Happy Halloween – New Vegas style

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Halloween’s not until Sunday, but a number of folks at our office got into the spirit early — dressing up on Fallout: New Vegas’ release date as their favorite characters from the game.

From left to right, we’ve got Sam Berstein as Fantastic, Larry Waldman as a King, Ian Rogers as Mr. House,  Joe Mueller (sitting) as a White Glove greeter, Greg Ruddick as President Kimball, Jen Tonon (sitting) as White Glove member, Kurt Weaver as Boone, Christopher Krietz as “Yes Man,” Jason Bergman as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, Andrew Scharf as Benny, Tihana Tresnjak as Cass, and Marisa Lyon as Rex.

More pics after the break… Happy Halloween!

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Fantastic celebrates his Theoretical Degree in Physics with Boone and President Kimball

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Representing The Strip and Freeside

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Choose your companion!

Reader Comments

  1. Actually in the last pic if you look at the bottom of the BoS statue, you’ll see where it’s clearly standing on a pedastal that says ‘Fallout 3’ on it. 😀

  2. bravo, folks! those are all really, really cool!

    my favorites are:
    – Mr. House, because there’s something special about an incredibly simple but immediately recognizeable costume.
    – Cass, because she really looks like Cass!
    – Rex, because there’s also something special about making a costume from a character you wouldn’t normally consider, and quite cleverly, as well (also: brains).

    hope you’ll feature fan pics, because i think there will be some awesome ones this year!

  3. I also forgot to mention.. is that suppose to be Mr. Fantastic in the top picture on very left?
    Haha im sure he thinks hes better than everyone doesn’t he?

  4. @ Brett: Yeah, that’s Mr. Fantastic, and yes, he thinks he’s better than everyone else. I, on the other hand, feel there are some pretty awesome costumes in there that are a LOT better than mine.

  5. I wanna know, if that is a costume, which i doubt cause of the pedistal in the bottom pic. How that BoS costume was made. It looks amazing & i want one for Halloween.

  6. thanks for the extra pics, “Yes Man” (Christopher Krietz?)! great portraits with good lighting and background, and i do like the wasteland-ization to the photos. (i, for one, will never do one of those “realistic color” mods. if i want realism i’ll watch the news, otherwise i’m not comfortable with being so cavalier with the game’s aesthetic.)

    i think the Mr. House one is my favorite: the slight bemusement can sometimes be heard on Mr. House’s voice, but you never see it (or anything else besides his look of calm superiority), and that, for all the abstraction, seeing a body reminds you he’s still just a man.

    (it really is amazing how much Ms. Tresnjak looks like Cass. she needs whiskey and a shotgun… in that order, of course.)

  7. I love them all!! I still haven’t met Benny in my Fallout 3 game yet, but I don’t do alot @ night on there either. 😉 I’m a good guy. 😉 & the shops don’t open till 8am, just like Oblivion, another one of my Bethesda fav’s!! I liked the Boone one too! You all looked Great!! Happy Halloween, and keep making these awesome games!!!!!

  8. lol love the brotherhood suit ide love to buy a statue like that ide pay 500 to 800 buckz 4 one may fallout live 4ever

  9. Yeah look at how disproportioned that Brotherhood of Steel “costume” is. Unless theres a super mutant in it? (Oh but it also says Fallout 3 near the feet.)