An update on updates (updated, part deux)


Wanted to let you guys know that Obsidian and Bethesda are continuing to work to address issues reported with Fallout: New Vegas. Overnight, a new game update went up on Xbox 360, resolving a number of quest and scripting issues — similar to the update we reported on Wednesday for PC players. To get the update, players will want to make sure their Xbox 360 is connected online.

A newer update is up on Steam as well — fixing issues players reported with game saves. In our forums, senior producer Jason Bergman explains the update

“We are also pleased to say that we have just released a second fix for PC users to address the autosave and quicksave issues that some people were encountering. That particular issue was never seen prior to release and it was extremely difficult to reproduce reliably, even after the game had launched. In order to fix this problem we have had to disable Steam Cloud functionality. It has been turned off, and we won’t turn it back on until we’re absolutely sure it will not cause any more problems. Please restart your Steam client to make sure you get the update.”

As we have more details on game updates/patches, we’ll keep you posted.

Update: We’ve received word that the PS3 update for New Vegas is live in both Europe and North America. Make sure your PS3 is connected online to receive the update.

Reader Comments

  1. I am experiencing the same black screen problem trying to leave lucky casino 38. The only way I could get back to the strip was to fail the Mr. House quest by shooting at the robot guards. After leave I’m approached by some dude, and handed a letter, but common! Why do I have to fail a quest to exit a building!? I really hope this will be patched. I’m going to stop playing until it’s fixed, which really sucks.

  2. I know that you guys are getting alot of complaints on here and that it is hard to keep up with. But how long do you think it will be before you have a new patch for PS3? I know you guys are busy and probably can’t say exactly when. But a general timeline would be nice.

  3. I ran into a bug that is related to shooting. When I empty a clip and reload I’m unable to take any action besides running and jumpping. I try to shoot or enter VATS or even bring the pip boy up but there is no response from controls. It is really anoying, cause it happens too often and make playing with firearms impossible. Please, see to this. Thanks.

  4. I seem to have issues about entering the strip. whenever i enter the game freezes. went and bought another copy and it does the exact same thing in the exact same place. i’ve had a copy of the game since its release and everyday i turn it on hoping to get an update message on my xobx, but nothing so far…just curious to what’s goin on.

  5. This game is about as buggy as you can get. Just this evening I was playing through for my second time (because I love this game) and can no longer go into the Vegas Strip. Everytime I go in it freezes up my Xbox. I hope an update comes out because I cant beat the game again if I cant go in after Benny.

  6. im guessing this updates comes out for the saving problem where you can not load the save file because of some “downloadable content that is no longer available”.

    if it is then when does this update for xbox live come out in Australia

    ps. please reply ASAP because i am a huge fan of fallout and espcially new vegas


  7. @ Gstaff

    So seriously…. When is it likely a second patch will be released to fix the appauling missing DLC / Save game issue?

    Currently have a game we’re unable to play!

  8. Guys, any update on the XBOX 360 patch regarding the loading a save game issue? This is extremely frustrating and rendering the game totally unplayable. It’s Day 11 since release and no fix 🙁

  9. Uninstalled the patch, retried the “come fly with me” mission, didn’t go near the infamous spacesuit, and the saves are all still corrupted after that mission is completed. Pretty much leaves the game unplayable.

  10. entered the strip at level 27. explored lucky 38. left the strip and completed unrelated quests for a few days. try to reenter the strip to meet benny and ps3 locks up at front gate. screen goes dark and hear sirens but wont load strip. tried several times with same results. ps3.

  11. I recently installed the PS3 patch (1.01), and I’m sure it fixes a lot of things (over 200), but it hasn’t fixed anything that’s making my game more frustrating than fun. Emily Ortal still doesn’t spawn outside the Lucky 38 in the quest “The Moon Comes Over the Tower” but the quest marker points to an unoccupied spot outside the casino. My game froze after ten minutes of play as I approached Hoover Dam after installing the patch. And worst of all, the game will still freeze every time I enter The Strip, unless I’m wearing the Old Cowboy Hat!

    I was optimistic about this patch, but it turns out that none of the issues ruining my fun were addressed. Bethesda, where can I get information regarding the next PS3 patch? Because I really don’t feel like playing your game again until that comes out.

  12. @gstaff

    More stalling, that’s all your post is and that’s all that Bergman’s post was. All it amounts to is “we’re aware that the game we sold you is broken and we’re looking into it, you _might_ be able to play it at some point in the future or you might not.”

    Well that isn’t good enough. Exactly how many customers are you willing to lose?

  13. Since the new update I cannot get into the strip. I see the loading page, then get a black screen with the door opening sound…then nothing.

    It probably doesn’t help but I have lost my faith int his franchise. I love the game but it never works….Fallout 3 had the same issues. Who ever is lead for the QA team needs to be fired. Apparently he/she doesn’t believe in testing the damn game.

  14. I had the damn save save problem…..again!! When the hell r u going to fix this. And am I ever going to be able to play my corrupted files again. Or will I have to start a new f’ing game?!!

  15. Thank you for responding to my question. I have faith that this problem will be fixed and that I can continue to play my game.

  16. I almost dont know what to say. This game is breaking my heart. Its fun, its interesting, but its so broken that its a chore to get through. Im playing on the PS3 and ive run into so much trouble i almost dont want to play it anymore. The frame rate constantly drops, the game freezes at least once an hour (ive uninstalled and reinstalled all my files), I cant go into the buildings on top of black mountain or the game goes to a black screen and never returns, several missions are un-finishable (including the ED-E one), I cant pick up Boons weapon after i dropped it (I was trying to find a way to give it back to him), and many enemies appear half in the ground half out. I have installed all available updates, deleted all game files and reinstalled all the files and still nothing. Should I just start a new game and hope for the best? This is just such a huge disappointment because Ive been saving money for this game for an entire year ever since I was laid off my previous job. I dont have much money as it is but I saved what little I had for a year just to buy this. I really hope that these problems are resolved quickly and for all platforms, not just the 360, because I really want to enjoy this game…

  17. Just one question: is another patch for the PS3 version in the works? Some problems that still exist, and I can name off the top of my head, include ED-E being unable to attack or move after upgrading with either the Fellowship or Brotherhood(He seems to lose his weapon after the upgrade), numerous issues regarding companion disappearances, NCR Radio-called Ranger, Trooper, and Supply drop glitches(the former two disappear, and you can’t call another), and numerous quest scripting issues.

  18. I have restarted this game TWICE now. The second time I was 40 hours in. Now in this playthrough when I access a terminal the screen goes fuzzy and all I get is the sound of keys being pressed. When I try to pick a lock I get a blank terminal screen blocking my view. I spent over $100 for the collectors edition of both the game and strategy guide on preorder 3 months in advance and this is what I get? If I could get my money back I would gladly return it but unless I want to lose 20-40 dollars by selling it on Ebay I’m screwed. I no longer have any interest in playing this game. (PS3)

  19. Hey guys, love the game on pc, already have like 80 hours in, but I still can’t figure out how to fix the scripting error in the silver rush to where the guards stand there and nothing happens between mr soren and the van graffs (fallout wiki notes this, but says to load the autosave and yet that still doesn’t work for me) so I can’t seemingly get the birds of a feather quest. Is there a quest ID I can reset it in console or anything? Thanks again for this awesome game.

  20. when is the planning for a patch that sloves the problem whit the terminal screen. i only got the sounds but no screen. it a pain in the ……

  21. @RuoGon
    I am getting the same thing, I had to get rid of my favorite follower. 🙁
    Come on Bethesda, we know this is YOUR game so fix the problems. The patch didnt do anything other than get rid of the money glitch it seems like.

  22. Ok, so put another 15 – 20 hours in on the game since the 1.01 update.

    So far, I am now getting the weathered 10mm pistol glitch where, if you go into third person, looks like a red diamond around you with a white exclamation mark in the middle and nothing in your hand while in first person.

    Still freezing up the PS3 when traveling into a new area at the loading screen.

    I cant seem to find Carlitos after meeting him in Vault motel on the Strip.

    While trading with the crimson caravan next to the strip it shows he has 2 stimpaks, I purchased these stimpaks, I see the caps come out, but then he has two more to sell and I have the same amount of stimpaks.

  23. Lets go already! It would be nice to play the game! I have started over three times due to the fact that everytime I go to load my game it one either gives me an error or if I try the auto save load it completly freezes my system. WTF

  24. @gstaff

    Realise that the whole team is probably under a whole lot of pressure at the moment but we all feel a bit let down.

    We know the game itself will be enjoyable once we’re able to play it fully. The chunk I played before the save game issue was entertaining and I look forward to progressing.

    However, I’m not playing again until the update is good to go. I think an ETA would really help at this moment. If we can simply get an idea of whether we’re looking at a day, a week, a month we’ll at least be able to relax for a while.

    • @modernacrylic

      Thanks for the feedback. For now, the best I can tell you is that we’re working on the next update. If there’s an opportunity to give you guys an ETA, I’ll let you know.

  25. Almost two weeks and havent seen an answer yet on the blog or in any forums. Is the error with the DLC not being found and the save device not working going to be fixed? Meaning, am I going to be able to use the save that I have that currently isn’t working or am I going to have to start a new game and the error won’t happen again? Thanks.

  26. I played the game for 20 hours with no glitching exceept for major lag until this last hour. Textures seem half loaded, NPCs fall out of the sky naked, the lag became unbearable and the game has frozen on me three times causing me to restart my ps3. When is the next ps3 update and please oh please tell me they are adressing the framrate/lag issue (my primary concern)

  27. Possible bug: I picked up (and equipped) the leather armor off an already dead caravan guard just north of Jean Sky Diving and my reputation with the NCR, which was then “Accepted,” was erased. This made the NCR instantly hostile. Also, my “Hated” reputation with the Powder Gangers became neutral. My reputation with either faction did not change after I unequiped the armor and dropped it from my inventory.

    Apart from this, I haven’t experienced any other significant bugs and I’ve logged over 50 hours of game play (Xbox 360). I hope this helps.

  28. Just wanted to say the playable parts of the game are good, improved from fallout 3. Probably your best sequel the company has ever made.

    I am having the issue where something in vault 3 is making my saves corrupt and will not load. That is the only major issue I have had with the game.

    Just some feedback though, fire your QA team. To have it hit with so many bugs is just… well you have heard it enough everywhere else.

    So we getting an eta anytime soon?

  29. I have a quicksave and autosave that causes the game to CTD. I have tried restoring the .bak files wich are saves that are a couple of minutes younger but they cause the same problem.

    I sent a support request about this two days ago now but have not heard a peep, im guessing someone at Bethesda must want these savegames for debugging?

  30. Ok so I have given it another chance. I figured out a way around the terminal/safe issue. Uninstall and reinstall the game data and the glitch is fixed… At least temporarily. (PS3)

  31. I have a thing Bethesda should fix, maybe you guys should patch the issue that you can only enter the strip with a Old Cowboy Hat on the ps3 and if you don’t wear the hat your ps3 will crash

  32. First, on positive side, FNV is imo a much improved Fallout3. I am hppy with all the changes in game play. My thanks to all the creators.

    Now, on the other side of awesome… Like so many others here, I am very displeased with what is, impo, a very buggy product. I hope this is being treated as, at least, a learning experience for the companies involved. Managing software deadlines is not easy and I know, first hand, that QA time is one of the first things cut. As a customer, I would rather see a 30 day delay then deal with the shear volume of bugs FNV has, even post 1.01

    We are fast approaching 2 weeks from the first patch. The time for a new patch is upon us. Yes, the process is full of procedure that must be observed however I urge haste and information for your user base. We need a date for the next patch, 1.02?

  33. Just last night experienced the black screen glitch while trying to exit the hoover dam visitors center after starting the “You’ll know when it happens” quest. This is only the 3rd real glitch that I have noticed on my 360, and all 3 are quest glitches. I am about 50 or so hours in, and have noticed severely increased load times.

  34. After hearing all the complaints about the xbox 360 patch im not touching it.

    I do have one question though. After you get all the patches out you have planned will the game actually be optimized To be better played from the HD? After your review of the bugs will you actually be able to fix it all? Or just make it a little better? I will be sorely disappointed if the end result is a game that plays ok with a bunch of tips on how to get around the bugs you cant fix. The loading screens really effect the way i play the game. I tend to run through it more and skip things because i don’t want to be at the loading screen all night.

    Your first DLC should be free considering the faith an hard earned money millions of players put into your product just to be let down. That’s just my opinion.

  35. XB360 VERSION:

    I’m probably in the 20-30 hour range at this point, just completed the Vault 22 mission with the plants. Somewhere after leaving that area, I went to the Mojave Outpost to meet Cass. This is when I discovered that ED-E had disappeared from my party completely. I’ve already traveled back to the Vault to see if he was stuck there, no luck. Also went to Primm to see if it was “waiting” for me, but no luck. So far, he isn’t showing back up, but has never formally been dismissed so this is going to screw with me getting Rex pretty soon.

    Please look into the issues with the followers, because people are losing a LOT of items that they are carrying if they disappear at random. I’ve already been on several blogs to know that the ED-E issue is very common on the 360 (as well as issues with many other followers).

    Thanks!!! THE GAME IS FANTASTIC OTHERWISE, no regrets in purchase 🙂 🙂

  36. PC version, I have been stuck in vault 34 for about a week now unable to leave. After completing the quest, (either completion option doesn’t make a difference), everything initially seems fine, I can save load, quick save etc, until I try to leave the reactor room. As soon as the game Auto Saves, that save, as well as any other save be it manual, quick or auto, will crash me to desktop if loaded from that point on. All the saves prior to that seem fine, I just can not go any farther in the game. I have no response from tech support, ( I know they are busy) but I don’t know if this is a known issue at this particular section in the game? I know there are similar issues at other parts of the game.

  37. I got 40h save corrupted in repcomm facility, just when started to enjoy game the most, I’m not rlly in mood to start game from scratch again, I hope U can do something to fix corrupted saves, not only fix things that cause them. I have also finished Fallout 3 before, kinda strange, cuz it was almost bugless for me, honestly I dont remember such a buggy game, since unpatched stalker: clear sky :/

  38. on new vegas when i try to load my last game (played before kinect update) it says dlc removed device has c hanged, system has not been moved or touched, what gives and when can we expect a fix?

  39. A couple of days ago, I encountered the “save file relies on downloadable content no longer available” glitch, & can no longer load any of my saves no matter what I do. I know you guys at Bethesda said you are working on it, but I was wondering if I will need to restart the game after the patch is released or will the existing save files that I can’t load now be playable? Also an ETA would be great if you happen to have one. Even if you don’t have an exact date. Like a couple days, week, month, anything. I loved Fallout 3 & I really want to get back to New Vegas. Thank you.

    • @Victoria, hold onto the saves… we’re hoping the fix we’re working on will resolve issues when you receive the “save file relies on downloadable content no longer available” message.

  40. Thanks gstaff. I’ll keep checking the forum for updates and I’m looking forward to playing again!
    [side note: I bought the collectors edition & it’s awesome.] =)

  41. I play the PC version of FO:NV and i love what i have been able to see of it.I have been having a problem with FO:NV since day one. Each time get the “Kill Cam” Camera move the game would crash my PC to Blue screen before it restarts. I have an Nvidia 9500gt 1gb card with the latest drivers availible to me. The rest of my PC’s specs are all above what should be needed to play the game at high quality. But even running the game at low quality still does not save me from the Kill Cam Crash. Is there a way to turn off that feature?

    So far i have been Lucky (unlucky) enought to not notice any other bugs. Mostly becuase i cant play long enought to find any other bugs. Can anyone give me advice on this problem?

  42. Has anyone at Bethesda or Obsidian taken the time to notice that an incredibly obscene number of people are 100% flat out angry at the quality of this product and the ineffectual attempts to fix, by updates, a product that was so unfit for release that whoever approved it was either motivated by “take their money and run” or was a Baboon. Or was a greedy Baboon. P.S.- It took me over 60 headshots in VATS and needing 6 stimpaks to kill Benny. That was the straw. That was stupid. ED-E and me blasting away at Benny, no bodyguards, no distractions, no cover for him and it takes MINUTES to kill him. He killed me once and when I re-spawned, I wasn’t wearing my armor. WHY? Give me $55 of my $60 back and I’ll keep the game and shut-up. P.P.S.- Where did my companion Veronica disappear to?
    P.P.P.S.- Enjoy this fiscal quarter boys, it’s gonna be long downhill slide from here…..