Updates on Fallout: New Vegas (Update for Aussies)


Unless you’ve been stuck in a Vault, you probably know that Fallout: New Vegas was released yesterday. We’re thrilled that so many people are enjoying the game, but we also realize there are a few issues that you guys have been reporting.

We have just released an automatic update for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas that resolves quest and scripting issues. Be sure to restart Steam to ensure the update is downloaded on your next launch of the game. We’re also working hard to make this update available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game as soon as possible, and will let you know as soon as we have the dates they’ll be up.

The issue regarding the PlayStation 3 digital pre-order bonuses has also been resolved. Users should attempt to re-enter the codes to download their bonuses. Should the “80023156” error continue, we ask that players wait 24 hours before entering the code again. The code should then activate the bonus without any issue.

In addition to the updates, we’ve also released the official G.E.C.K. editor for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas. You can download it from the Fallout G.E.C.K. page. The editor will also be available on Steam shortly.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on issues that are reported within the community.

Update: With the game out in Australia, we have this info to pass along:

Anyone in Australia or New Zealand who pre-ordered Fallout: New Vegas on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – and received a pre-order code for downloadable content – will be able to download the content beginning Friday, October 22nd at 10:00am AEDT. Should the content become available sooner, we’ll be in touch with an update.

Stay tuned for the latest.

Reader Comments

  1. Is there a place where we can report game-stopping glitches? For me, any time I assign a weapon to a hotkey or try to use said hotkey the game freezes and requires a reset. I’ve got an Xbox 360. Thanks–love the game and hope this problem gets fixed so I can keep playing!

  2. Hey guys update on the DLC Packs for xbox officially microsoft have wiped their hands of the DLC’s and said that the code are valid on there system but Bethsoft HAVE NOT supplied them with the packs for PAL xbox 360’s so until that happens they will say invalid or if you put it throght the webpage it will say no content linked to code or offer is unable to be redemed at this time. lol and thats not the funny part bethsoft will not reply to support emails with this qury or update the people on whats going on emailed them 19+ times no answers at all. i bought the limited edition finished it and i am still waiting on the DLC codes Bethsoft all I can say is watch how many people on xbox think twice before downloading any add ons for your games. WHAT A LET DOWN!!!!

    @Liam Fletcher
    DRM Transfer the content that should help woth the problem

    • @Aussie Zoom

      It sounds like the issue with Xbox 360 codes in AU is getting resolved today. Try the code again and see if it works.

      Sorry for the delays.

  3. I keep getting a glitch in the come fly with me quest where it won’t load the downloadable content only when I go into the building to launch their rocket ships. I don’t understand why it happens, but, as of yet, I have no choice but to not finish the quest because the glitch keeps my saves from working.

  4. Codes still don’t work where I live (Belgium) I’ve tried 4 codes (shop owner gave me an extra pack to check) and none of them have worked so far. The error reads something like this (translated from dutch) “this code is already in use or incorrect”.

    Please don’t tell me to wait 24 hours cause I’ve already did that. I’ve had the codes for more than 3 days now.

  5. Okay.. This morning all my savegames after completing Come Fly with Me crash when I load them. I am on Windows 7 64. They were working fine last night. I am 60+ hours into the game now and I do NOT want to start over for a 2ND time due to bugs with this damn game. What the heck is up with this? Will there be a fix? Or do I have to ignore the game until the modding community decides to fix all the errors in the game?

    I really love the gameplay… but I already lost 25 hours of gameplay due to the first savegame bug.. and if I lose another 60 something…. I will probably never play another Bethesda game again. Which is sad cause I love their work, but if I was working and lost 90 hours of worktime due to something it would be unacceptable. Get your act together devs.

  6. Just got home from nightshift. It’s 5:17 and I entered my classic pack code on xbox.com and it accepted it going to see if it works on xbox. 😀

  7. I love this GAME!!!!

    Great work on the updates! I know you still have your hands full. But thanks for the hard work.

    So I’ll help out a little by pointing out. I just seen a bug( i think)on my game save and my wife’s. I used to be able to switch ammo types in my pip-boy. Not now. When we( my wife and I) change ammo types from the pip-boy, it doesn’t show the change nor reload the correct ammo type upon exiting the pip-boy. It’s reloading the same ammo in the gun and not what i selected.

    Is there anyway to fix the the animation glitch too? Please.


  8. The biggest bugs I have encountered are as follows:

    1) NPC’s and enemies spawning inside objects and underground.
    2) Veronica’s quest is bugged. No matter how long she travels with me nor if I visit the special locations I cannot activate her alternate dialog.
    3) Veronica does not level up with the Courier.
    4) Companions and followers dis-appearing while following. Sometimes they return to where they are suppose to be, but hostile.
    5) When entering battle with more than 6 characters on screens I get hit with a large performance boost.. makes it hard to shoot. Fallout 3 works fine even with a lot of people on screen at once so fairly sure it is not a hardware issue.

    More minor issues:
    6) You cannot get ED-E’s quest if you repair it before you talk to the town-folks.
    7) Several quest markers lead you in circles. They tell you to go into one door only to tell you to exit it after entering it.
    8) The occasional crash to desktop. Only has happened 3 times in ~50 hours. Normally happens when a companion dies due to getting hit by artillery on the way to the boomers.
    9) DLC weapon mod incompatibility. The weathered 10mm for me.

    I am not really seeing issues with the graphics besides the graphics slow down and the DLC issue. As others have stated would be nice to get some patch notes on what has been fixed. Some of us are waiting on them to play certain parts of the game. Additionally, I am sure lots of us would be willing to help test out and make sure that the issue is resolved. Never under estimate the Legion, for we are many and our systems various. Personally, I am waiting for the Veronica to be fixed up.

  9. Well I really like to see Bethesda showing us that they will not just slate a game, release it, and forget about it. I am an AVID fallout fan, as well as The Elder Scrolls franchise. I appreciate that all I had to do was type in google “fallout new vegas arms dissapearing glitch” and got a prompt reassurance that, while my specific complaint is not listed in the patch, they still are in a strong force as a talented team of developers. Also, what is with items getting stuck under rocks and in the ground!? (XBOX360)

    Loving the game guys!

  10. Hello, I have beeing struggled with this Quest: *One For My Baby* location: Novac Bugs: 2. Bug information: Bug 1: if you ask A person like ms. crawford to come to the Dinosaur she wont come and she doesnt walk just standing there all day. Bug 2: when you want ask someone to get a look at the dinosaur, the message wont appear because Boone Is not At his post Ingame time 10:35pm Boone’s post time 9:00 PM, until 9:00AM. I could Fix this issue by using ` And then Player.placeatme but it is only possible for pc and i can not find the id of any npc in NV.

  11. I have the game and i just tried the code right now, it loads it but i don’t get anything from it… so i dont know if im just new to this and dont know how to receive the items, or if there is something wrong.

  12. i´m spanish, sorry for my english is bad, my problem and the other much people, (i know for differents forums) is the audio is late, when you shoot the sound is 15 seconds later or push ESC

  13. Graphical glitches are minor,
    Scripting issues are minor.

    The one thing that is driving me crazy is that I keep losing hours of gameplay, no the game is not crashing. And yes I am saving new games frequently, so I can help track down the problem.

    The problem is loading save games with certain data in them, that was put there by the game itself, I guess somebody was a bit reckless with the save game loading code on your team. As not all the save to load avenues have been covered. Some unexpected data is getting in there from your own program.

    Please focus on this issue, it should be a simple fix, I can provide save games for data comparison and debugging.
    Playing on my buddies computer at the moment, I want to know this is fixed before I can convince myself to buy.
    I’ve been reading and seeing many other players losing their game over this too. Some people even claiming 12 hours lost.

    I’d be happy to look at your code for you 🙂

  14. I’ve also had a peculiar problem with the NCR and/or other factions suddenly becoming hostile with Me. This has been reported by a few other sources, and nothing fixes the problem.I,E has nothing to do with clothing,Armed or un-armed. Stolen items. ETC. even approaching the NPC`s with nothing at all in My inventory causes them to go hostile, and I was accepted with them according to my faction base.

  15. Ok so i just got the boomers to join the fight at hoover dam and i fast travel to the strip entrance as soon as i go in it loads and the screen goes black when i try to load the auto save it said said corrupt

  16. Although fixing quest and scripting issues is good (and more detail on that would be even better – don’t worry, you won’t bore us), one of the things that bothers me most in games is a low, stuttering framerate. I recently bought a new computer with an ATI 5730, 4 gigs of ddr3 RAM and an extra gig of pure video RAM, a quad-core processor and a 7200 rpm hard drive. It ran fallout 3 pretty much perfectly.

    AFTER the d3d9.dll fix (which I would like an official patch to somehow include), fallout NV generally works well outside and around npcs, but i get annoying framerate drops inside several interiors (one in particular being the REFCONN facility). Any idea why this is? I know it’s not npc’s because i ran into a group of like 9 while i was outside with no lag at all (thanks to the d3d9.dll). Any ideas or, even better, solutions?

  17. i think it’s pathetic that the game was released with this many bugs – especially considering that there was no mentionable change in gameplay. same old engine that was used in elder scrolls: oblivion.

    i especially love how the game throws enemies at you who are many levels above you. become vilified by caesar’s legion and you are presented with a squad of assassins that are impossible to kill. great job – can’t imagine how that one passed testing.

    same with others, it would be much appreciated to see some release notes for this patch (i’m a 360 player). as it is, i’m about to trade this game in – and have been advising my friends to avoid buying this game like the plague.

    aside from the awful gameplay issues, this game is little more than a massively new DLC. would’ve been nice to see a genuine upgrade from fallout 3, similar to the significant improvement that mass effect 2 was from its predecessor.

  18. i got stuck in vaulet 3 on top on of the pool tables their is plenty of room or so it seems to walk off it but i cant i tried jumoing in every directions for like 5 mins then for some stupid i mean stupid reason i quick saved (cause i thought this next thing would work) i put down a lot of mines and fired a grenade at it hoping to blast me off table but it did not i have to clue what to do another stupid thing i tired was their is a bed close enough to it i thought maybe if i sleep when i wake up ill be off the table lol that took my auto save away my closes save is lots a lvls ago i was hoping thier was away i could get off?

  19. I’m happy you guyS are doing update, although a great game new Vegas has some major glitches. If you guys could fix the reputation problem for the ps3 that would be great because it’s annoying building my reputation to see it disappear like that.

  20. Got this on the 22 its now the 28th the only save that works manual or auto is one i did in the schoolhouse at the beginning and the game crashes everytime i load a corrupt file wtf
    its not fit for purpose
    it is pointless playing it untill it is fixed

    i have been so looking forward to new vegas

    im just gutted

    cmon get this sorted

    pc 2.8ghzquad
    nvid 260
    8gig ddr2
    win 764bit

  21. Fallout… the story I hate to love. At this time (October 28 ’10) I’m still having major problems. Cruising through the wasteland is still not fluid (moton stutters every half dozen steps or so) and the game freezes/crashes at least once an hour. I find myself wondering what keeps this title from being thrown into the bottomless pit with all the other gaming failures. I was very excited about this release and wouldn’t have cared if the dev team had taken another year to clean it up. Unfortunately it was rushed out to market, and I don’t think anything will ever convince me to buy a Bethesda/Obsidian title ever again.

  22. i figured a way round the pc save problem

    turn off auto save

    every time you save exit the game and restart

    only way to get a guarenteed save atm

    yup sucks i know but at least i can progress somwhere

    Waits with baited breath for fix……………..

  23. okay i love the game but there is a serious problem, i am at level 20. with 40 hours in and every time i try to enter the vegas strip it is just a frozen black screen waiting to happen, i bypassed going through the main entrance and took the train from camp mccarran. after enter the lucky 38 ( after about 10 lock ups) to complete a mission i am now stuck there inside the casino because everytime i try to exit i get a black screen that freezes, i hope this is fixed because this is a seriously defective glitch

  24. i love the game but the bugs are killing me slowly. huge autosave problems – reloading the autosave commonly sends me back to goodsprings as if a new game is starting. at the moment i can’t complete the ranger station massacre quest in novak because when i report what has happened to the novak ranger it hangs as i try to leave his room. I’m trying different things but is very frustrating – would rather be playing than constantly rebooting my pc.

  25. I installed the update on the PS3 version today, and now the game freezes every time I enter VATS mode. I tried 5 times, and have given up on it. My character is only level 4. I haven’t been playing very long. Does the patch break save games? Should I start a new character? What kind of patch is this? I can’t believe that none of your QA people discovered this problem. You shipped a patch that made the game worse.

  26. So this many days later and I just now heard about a patch. I certainly don’t remember steam ever updating my Fallout NV copy. Is there any way to tell if its been patched, because I still have the problems it claims to fix.

  27. My game randomly crashed for no reason, there doesn’t seem to be a definitive reason why it crashes and they’re completely random. All my drivers ect. are up-to-date and my computer is more than capable of running the game, i don’t get any stutters, fps lags or anything while playing. The crashes is making the game almost unplayable anymore though. Is there any plans of patching this problem because I know, I am not the only one with this problem…

  28. Ok, this is getting to be a waste of time. So far I purchased the game last Sunday and have yet been able to get it to launch. It would be nice if on the box it says that you need a 250+ mb download just to get the ^&%$%$# game to install. I am sorry but I live out in the middle of nowhere, we just have dial up. I am lucky if I can get 41.2K connect speed. Just tried to launch it again and gee “The game is currently unavailable, Please try again later” The download screen it now on another download but the counter is stuck on 640K / 6919.4 MB. If that is correct, I might be able to play it NEXT YEAR.

  29. This game is great but i have to say im getting pretty with the constant crashing and the losing my saves is anyone esle having the same problem with the PS3 ??

  30. Well i just got the game and started to play it then it froze so i restarted the PS3 but when i got back in game my right joystick won’t work any suggestions thanks

  31. My problems started 4 days ago, with the quest “whell of fortune”, that kid in nipton doesent give me the option to speak about the quest.

    And since that started it’s just got worse;
    Game freezing totally randomly
    Savegames is gone
    The monorail in the NCR quest blew up as fast as i got out the door

    And i’ve got 40+ gameplay hours and i always served the NCR and killed legionaeres, great khans and powdergangers and had my reputation as good for NCR and hated by the others. Yesterday the reputation for all factions were gone. The game is ruind for me. All the gameplay for nothing.

  32. I got to level 30 2 hours ago and i went to finish the quest for the brotherhood and i messed up because i went in there with NRC ranger armor so i went back to my last save and it said the downloadable content is no avaiable on the save loction some items may not be available do you want to procede and i said yes and it said that it cannot be loaded and when i tried to load the auto save it froze 5 seconds in and the other save that wont freeze is when im a level 3

  33. i have fallout new vegas on PS3 and i have noticed that there are a lot of areas that cause the game to freeze or crash, at first it was only an occasional thing but when i made it to the northern areas the game crashed every ten minutes making me reset my PS3. if there is anything yo can do to stop this inconvenience it would stop others from suffering the same frustration.

  34. Terminals?

    Hi, I* am playing on the PS3, and I have had a few stalls, but I save regularly so… not to worry too much, but I have a real problem, in that no matter which terminal I try to access it is not displayed at all. Is there anyway to deal with this?

  35. I had the problem where the game would freeze as I tried to leave the casino and it didn’t matter if I reset it it would always freeze there. I ended up deleting my Fallout 3 data and it no longer freezes. If people want to keep that game then they can just wait for the patch that should be out soon but I couldn’t wait. Hope this helped.

  36. Fallout new vegas is packed with glitches,but the one that really makes me go,WTF is that I can equip NCR armor then when i take it off and put it back on my rep is all neutral instead of what it should be.Then I have to reload my game and have to wear that armor through the entire game without removeing it.Please look into fixing this,it would be a great help