Updates on Fallout: New Vegas (Update for Aussies)


Unless you’ve been stuck in a Vault, you probably know that Fallout: New Vegas was released yesterday. We’re thrilled that so many people are enjoying the game, but we also realize there are a few issues that you guys have been reporting.

We have just released an automatic update for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas that resolves quest and scripting issues. Be sure to restart Steam to ensure the update is downloaded on your next launch of the game. We’re also working hard to make this update available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game as soon as possible, and will let you know as soon as we have the dates they’ll be up.

The issue regarding the PlayStation 3 digital pre-order bonuses has also been resolved. Users should attempt to re-enter the codes to download their bonuses. Should the “80023156” error continue, we ask that players wait 24 hours before entering the code again. The code should then activate the bonus without any issue.

In addition to the updates, we’ve also released the official G.E.C.K. editor for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas. You can download it from the Fallout G.E.C.K. page. The editor will also be available on Steam shortly.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on issues that are reported within the community.

Update: With the game out in Australia, we have this info to pass along:

Anyone in Australia or New Zealand who pre-ordered Fallout: New Vegas on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – and received a pre-order code for downloadable content – will be able to download the content beginning Friday, October 22nd at 10:00am AEDT. Should the content become available sooner, we’ll be in touch with an update.

Stay tuned for the latest.

Reader Comments

  1. Preorder code still invalid (Game, Caravan Pack). XBOX 360. 2pm Western Australian Time. Please update us on the situtation. Thanks

  2. I pre ordered the collectors edition for xbox 360 and my redeem code isnt working for the xbox. It just keeps reporting that No such content exists or something. This happening to anyone else? I thought it was supposed to be fixed 8 hrs ago

  3. just got my collector’s edition… installed it and steam says “the game is currently unavailable”…. what the hell?! i’ve been waiting for this moment so damn long and now it doesn’t work 🙁

  4. I have a code, but where do I go to download the pre-order pack?

    The EB Games I pre-ordered from didn’t get enough little cards for the PC version for some reason, so they just gave me a code over the phone.

  5. What a load of crap still can’t download classic pack on the 360. I’ve tried 3 different codes my local store has given me. Now I’ll get the excuse that sorry we must have sent out a bad batch. Very piss poor management.

  6. WOW I kind of miss GFWL now, I could have resold the game at least. Clicking uninstall and moving on 🙂
    I wonder how the reviews are going to be.

  7. Got fallout new vegas for the ps3 normal edition and works fine then put in the classic pack code and it updated to 1.1 now i cant use vats please fix this issue 🙁

  8. hey guys playing the game on 360 i am about to level 16 and i had the dog rex as a follower along with veronica when i loaded my game they were gone i dont know wat to do can someone help me with this

  9. I Have Been Trying Repeatedly To Redeem My Code For The Classic Pack That I Recieved With My Collectors Edition Of Fallout New Vegas From EbGames But I Am Still Not Able To Redeem It, If I Try Redeem It On My Xbox It Says My Code Is Invalid, If I Try To Redeem It On The Xbox Website It Says “There is a problem with the offer associated with this code.” Can Anyone Explain To Me What The Hell Is Going On? Because Ive Seen Most Other Australians With There Classic Pack Working Fine.

  10. Can we get some sort of update on where the console patches stand, like “in final testing stage” or “will not be until next week”

  11. i might take advantage of EB games 7 day return policy around 6 days after i received it and get pre order something else that codes bloody work.

  12. Pre ordered Collectors Edition (£50) wanted the poker chips and playing cards.
    And that is basically what i got.
    The pre order code doesn’t work, the game eventually loaded however after going through the usual character creation the game crashes “Windows has encountered a problem…..”, reload and try a gain and lo and behold another crash. Longest I have managed to play was the character creation.
    I am running Vista Home Premium, on an Intel i7 975 @3.33GHz, 6GB, nVidia GTX 295 and it disnae work!
    What do you have to do to get a game to work?

  13. Guys,

    It’s 1:53pm here in Sydney on the 23rd and the Classic Pack I got for pre-ordering is STILL not working, even after I went back to store I bought it from and got another one.

    Will this be remedied please?

  14. Its Saturday the 23rd here in oz and the pre-order code is still not working. whats going on? love the game but this is just ridiculous!

  15. Why does the Fallout engine! disable keys like WINAMP HOTKEY support.. even my keyboard with multimedia keys no longer works in game, so I can’t control WINAMP ingame like I can do with just about every other PC Game.

    It really sucks, New Vegas radio stations get a bit boring after I while y’know!

  16. I preordered the limited edition from Gamestop, the classic pack loaded fine but after my first visit to the strip, every time I try to enter the strip my 360 crashes! Doesn’t any1 test their games for bugs BEFORE release anymore?!?! We shouldn’t have to pay 60+ dollars for broken/half finished products! Get your act together people!!!

  17. Awesome, after a lot of b|tching ps3 owners get the DLC, trophies and patches even after bethesda said that none would be released to the ps3. Fallout 3 is still a good game but it took them forever to fix all the freezing issues.

    I was pumped about new vegas ever since it was released that they were making it. I convinced myself that they wouldnt make the same mistake again, after about 20 hours in the game, I run into a frozen game tapping the PS button hoping it will come back……..no dice. Restart, go into the same area, and frozen again X4.

    Love these games, BUT, no matter how much you love a car, you wouldnt continue to buy one from a manufacturer that cant keep the engine running. PLEASE *FIX* SOON!

  18. i entered the strip one killed mclaferty or what ever his name was left the strip to reclaim my reward from the twins at the atomic wrangler and tried to reenter the strip and keep getting this black screen that wont go away unless i shut my ps3 down will this problem be fixed in the patch over ?

  19. Whenever I try to access the terminal in Vault 34 (immediately after the clinic) the screen goes fuzzy but no terminal screen comes up.

  20. Urr my Australia EB PreOrder code for The Classic Pack on PC is still not working it keep on saying code Is Invalid. Very Unhappy 🙁

  21. In Australia, on 360… now the 24th, and STILL get the “invalid code” message trying to redeem my classic pack pre-order bonus. Very annoyed at this stage, given I paid more to pre-order this and could have got it cheaper. Is any Aussie’s Xbox 360 Classic Pack pre-order bonus actually working?! Are we going to be kept in the dark about this? Anyone? I can only hope the delay is because someone’s actually fixing the classic pack bugs that so many are reporting here!!!

  22. 43 hours in, and now every single time I look at Boone it goes into the talk menu, heck even if I don’t look at him he talks to me at least every minute or so!!
    Really ruining my game!

  23. I just got the laser targeting mod for the weathered 10mm pistol and whenever it is equipped I have a huge-ass red diamond with an exclamation mark in middle around my character. If in 1st person mode, i cant see my gun and the screen is blurry and white on PS3. Any ideas to get rid of it?

  24. Still not working (code invalid) 8:40pm 24th, Xbox 360 Classic Pack. Is anyone going to give us more info, or have we just been ripped off?

  25. I Am Still Unable To Redeem My Code. Can You Tell Us Exactly What Is Wrong With The Codes? Is It The Server Or What?

  26. my 360 code is still in valid, well i guess im returning this game in a couple of days, once again i didnt get what i paid for, hmm i wonder how many people are going to return this game and just steal it off a torrent LOL

  27. My girlfriends mum bought the special edition for me and my girlfriend, we got the code (W2V2R-TP67F-P4FK4-2H3YH-M7J7Z as proof) she used the code, but i cannot. we live together, we do use different hard drives, but as we paid £70 for this surely we should both be able to play it, with the content we payed for.

    thanks for your time

  28. I bought my copy of Fallout NV from Walmart. It starting freezing up after about 2 hours of play. I thought it was the game so I returned it for a new copy. I’m having the same problem. I have put other games in and they work, so the problem is definitely with Fallout NV. The game is unplayable, because it freezes every 5-6 minutes. Whats up with that?

  29. Are you going to come up with a patch that gets me out of the damn Enclave Remnants base? After beating the quest the key to unlocking the door was taken away from me and know I can’t leave that one tiny room.

  30. So I thought that the freezing issue happened only while traveling to a new location. Come to find out that it happens while in dialog with npcs, while in the buying/selling screen, and generaly at random. Also my companion Boone is MIA. I have fast traveled several times and still missing. Thanks Bethesda for another epic disappointment.

  31. im having a problem with the the loading screen before an auto save it wont load it just freezes my intire xbox, it will load another save(level 9) witch is good but Im much father on the auto save(level 17) so its a big problem because thosses are my only saves, i have tryed to move it to another memory divice and that did not work please tell me what i can do to fix it or make a patch thank youu

  32. Guys,

    While I can understand that technical issues may be taking some time to be rectified in regards to the Australian DLC codes not working, the lack of continual updates to customers is not acceptable if you expect any iota of customer satisfaction. If you have to pay Joe Bloggs the mailroom boy overtime to post here and say where you’re up to with this on a regular basis (as opposed to once or twice), then perhaps you need to. It being an American weekend is not good enough.

    If you can’t fix this straight away, at least fess up and give us a ballpark. That’s all we ask.

  33. I play on Xbox. Everything was great until I downloaded an update. Now I can’t walk 20 feet without a freeze. And don’t touch the VATS or it will freeze as well. It’s so bad I can’t see a patch to fix this . It’s too much that’s wrong. I’m smelling refund!

  34. I have an Xbox 360 and I have been trying to enter the strip through the north gate with all the robots, but when i enter it takes me to the loading screen, loads, then right after the music and everything stops(i had the radio on) and it takes me to a black screen and then nothing. it corrupts the auto save and i try to reload my last save data and it continues this. sometimes ive been able to get to the lucky 38 casino, but when i finish speaking to Mr. House and leave the casino, the same thing happens after it loads…just black screen again and i end up having to restart my console. i LOVE this game, but when stuff like this happens really frustrates me, mostly because i am so far and doing really good. PLEASE make a patch or something for this. i 65 bucks on this and i don’t want to be stuck with a broken game.. you feel me

  35. Yet another Aussie waiting on ANY info on the Classic Pack DLC for XBox 360. Could we get a confirmation that Bethesda/Microsoft is working on a fix?