An update on updates (updated, part deux)


Wanted to let you guys know that Obsidian and Bethesda are continuing to work to address issues reported with Fallout: New Vegas. Overnight, a new game update went up on Xbox 360, resolving a number of quest and scripting issues — similar to the update we reported on Wednesday for PC players. To get the update, players will want to make sure their Xbox 360 is connected online.

A newer update is up on Steam as well — fixing issues players reported with game saves. In our forums, senior producer Jason Bergman explains the update

“We are also pleased to say that we have just released a second fix for PC users to address the autosave and quicksave issues that some people were encountering. That particular issue was never seen prior to release and it was extremely difficult to reproduce reliably, even after the game had launched. In order to fix this problem we have had to disable Steam Cloud functionality. It has been turned off, and we won’t turn it back on until we’re absolutely sure it will not cause any more problems. Please restart your Steam client to make sure you get the update.”

As we have more details on game updates/patches, we’ll keep you posted.

Update: We’ve received word that the PS3 update for New Vegas is live in both Europe and North America. Make sure your PS3 is connected online to receive the update.

Reader Comments

  1. look. you guys. gave us some great games. oblivion. fallout three. but come on. did any off u actully put te game in youre 360/ps3 and actully play the game. i spent the last 92 hours playing new vegas and all of the suden i was in the vegas strip heading to the tops casino when my game froze in the loading screen. and screwed up my 360. just work hard at fixing this game that could easily be the best game of the decade.


    work hard on releasing the 360 patch.

    i wanna beat new vegas so bad

  2. I have the DLC error when i try to load saved games on the xbox 360 version. When are you guys going to fix this? It better be real fast or you can take your game shine it up and stick it up your ass!!!!

  3. For anyone using the XBOX, try installing the game to the HDD. It doesn’t fix all problems, but it significantly decreases the amount of time juggling saves and waiting in between zones – which can prevent a load crash. Personally, it improved my gaming experience and made the game more tolerable.

  4. Thankfully newest 1.2 update fixed my save corruption prob, but there r still tons of other bugs that needs to be fixed, I have tried new vegas on 2 diff graphic cards: geforce 9500gt and geforce 220gt, funny to say it’s running better on first 1 than on second, yes, I have the newest drivers for both, I know it’s not big performance boost from 1st to 2nd card, but still makes u think, however, TY, for not abandoning us and trying to fix those glitches 😛

  5. I too am having problems with the “this saved game relies on DLC that is no longer available” for only 2 of my saves. Upon trying to fix the problem, I removed and reinstalled the game. Not knowing that it would take the caravan pack with it, I tried to reload a game. Now it gives the error for ALL of my saved games. And silly me, I cannot find my code for the Caravan Pack (not that it would work anyway since it’s already been used).

    You made a fine product before…what happened? Fix the save problems, fix the female character problems, fix the terrain problems. We don’t pay $60+ for a buffet of technical problems. It’s been a month now, and all we get is a patch that causes more problems? You’re professionals, you should know better.

    And don’t pull that crap where you release the fixes along with DLC that costs us 800 M$ points.

  6. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned above but I don’t have hours to spare to read through them all.

    I ran through the first level of FO:NV (Leaving the Dr’s, going to the saloon) recently and all seemed fine (after the first update). I have since bought and plugged in Kinect (nothing else has changed) and today decided to give FO:NV another go, only to find the A button (Xbox) doesn’t work. I just hear a “click” sort of noise if I try to jump, and cannot select a target in VATS as the A button is used to confirm which body part I want to target.

    Is this a conflict with Kinect? My friend had a similar issue on the PS3 version of FO3 (couldn’t use VATS) when his Guitar Hero controller was plugged in, but I can’t be doing with disconnecting Kinect any time I want to play Fallout.

  7. Hey just wondering if you had any sort of plan whatsoever for all the customers who have paid over $60 in store for your clearly fault-ridden game and who don’t have access to Xbox Live or PS3 equivalent. I mean, in all honesty, I do love the game, it is fun and addictive, but with so many glitches, namely the save game coruption, I will be returning the game to the store unless some solution is provided for players such as myself. When I pay $60+ at the store for a game, I expect it to be complete, or at least playable throughout without losing all of your data after countless hours of play. For those of us whom aren’t so fortunate to have high-speed internet, or the disposable income for XBox Live, it is highly unfair that you offer no solution to us for YOUR faulty product. Again, my question is simple, is there any plan to help users without LIVE access or should I just, reluctantly I might add, return the game now?

  8. After playing for 47 hours and making it to the strip… All three save files I have are now worthless. I can sometimes load the saves, but when I try to exit the building i’m in (gomorah) my console freezes. I bought the new console, this did not resolve the issue. I turned off autosave feature, this also did not resolve my issue. I started a new game and soon had the same issue with the new game saves. Is there a remedy for this issue? New Vegas would be my favorite game if i could play it…

  9. We want everyone to know that we are monitoring the forums and cataloging every single issue we see reported. We’re reading forum posts, we’re checking Twitter, and we’re reading Facebook comments. We aren’t able to reply to most threads, but we’re listening. If we see an issue, we have people here trying to reproduce it so we can fix it.

    A QUOTE FROM THEIR SENIOR PRODUCER,YET 90% OF MY POSTS CONCERNING GLITCHES ARE BEING REMOVED.whats the point?im not even being as rude as i should be considering these problems are MAJOR and there is absolutely NO REASON FOR IT TO BE LIKE THIS.

  10. This is insane…
    Fallout 3 was a jem- but his is just terrible. I cant save, I cant load, I can play for maybe 15 mins at a time if Im lucky before something goes wrong and I have to restart the whole thing- New Vegas is off limits cause the game freezes everytime I try to go back in.
    C’mon developers- I dont think we are asking for much when we say we want a game that acutally plays when we spend 60$ on it.

  11. I just seen the info on the DLC coming out in Dec. Cant believe you have the nerve to charge people for a DLC when you haven’t even fixed the release.

  12. My Y axis has stopped working while i was playing Fallout. i have loaded other games and it works. Has any one else come across the same problem? (My console is Xbox 360)

  13. Can we have a fix so I can leave Mr House’s casino on the 360? 20 minutes of black screen before I gave up and tried restarting. Hoped a restart would let me use a newly created autosave like the other new location loading screen crashes I’ve put up with so far in this game. Kinda annoying for a £50 game…

  14. @gstaff: i waited a couple days after you answered what i had posted before (wishful thinking that a fix would come shortly) & i decided to start a new file but hold onto the one that had the DLC error as you instructed. well this time around, i made it past where i was before (& even if it might not have anything to do with it, i did NOT do the “Come Fly With Me” quest & the error did not ocurr on this new file) well now i have a different problem with this new file. I saw other people have this too. I can no longer enter the Strip. When I try to go in the game freezes & the screen goes black. I restart the XBOX360 then try to load my last save. It says that the autosave has been corrupted. So I delete the autosave & the regular save for this file works so I can still play but just CANNOT enter the Strip. This is second time this game has burned me. Please tell me what’s going on? Do I need to start a new file AGAIN? Is there seriously a fix in the works? I’m sure you know how frustrating this is. Please give me hope that this will be over SOON.

    • @victoria… that issue is being addressed in the update as well. For now, if you wear an “old cowboy hat” that oftentimes resolves the black screen issue you’re having.

  15. I’ve now not played this game for nearly a month since suffering the DLC not present/corrupt save issue on completion of the “come fly with me” mission. Seriously, please give us some ETA of when this issue will be sorted. If I had bought a new car with any issue no matter how small, the manufacturer would give me an ETA for a repair time…

  16. Deep down, I know new DLC content is probably top of your agenda, as that’s a sure fire revenue. In my opinion you should pay back buyers with the first DLC offered free of charge: it would take the sting out of the issues many of us have suffered. Prove to your fan-base that you’re at least in some way apologetic for the issues – it’ll save your skin in the long run.

  17. When is there going to be a patch that works coming. I mean geez. Please fix it so ed-d returns he got glitched out when I got the to Nellis airport and talked the boomer guard.

  18. @gstaff: I saw that about the “Old Cowboy Hat” & that it might be available at “Mick & Ralph’s” but they didn’t have it. I’ll keep looking for one to try it out. Thanks for answering me & I’m sure looking forward to this update!

  19. So it’s now around a month since I had the save/corruption issue, and 30+ hours of gameplay (5 separate game saves) are left idle and unusable on my xbox 360 hard drive. Can ANYBODY tell the 1000’s of us loyal gamers who have not returned our copies for a refund just when it is anticipated that there will be a fix available as an update over xbox live??

    Pretty please???

  20. Gonna post all bugs I have encountered as a help for devs:
    – corrupted saves (1.2 fixed that for me)
    – terrible performance (fallout 3 was much better optimized)
    – moonwalking npcs
    – that 1 is funny, rofl (I saw ceasar legionnaire saying: ave ceasar to…the dog)
    – random CTD
    – bugged quest “that lucky old sun” after choosing full region in the end of the quest to provide power via helios one, only xp is granted, fantastic or apocalypse guy behave like nothing happened (big science book unobtainable)
    – companions r dumb like wooden boards (getting stuck all the time, putting them on passive still makes them agressive, sometimes r attacking friendly npcs, ed-e and veronica were going berserk for me at the dam and ghouls’ base in repcomm facility)
    – enemies’ corpses sometimes disappear or if u like fall down through ground making them unable to loot, same happens with some items lying on boxes or medical cabinets
    – poor performance inside golf camp (near rangers’ beds, I guess it’s sun rays coming through the windows…)
    – clearing prison totally for ncr of powder gangers makes radio and ending still think that it failed
    – sometimes u can notice holes under rocks missing ground texture
    – occasionally vats kill camera is getting stuck on corpse of enemy for several secs (looks like zooming in and out of corpse)
    – some helmets r bugged in traders’ inventory (happens usually when vendor has 3 same types of them, buying 1 or 2 brings that helmet(s) to full hp, buying all 3 make them disappear, for me it were tb-45 power helmet and reinforced combat helmet mark 2)
    – game’s enemies r unbalanced (giant radscorpions 50m of goodsprings?, is that a joke?, I can understand U want to keep player from venturing into those locations in the beginning, but I guess putting mountains or blockade would be better idea, it’s almost impossible for players to escape them that have very low agility for example)
    – stone wall perk is bugged (DT is ONLY granted if u r wielding currently a melee wep, not being attacked by it)
    – corpses of smaller enemies like giant rats or night stalkers rarely r getting stuck in the air
    – there r 2 mines near of searchlight that both look like twins, tunnels r exactly the same, don’t remember names through
    – if u look on ncr soldiers from bigger distance, they look like have broken necks (occured for me at camp mc carran)
    That’s all I remember for now, gonna post more if I find, TY again for ur work.

  21. I seem to be suffering from a major scripting error that involves the Silver Rush. Basically the argument that’s suppose to pan out between Gloria Van Grunff and Mr. Soren is not happening at all, and that means that I can’t go anywhere because the guards won’t let me pass, and when I try to get through everybody would just start shooting me. If there’s any solution for this please tell me.

  22. Is there something wrong with me getting this update? I’m all connected and whatnot, I checked my hard drive to see if the Xbox automatically downloaded it. No dice. Then I checked the game’s downloadable content section, but there were no patches for me to get. I’ve so far encountered a game ending glitch the locks the New Vegas Strip, requiring a key, even after I’ve already been in there to talk to Mr. House. Admittedly, I did just load a previous save and it didn’t happen then. But my point is that I shouldn’t have to do that.

  23. As an avid follower since the first fallout release and pretty much every release since I reluctantly wish to inform you that the name Bethesda + obsidian are no longer gracing any title I further purchase and your name/s will forever be negatively spoken of to my peers. This fallout error is unforgivable and you have mistreated the loyal fans disgracefully.. I’m going to stop this rant now as there are already thousands of people like myself who have either got rid of this abomination or washed their hands of you already. G staff, I hope you find this an enthralling read. Clean up your act. Yours, ..

  24. Hi Obsidian and Bethesda

    When I was doing the mission “I put a spell on you” I came across a bug during the break-in to the tower when Captain Ronald Curtis just stand at the door 24/7 no matter what day it is. I hide, pickpocket him, and even talk to him telling him, “I can’t sleep(50 speech skill)” not even that did no good either. I just can’t do this mission. The only thing that I got was a note icon when I steal a passcode device from about an explosive device, but no location where?

  25. @gstaff:
    I wanted to say thanks for the new patch! I deleted all my old saves anyway because I forgot where I was with them. But so far in the file I’ve been working on, everything seems to be going well with the old issues… (I’m still buying & holding onto every “Old Cowboy Hat” I see however… LOL)
    There is a new problem that I’m having though. It would seem that I’m stuck holding onto to “Motor-Runner’s helmet”. I went back to talk to Hsu, but he didn’t take it.
    I just encountered another problem that was with the “I Put a Spell on You” quest. After I stopped the monorail from blowing up by defusing the bomb, when reporting back to Hsu, there is no option that refers to the monorail. I cannot complete this quest.
    Is there a solution for either of these problems? Thanks!

  26. Um well my game freezes everytime i just try to start it . and it also crashes near the entrance of the strip. Its a great game if i could actually get it too work for like 5 minutes without it freezing/crashing :/