Updates on Fallout: New Vegas (Update for Aussies)


Unless you’ve been stuck in a Vault, you probably know that Fallout: New Vegas was released yesterday. We’re thrilled that so many people are enjoying the game, but we also realize there are a few issues that you guys have been reporting.

We have just released an automatic update for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas that resolves quest and scripting issues. Be sure to restart Steam to ensure the update is downloaded on your next launch of the game. We’re also working hard to make this update available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game as soon as possible, and will let you know as soon as we have the dates they’ll be up.

The issue regarding the PlayStation 3 digital pre-order bonuses has also been resolved. Users should attempt to re-enter the codes to download their bonuses. Should the “80023156” error continue, we ask that players wait 24 hours before entering the code again. The code should then activate the bonus without any issue.

In addition to the updates, we’ve also released the official G.E.C.K. editor for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas. You can download it from the Fallout G.E.C.K. page. The editor will also be available on Steam shortly.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on issues that are reported within the community.

Update: With the game out in Australia, we have this info to pass along:

Anyone in Australia or New Zealand who pre-ordered Fallout: New Vegas on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – and received a pre-order code for downloadable content – will be able to download the content beginning Friday, October 22nd at 10:00am AEDT. Should the content become available sooner, we’ll be in touch with an update.

Stay tuned for the latest.

Reader Comments

  1. All my saves over #100 crashs the game if i try to load them. Even if i try to overwrite an old save or if i delete some saves it crashs cause of the save number.

    Game said we have 1000 saves. <.<

  2. I’m about 15 hours in and my right joystick does not work at all anymore! I really do not want to start over…does anyone know anything about this problem?

  3. When will PS3 users in the US be able to get a new patch to fix the issues? I know you might not know for sure. But an estimate would be nice.

  4. I’m having some serious companion issues. ED E is dead and gone but I still have his perk and I’m unable to “fire” him to get another companion. Waste landers comment on him as if he is there but he has been gone for sometime now. What can I do here?

  5. I cannot get the computers to work on my fallout new vegas game. It is driving me crazy!!!! What happends is Ill click on aaaaany computer and you can hear it the comp turn on but it doesnt display……Ive tried eeeeverything with getting my science up to 100 repair….inte….everything……please tell me or help me how to get these comps to work…….now Im begging lol

  6. dude for some weird reason i cant enter the strip in fallout new vegas for the 360 what is up with that i still have like five more mission left in the strip

  7. for the first 30 hours i didnt have any glitch problems…i was wondering why everyone was complaining…AND NOW ALL THE GAMES GLITCHES ARE HITTING ME AT ONCE…first of all…my main save…i didnt save the game INVISIBLE in 3rd person mode…but i loaded it and i was…so i try to walk around…it freezes…or i walked into the tops on the strip…it didnt freeze…i just couldnt move..leave…open my pip boy…the huge exclamation mark box on my wen i put a mod on the wasteland pistol was great too…now i cant even play the game i waited for for so long…i’ll tell you exactly how it is…if you guys weren’t done completing the game…YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE PUT IT ON THE SHELF AND HAD US BUY IT…i expected the game of the year…and got headache of the week…thanks for nothing…please…by all means…let me know when you actually decide to fix it…this is ridiculous

  8. no, gadget, preordered does not mean that the game will be reserved for you.
    It only means that you are a moron for paying for a product before you, or anyone, had chance to test it.

  9. hopefully they are are working on a patch to fix the ant nectar addiction problem. it never goes away and takes away -2 strength which i do not like one bit…….

  10. i have a ps3 120 slim everytime i try to complete the mission veni vici ven something like that i walk into the last part of the dam it it jams up i mean the ps botton wont even work i have to use my bd remote to eject the disc or manual turn off thes system to try again and again i got a 100% of the fo3 trophies so i’ve seen a freeze b4 but this is much worse not just because it’s a total jam up but because its close to end of the mission come on guys help me out here ,big time fallout fan eric

  11. F:NV. bought it about week ago,for PS3,played it for 33 hours,freezed few times after long play,like 6 – 7 hours, but now can’t buy/sell anything (also tried different savegame),freezes on exit,music plays little longer but then stops n nothin,hard reset needed 🙁 ! is there gonna b fix anytime soon? Thx!

  12. When can we expect an update to repair the patches for PS3 in the US? An estimate is the least you owe us considering everything else that you have done. What is it going to take? A week? A month? More? Let us know.

  13. BETHESDA PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!
    im having a bug in New Vegas where im stuck in the Lucky 38 casino and cant leave my screen turns black and freezes. my freinds say i need to wear an old cowboy hat to fix it but i dont have any PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I have just gone to EB games and received a replacement code. It still does not work and I am feeling very annoyed. I sold several games to get the money to purchase this game waited and waited and now get told by EB games if this second card does not work they can’t do anything about it. I should contact Bethesda.
    At the moment I am feeling really ripped off!! I should have just waited and got it cheaper elsewhere. I preordered to get the bonus pack!! That is why I paid the extra.

  15. Better hurry up with that PS3 patch. Love the game but getting sick of the game crashing every 30mins.

    Seriosuly though, did no one perform tests, the majority of issues should have been caught & resolved well in advance of releasing the game.

  16. Game patched itself via Steam last night after I had to restart it. Loaded last save (after exiting completed Helios quest) and found 4 Cazadors over a hill. Ed Boone & I shot them but on-screen warning that one was ‘unconscious’, it revived only to be killed again (?) and warning repeated so Ed & I disappear over another hill. Later, 3 Fire Geckos attack; we shoot with .44 + sniper fire, they die, but again on-screen warning, one ‘unconscious’; Ed & I give it magazines of lead, it defeats Ed (who is now unconscious) and no weapon fire can defeat it; more indestructable than Deathclaw on a bad day – what gives? I don’t mind it being harder to kill creatures though a .44 should be pretty lethal, but to make creatures immune to bullet damage is a bit nasty…………….!

  17. Good to see a patch, however…. before patch, rare crash to desk top, after patch, crash every 12 min.
    Still to rock-it launcher? have the schematics and parts, no-show on work bench list?

  18. I am having this problem with dlc even when there is no dlc. I stared a new game with out dlc then this problem comes up saying the I can’t load my level 23 charter because and there is no dlc when stared my new game.

  19. I had some problems with the BOS quest “still in the dark”, the two elders remain in error and i can’t complete the quest path, please fix this problem thanks.
    The game is a masterpiece, too bad is buggy, on 360 i have some problems with the first person visual too when i have the weapon holstered in stealth, the game sometimes freezes in VATS too…
    I hope that a new patch will be released soon to fix this and many other problems…

  20. problem solved,fixed it myself,just had to delete both the dlc’s (
    that had been working fine for the last few weeks,then clear my cache to delete the dodgey patch,reload to 138hrs and make sure i NEVER SIGN INTO XBOX LIVE,awesome work.must be party time at berthesda for a job welldone.

  21. not very professional, Bethesda. You guys do get paid, I mean, this is your job, right? At the very least, how about some communication and by that I do not mean just one post a week. None of you must take much pride in what you do or you would be scrambling to put out daily updates. I can understand that you are still working some bugs out, but what progress is being made? Sorry as it may be, but some people use their grocery money to pay for this game and they deserve answers.

  22. two words “got bugspray”

    Being a very avid fan of the Fallout series since the very first fallout many a year ago now, i must say that i am very very disappointed with Fallout New Vegas.

    Were any game test done pre release or was it just a mad scramble to “put it out there we need profits”

    If i had the time and energy i would seriously try and get my money back, most of the game played through fine was great fun just the same as previous releases, just seemed to me that the closer you got to the end the buggier and more laggy the game became its like they gave up on the last section of the game which is also the most intense and important.

    after playing for 90 hours i started to notice weird things going on, unable to talk to certain characters, companions not following you (and yes i had selected to follow me) missions unable to be completed even though they were showing as still active, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag in certain areas. I found my self at the end with still some undiscovered areas left be and missions not done as i found my self wanting relief of finishing the game so i could uninstall and get on with my life.

    Seriously if you are going to make a game TEST it first and dont release mediocre shit this has pretty much ruined the whole Fallout experience for me and very much doubt i will buy the next installment.

    Very upset Fallout Fan.

  23. Ok ill keep it simple as to not offend any weak people, XBOX 360 When can we see a patch for atleast 1% of the 999999999999999999 glitches people are complaining about,Not ‘Workarounds’ But actual FIXES?

    This game was playable for over 130 hours,i can handle the constant freezing after having the xbox on for more than an hour or so,can handle the LOooooong load times that only get longer the more you play without a reboot,Can handle the fact that ED-e dissapeared in vault 22 never to be seen again,can handle the fact that the game is actually challenging on hardcore mode,very hard difficulty setting, But it really annoys me when it says theres suddenly a problem with the dlc and wont let me load my game,get stuck in a loop of being told THE DEVICE YOU SELECTED NO LONGER EXISTs,

    i only have one hard drive and IT HASNT GONE ANYWHERE,GG

  24. Well I have been trying to play the game on my second playthrough and well where do I start. I’m doing the BOS Still in the Dark quest where I need to meet the scouts and as soon as I meet them the game crashes not even a minute later. Now the game doesn’t even load anymore it just sits there on the loading screen Idle and freezes up my whole PS3. I love the game but seriously. All these freezes and having to reset my PS3 every 10 minutes is not worth the damn 79.99 I wasted on buying the collector’s edition of this game. I’m sorry but Fallout 3 is nowhere near as unreliable as New Vegas has been. Could you guys at least update us on what the hell is gonna happen? Did we really just waste our money and you plan to ignore us or do you plan on fixing this mess of a game you put out on the market?

  25. Ahhh Bethesda, I really really love your games, but announcing DLC for a game that is broken to the point that you actually cannot play it, is a slap in the face. What a bad move.

  26. i dont know if im the only one who have this problem but when you put a mod on the weathered 10mm pistol a huge (!) appear and the pistol disapear. but i can shoot i hope there will add a update for this.

  27. You’ve made a genius game, shame your genious doesn’t extend to stabalising the basic engine in FO NV and FO3, after how many years?

    Graphics 10/10.
    Stability 0/10.


  28. please fix the problem with the VATS mode, after i select a limb, it crashes, it freezes and the pc restarts all over, please fix that! fallout 3 didn’t have all the problems FNV has!

  29. hahaha I would love for the ps3 version to work I mean I did the sm,art thing and waited a month or 3 lol expecting a few bugs but now being stuck inside the lucky whatever and leaving to crash??? is that part of a random or what?? otherwise I would have hoped it would be fixed and tested prior to release delaying the release date but guaranteeing a more resiliant copy possibly…. lol I am so pissed off I am thinking of trading it in for the xbox version boo

  30. Why is it that after the quest come fly with me i went outside into Novac and put a mine into a guys pocket and now it all of the sudden says that i dont have the downloadable content needed for this game but i have the pre ordered special edition so what is going on???????!!!!!!!!

  31. Has this update come yet?
    My Xbox has been freezing every 30-45 minutes having to reboot.
    Entering New Vegas and the whole stip area are the worst.
    I want to play this but I’m worried about my console..

  32. im not a religious man,but im going to do the right thing by my gaming brothers and say,,, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, wait till the price drops to about 10bucks,then youll be getting your moneys worth and hopefully it will be in working order,doesnt matter what console or version you get,they all have MAJOR flaws.and i mean major like that major nelson dudes head on xboxlive. thats MAJOR flawed.

  33. loved oh God I do love fallout3 coming out of the valt grate …. but new vegas SORRY. fellout3 is a name . Also next time can he be in love with his side kick you know words say alot for a good guy I also miss 3 dog may wolf man jd the dj some thing to tell you your good well 48 more states to go remember your roots please

  34. Well, I see that there are a lot of issues mentioned here already, including the one that I am upset about… but I just wanted to put some clarity into it. I have the classic DLC from preordering the game, and after 115 play hours into a save, it says…

    “This save game relies on downloadable content that is no longer available. Some objects may be no longer available. Continue loading?”

    Then, a Yes/No option appears. Regardless of which option I choose, it says this next.

    “The storage device you selected is no longer available. Load canceled.”

    Next… title screen shows up. I have just gotten the Enclave Remnants Power Armor and helm, as well as many other things. Just trying to finish up my last few achievements… this makes it kind of difficult.

  35. im sick and tired of Fallout New Vegas crash every 30 -40 mins. Now I cant even play my will out the internet. So i loved fallout 3 had only 1 big at the begining but that was it.

  36. I know everyone’s talking about all the patches for game freezing and such, but just kind of a regular gaming issue; what do i do when i took veronica to Black Mountain to do the ‘Crazy Crazy Crazy’ mission, she was knocked unconsious, i killed the rest of the super mutants, took theyre stuff, went and traded it, and havent seen her since near the beginning of that combat. but because i never officially dismissed her i cant get cass from the Mojave Outpost to join me. there’s the obvious solution of go back to a save right before that combat, but i dont even have one. i dont like having too many saves on any of my games so i often resave over old ones. can you guys help me find my “lost puppy”?
    thanks a bunch,
    Mooseiferous Vegetable
    ps, loved FO3, want to try the first 2

  37. hey Joe,(right above my last comment) i was having the same problem as you. if your playing on the 360, install the game onto your xbox, i did that yesterday and havent had that problem since. go to the dashboard, my xbox, scroll over to FO:NV press y, and install it. should take 5 to 10 minutes and its sooo worth it.note that just because its installed, doesnt mean you can play without the disc. if youre not on the 360, sorry but i cant help ya.