Reader Comments

  1. I just have to say that these wallpapers kick ass!

    I would love to see more of these – Fallout: NV has a *ridiculous* amount of amazing artwork, and I really missed that the limited edition did not have an artbook this time. Although I suppose if it was just as small as the Fallout 3 artbook, it wouldn’t be worth it anyway.

    Maybe you could release a fankit pack with all the renders / artwork that you guys would be willing to include in nice, extra large resolutions and uncropped so that we can crop and arrange them as we like to make our own wallpapers? That would be a great way to let the community be creative and spread the awesomeness of Fallout: NV all over the internet. Doing this would save us fans from making requests for the hundred more wallpapers that we would *love* to see 🙂

  2. Great SCOTT LONDON! These are so buetiful they stir emotions potent as the most sexual of thoughts full of vigorous climax of existential completeness of being. Its like screaming I AM WHOLE AGAIN! and meaning it beyond a shadow of doubt! My goodness what person can say that on a daily basis?

    Thank you. I am a cuckoo clock. Would you like the time?

  3. These Wallpapers are simply amazing…
    I must have more.. like of Caesar’s Legion or some Small Gangs maybe??
    Come on guys.. you know It’d be F*cking sweet..

  4. It’s cool that you guys have time to sit around making wallpapers instead of fixing the game breaking bugs. I could make some wallpapers too, since I’m not doing anything else…like playing the fame I just paid for, SINCE IT DOESN’T FREAKING WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!