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With the news of Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks joining our company, Todd sent over this image of the two hanging out at our office. Hypothetically, if Todd and Shinji’s teams worked together on a project (they’re not BTW), what type of game would they make?  The burning question for me is whether or not inventory would be weighted or using a grid system (a la Resident Evil 4).

Share your ideas in the comments section.

Reader Comments

  1. A survival horror fantasy game? Fantasy setting similar to The Elder Scrolls, with an over-the-shoulder camera view like Resi 4. Guns are such a taboo topic around here that it would have to be bows, and with the popularity of cover-based shooting seen in Gears of War and Mikami’s Vanquish I imagine that element would be adopted too, making the game…

    oh wait…

    That’s called Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. You guys are waaaay ahead of me on this one…

  2. @Mr. Tissue Box: Ya hopefully man. They gotta give us a teaser trailer or something for that thing already.

    “Hypothetically, if Todd and Shinji’s teams worked together on a project what type of game would they make”? A resident evil style game, with RPG elements in it :P. Leveling up Chris Redfield actually sounds kinda fun

  3. I don’t know much about Shinji games, but if that’s a picture of the inside of your office – WOW! That’s some nice digs, nothing like the wastelanders paradise that I envisioned. 😉

    Luck to the new partnership!


  4. They’d make a game as dark and horrific as resident evil, with a deep story and first person shooter elements.

    And free roaming.

    The best zombie/undead horror game ever made.


  5. This generation of games needs a really game of survival horror!!, with puzzles, great history, less action and more frights, also like Resident Evil 2 or Code Veronica.

    Good Luck Shinji Mikami in your news projects i like your games, and Bethesda continue this way, they are one of my favorite companies.

  6. very interesting development! Japanese game aesthetics can be so very, very different from American- and European-designed games. i’m curious if ZeniMax is interested in just letting Mikami-san do his thing, or integrating his style in to new stories and franchises. will they be based in Japan, or elsewhere?

  7. I’m guessing an RPG in which you free-roam around a giant, beautifully realised, slightly destroyed city and the nearby country, filled with zombies and the occasional survivor, in which people other than you figure out how to cure the plague, while you act as a glorified bodyguard whose interaction with the plot would surely damage it beyond repair.
    Your character would have incredible customization options while always looking like a dolled up potato on a robot body, a huge arsenal which you’d spend half your time managing and AI dumber than a sack of bricks, but with a healthy dose of plot armor to prevent their brains from falling out.
    It would also scale to your level, resulting in more awesome zombies more of the time, but damaging the overall feeling of progression a levelling system should imply.

    A bit of a mixed bag, but it would eat up hundreds of hours of people’s time and despite some initial glitches, foster a massive modding community which would iron out most of the gameplay flaws, while adding many features of their own.

  8. I just thought of this and it’s probably going to sound so bogus. I think if they were to collaborate for a game, it would be an action RPG in the distant future where the main character travels space-time in search of something very obscure, and stumbles across alternate dimensions where he/she is forced to adapt to very alien conditions, one of which is an alternate earth past where dinosaurs were not extinguished but continued to evolve before the emergence of man, and all humans on some level have this innate ability to influence the elements with their mind.