont be able to make it into my classes due to salmonella………..Let’s just say, the lies you say will get back to you and you’ll end up getting something A LOT similar to salmonella. Being in the crapper and playing new vegas is AWESOME!

  7. I don’t work..
    I’m a Guitarist/Vocalist and i dont have any shows till November.. so i’m good for atleast one playthrough..
    BTW the Steam version looks wayyy better..
    I have it on 360 & Steam.. and the Steam version looks wayy better (if you have the specs)
    Damn i can’t wait to see if i can kill that President You mentioned earlier… or atleast blow up the vertibird… 😀

  8. Oh BOY! I wish I could be there!!! I guess flying to the US wont be very possible!

    I have 25 yeard old, spent more than 12 hours straight playing Fall Out 3, now its time to invest some of my lifetime playing FNV!!!

    I envy you people! I wish I could have one of those great tshirts!

  9. Got mine at ten this morning and played for a good two hours before taking a break to let the new reality that is FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS soak in. Love the music which i seriously doubt i’ll be adding any outside music like i usually do with other games. Inon Zur and Mark Morgan did some on the spot immersive work. The new reputation system is great and gives me a sense of reward when doing something good aswell as a sense of connection to the npcs in the world as if i made a difference. Wonder what will happen when i do something bad. Intro and character creation are alot of fun and before i know it i was out the door enjoying a brand new world. Also STEAM installation was flawless with no problems. Looks like another rpg obssession to enjoy this halloween season and into the deep dark cold winter months.

    Thanks to all involved at Obsidian and Bethesda for rpg work of art.

  10. I was there! You can sorta see my wheelchair in the last picture! How coooool!

    Man, you guys were awesome. Thanks for all the drawings on my poster. Vault Boy, Velociraptor, guy jumping out of a burning building, delicious CAKE!, and a bunch of explosions. Y’all are amazing.

    I am seriously going to play the hell out of this game. And maybe I’ll get ANOTHER 500+ hours!


  11. Hey there, I’m from Germany and pre-ordered my FNV collector’s edition exactly 3 months ago. Today I’ve received an email stating that my package has left the building. 😉
    Now I keep hitting the refresh button of the tracking website 😀 I expect the package to arrive tomorrow or the day after. In the moment I attend university but have no compulsory courses and therefore theoretically enough time to play the game all night long! 🙂

    I really enjoy reading your launch day stories! Hope to read some more 🙂

  12. The PC version isn’t released in my country before friday. But when that day comes and school is over, I’ll head straight downtown to GAME and buy it. I’ll pick up some snacks and sodas before taking the bus home, go into my room and barricade the door from the inside. See you on monday, family!

  13. Bah, and us europeans are still waiting 🙁
    My CE was just shipped today from UK, and it will be who knows how long before it arrives here…I am hoping friday, but it is most likely going to be next week. I am going to go crying in the corner silently in the meantime :(.

  14. I came an hour early and waited for launch, its been a long year waiting for this game to finally release i haven’t slept yet, and i dont plan on leaveing my room for some time

  15. Here’s my Story!

    I pre-ordered the collectors edition about 3 months ago from Amazon, a few days ago I contacted support so I could change the ship date to today, they advised me that the order would need to be canceled and re-ordered. So they canceled my order and then told me that it was out of stock and it couldn’t be re-ordered. Then hung up on me! Of course now I can’t find a copy of the collectors edition anywhere! Yeah Amazon.

  16. hey ive been playing new vegas and noticed that npcs usually like go through walls and stuff at times
    like i went to primm and one of the convicts walked through the wall and hid, he was shooting me lol
    this is on the 360 btw

  17. Great story: I planned to put Fallout: New Vegas on my Christmas list. At 11AM on launch day, my wife campaigns for a full hour, begging me to go buy it since I love Fallout 3 so much. I said calling the store wouldn’t help because they may not take the time to look at the platform or whether it was collector’s edition or not. To humor her, I drove to the store knowing they would be sold out anyway. I walked in, took a picture of the empty display with my cell phone and sent it to my wife. I walked around for a bit and realized the display had all the same price on the tags, so it *couldn’t* have had collector’s edition. I asked customer service and they said, “Sorry, everything we had was on this display.” Knowing my wife would ask, I pressed further. “Can you tell me if any of your other locations have it in stock?” She typed for a moment, talked on her radio to another employee, then looked at the screen. “Sorry sir, the only location in all of Atlanta with a remaining copy is…. this one? He’s gone back to the store room to get it for you.” I have it!

  18. Hey Bethesda, could you do Australia a small favour?

    New Vegas is set to release here tomorrow (Thursday, 9 hours from now) in local stores, but steam says the game unlocks in 44 hours.
    That, FYI, is Friday 11am. Fairly arbitrary time yeah?

    So you could possibly get on the boys at Steam and correct that?

    Otherwise all your Australian launch day stories will consist of “I bought New Vegas then had to sit around for thirty five hours to play it.”


  19. I left work around 4:30pm and went to Gamestop to buy my the Collector’s Edition game & strategy guide. After buying it, I power walked out to my car (running would just look ridiculous), tore through the plastic with my teeth and sat in awe at the glorious extras in front of me (on a side note, the only thing that would have made the box set better, would have been a set of dice).

    Once I made my wife happy by doing the dishes and taking out the trash, I grabbed a couple bottles of Yuengling, a bag of sunflower seeds, and a spit cup, and sat down in my man-cave. Let me say that I’m a HUGE Call of Duty Modern Warfare fan, but even that game didn’t give me chills like Fallout did when I put in the disc last night.

    I started playing about 10 minutes later because my brain finally let my hands click Start. It said “Hey stupid, you can actually play the game instead of staring at all the pretty pictures.”

    Since I get up at 5:30am for work, I figured I’d stop after 8 hours of playing at the Mojave Outpost. If you’re wondering why I only made it that far, it’s because I look through every single container. 8 hours of playing and i’m not even done with the Primm side quest.

    Final words. I purchased one Xbox game in 2010 (literally, only one. I’ve been playing CoD ModWar2 before this) and that game was Fallout New Vegas. I love you Bethesda.

  20. @ sebastian, I believe they might patch that up. I have the360 version and I have been playing for hours, the only technical issue I have seen so far is a gecko getting stuck in the ground (happened a lot in Fallout 3 with the radscorpions), but nothing big like everyone else has. Great game Obsidian, I have had this game pre-ordered for months along with the CE Strategy Guide.

  21. I was so excited for New Vegas that I was going to take Tuesday off…and funny thing happened, not sure if it was by coincidence or what, but the last time I checked my schedule, I had both Monday and Tuesday off. Monday = Time to catch up on Fallout 3, Tuesday = Time to enjoy New Vegas. Though I can’t take anymore days off, I do get three days off next week to game it up 🙂

  22. The whole year i was looking forward to fallout new vegas.
    But i did have one problem called TIME AND SCHOOL! You see i am 15 years old and i live in Holland so you know i have to go to school and to be able to play fallout i had to make time so i knew that my sister was prectising my moms signeture. and therefore she was the perfect person to help me.
    I asked her if she would write a letter for me with my moms signeture. i told her to write down that i had to go to the docter and so she did and so i am playing fallout right now.

  23. 11:00 Pm- Get picked up for midnight launch
    11:15- arrive at gamestop
    11:20- argue with friend over which of the two copies they brought out (the one on top or bottom)
    11:30- Piss off Gamestop employees so much that they give us our stuff and tell us to get the hell out
    11:45- get home
    11:50- finish opening up and hyperventalating over geting the game and start it up in my xbox
    11:51 pm monday- 11:52pm tuesday night- play nonstop Fallout New Vegas and somehow manage to get right into New Vegas no Problem (still trying to figure out how it happened????)
    6:00 am wensday- wake up

    and of course i got the collectors edition of the game and strategy guide

  24. Yeah, here’s my launch story…I bought the game, played up to “Come Fly With Me” on the first day and then all of my save games were corrupted.