Updates on Fallout: New Vegas (Update for Aussies)


Unless you’ve been stuck in a Vault, you probably know that Fallout: New Vegas was released yesterday. We’re thrilled that so many people are enjoying the game, but we also realize there are a few issues that you guys have been reporting.

We have just released an automatic update for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas that resolves quest and scripting issues. Be sure to restart Steam to ensure the update is downloaded on your next launch of the game. We’re also working hard to make this update available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game as soon as possible, and will let you know as soon as we have the dates they’ll be up.

The issue regarding the PlayStation 3 digital pre-order bonuses has also been resolved. Users should attempt to re-enter the codes to download their bonuses. Should the “80023156” error continue, we ask that players wait 24 hours before entering the code again. The code should then activate the bonus without any issue.

In addition to the updates, we’ve also released the official G.E.C.K. editor for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas. You can download it from the Fallout G.E.C.K. page. The editor will also be available on Steam shortly.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on issues that are reported within the community.

Update: With the game out in Australia, we have this info to pass along:

Anyone in Australia or New Zealand who pre-ordered Fallout: New Vegas on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – and received a pre-order code for downloadable content – will be able to download the content beginning Friday, October 22nd at 10:00am AEDT. Should the content become available sooner, we’ll be in touch with an update.

Stay tuned for the latest.

Reader Comments

  1. I just got FNV and didn’t have any freezes until I got most of the map unlocked and about 90% of my inventory full. I got the patch and noticed that my hdd activity light hasn’t been working as hard but am still having freeze issues. It is also worse when I have my 2 companions with me and for some reason it is more often when having Rex with me. I hope that my info will be helpful for any future updates…ty, kah.

  2. so i just installed the 4mb patch last night, hoping it would fix my issues with 2 specific quests, which were said to be fixed with this patch (“for the republic, part 2” and “ant misbehavin”). After installing the patch, i restart my xbox, load the game and to my disapointment, i still cant tell col. moore that the president is safe and the only dialogue option when i talk to raquel is still only “time for me to go” or wutever it is. anybody elses quests not fixed with this patch? I’d love to see some responses on maybe a solution or why this isnt working.


  3. I have a freezing problem when im running or attacking something such as as them big blue flies and the game freezes or it witll load an area such as the strip infront or ceasars tent it will get real slow n stop n go like its delayed can any of this be fixed ???????? Howbout more leveling up to level 30 hbt 100

  4. Hey I just downloaded the newly released Add-On for the new mysterious casino. Heres my problem…I beat the game- My setup is this, I control the securitrons through YesMan and I killed House, and I used them to run the NCR out of the Legates Camp. Now, every time I continue from my last save, Yes Man comes up to thank me and the credits roll. End of game. It doesnt let me continue?? I heard there was this problem with fallout 3, but after downloading the latest Add-On, I figured it would have been patched! How am I supposed to play the new Mission if I cant even leave the Camp???? HELP!! I paid good money!

  5. ok so i love this game.. got it for my xbox and have almost 22 hours of total play time in it.. problem is im posened.. with one health bar left.. as im walking through a door.. now i can foreverly watch my charictor die before i can even move an inch.. what should i do??

  6. I am appalled that you have still done nothing about the system crashes for Fallout:New Vegas, despite the length of time it has already been out, and also seemingly having a patch come out a few days ago. I cannot see the point in this patch, as it did nothing.
    I understand that these things take time, but the very least I expect is to be kept more up to date with the progress!
    I know many people who have not purchased this game, either because of the issues with Fallout 3, or bad press from gamers who have it.
    I for one will think very hard about whether to purchase another of your games in the future, as I do not think that you care about your fanbase due to this.
    I hope that you actually put my critisicm to good use, so that you can continue to make outstanding open world games.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Kym Emery

  7. ok so i love this game.. got it for my xbox and have almost 22 hours of total play time in it.. problem is im posened.. with one health bar left.. as im walking through a door.. now i can foreverly watch my charictor die before i can even move an inch.. I dont have another save and i dont have time to do anything because my charictor is halfway through the dying cinamatic when it starts up..what should i do?? could bethesta make a patch that if you die so many times you gain more health?

  8. played fo3 no problems new vegas barely playable constant freezing, companions disappear or get stuck also storyline is still messed up saved kimball but npc’s say he was killed. this is the worst game i have ever played on ps3

  9. i have a hundred-plus hours into this game and the freezing issues are so bad it makes the game UNPLAYABLE. i am trying to finish the attack on Nelson and the game has frozen at least 10 times on my way to the camp. do not buy this game – it is a hugely frustrating waste of time and money. i will be posting this opinion on as many sites as possible and going to look into registering a complaint with the better business bureau. you will be lucky if someone doesn’t file a class-action suit.

  10. I’m trying to take back Camp Nelson but everytime I start to head towards it the game freezes and I have to preform a reboot of the PS3. Shouldn’t there be a fix for the freezing by now. It seem like Bethesda has done nothing to fix anything.

  11. When are we going to see a patch to stop the crashing and freezing on Fallout New Vegas? It crashes all the time especially when I am inside a Valut, and I am not going let it courrpt my hard drive and lose all my save games.

  12. I’m having an issue with my xbox 360 copy of Fallout New Vegas: every time I try to enter a building, I get a blackscreen as soon as the loading screen is gone. This is a brand-spanking new copy and as far as I know theres nothing wrong with my xbox. Any ideas on whats causing this? If so, is there any way to fix it without having to take it somewhere? Or worse, having to restart?

  13. i cant get back into the strip on new vegas.ive read that it is a bug in the game.can you tell me what i can do about this as it means i cant complete the game 🙁

  14. Fallout New Vegas has become the third bethesda nightmare for me..

    I have tried just about everything you can think of to resolve the problem of coming out of VATS,
    i always lose AA when coming out of VATS, in oblivion, FO3 and FNV..
    Sometimes it goes away for 2 hours, and then it’s back again..horrible..
    I tried vista, win xp win 7, bought a new vidcard, totally gone through all the tweaks and mod fixes
    i could find, i asked bethesda, no reply..
    I am a modder myself so i spend like 80 hours in the geck to see if there is something i could
    do to resolve this problem..
    But i guess it is in the gamebryo engine itself..
    Its not a question of losing mere AA, cause when i start the game with no AA everything is normally jagged,
    But when i lose AA all the foliage and grass gets bloated, the blood looks horrible..

    It’s a real shame though, cause they are such nice games…
    But after more then 2 years of battling and trying to resolve this issue i have decided to trash the games,
    and probably never buy another bethesda game anymore..it’s really sad..

    i wish they would do more to resolve these game engine bugs..
    I can live with the geck bugs, i can even resolve them myself, things that go wrong in scripts, no problem..
    but this is really not making people love your games guys..

    I’ve looked around on the internet and thousands of people have this problem, they usually throw away their game after a while and by the time a new game from you guys come out they forgot and just buy the next one, only to throw it away again later..

    I will never forget it cause i spend like 200 hours in total to resolve bugs in this game…really really horrible, sorry guys..very dissapointed in you..

  15. Hey I am on xbox and I completed the great Kahn quest convincing them to fight for the ncr, now I am working the for the republic part 2 and it will not recognize that they are on my side and have to kill them all to continue, is there any way to get fix this? I would hate for all that quest convincing them to join me to be a waste of time when I could have just killed them from the beggining! Please help thank u.

  16. Got the game for christmas. I purposely did not get the game when it came out because of the freeze problems my friends were having. The game has been out for about 5months now and it’s STILL FREEZING. C’mon Bethesda, you got my money for the game and the DLC, fix the freezing already. If I have to clear my memory and start over again I swear the game is going back to game stop and I’m trading it in…actually no I won’t. I will break it so it will no longer be able to be a COMPLETE disappointment for anyone else. PLease send me an email response and tell me what is going to be done to fix the problem…

  17. I played Fallout:NV when it was released for a great many hours. Did everything, all endings, etc. The only trouble I had was the Steam over-writing quick/autosave games which was easily worked around.

    So yesterday I heard about the Dead Money DLC and bought it. First Steam downloaded and installed a ~100MB patch, then downloaded the DLC.

    I fired up the game, checked Dead Money in the mods thingy, loaded up a save game, played in the new area a bit and died (I said, “No”.. just for fun). Then when it attempted to reload it froze up. The roulette ball spun around once and sat there until I force-killed the program ten minutes later.

    I repeated the process three times (dying in different ways at different points). The game loads perfectly fine only one time, it will not reload without quitting the game and restarting it.

  18. Dont you guys even test your game out before realeasing it to the millions of fans who wanted to enjoy this game? like seriously, I cant even go into a loading screen without it freezing.

  19. my ED-E was stuck in bloodborne cave and after starting blood money, it said “ED-E has returned to Primm .” But after i got back to vegas i went to Primm and looked in every last square inch of that dump and still can’t find him, can someone explain that? and please give suggestions to find him. (xbox gamertag: bearlios)

  20. Here’s a post that i bet won’t reach anyone.
    Are you as sick and tired of Bethesda and they’re BULL?!!!
    I called them about fallout 3, and was HUNG UP ON!
    Now New Vegas is freezing too?
    Oh hell no!! I say we band together and fight/complain!
    Or perhaps a class action lawsuit?
    Anyone with me?

  21. I purchased dead money and the crashes seem to have gotten worse all around. i am highly dissapointed in this game. i will not be stupid enough to buy anymore dlc unless there is a patch for the game… i cant explore any of the areas around the hoover dam without having to reset my ps3 every 10 minutes. help us bethesda-wan kinobi, youre our only hope.

  22. oh i see that gamestop has lowered the price of this game to $19.99 this week from $59.99. i hope this is message received for you guys at bethesda, you rushed this game and now my confidence in this company is waining. i consider fo3 my favorite game of all time and i have enjoyed the oblivion game on the ps3. i will definitly be wary of the new oblivion game when it comes out this year and i will check the boards before i buy that one. fo3 was made with love and yes it crashed every now and then but new vegas makes me want to quit video games.

  23. I want to say that I LOVE Fallout New Vegas……..
    that’s until my game started crashing all the time getting into the elevator at the Tops casino. WTF!!! You guys just released another add-on game and you haven’t even fixed the first one!! PLEASE FIX THE GAME!

  24. hello, i was just wondering if theres a way to continue leveling up on the xbox version of new vegas? it sort of takes the fun out of it when you get to a certain level and it just stops leveling up? any help? cheers