The Bethesda Podcast Episode 4: Let’s Tango


The fourth episode of the Bethesda Podcast may not tell you how to beat New Vegas, but it will certainly help a little!

To kick things off, we welcome a new member studio to the growing ZeniMax family. Then it’s on to a long talk with Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide writer David Hodgson, who divulges plenty of hints and tips for would-be wastelanders.

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Reader Comments

  1. Music to my ears, feels like I’ve been waiting for the 4th podcast for ages now! This can keep me going between New Vegas sessions haha. Got to check out a new John Lewis store today with wifey so I think I’ll quickly attach the phone to the car so the journeys quicker!

  2. The game is unplayable with these freezing glitches. I can’t even enter the vegas strip without the game immediately freezing. Such a dissapointment.

  3. When are the serious faults and bugs in New Vegas going to be addressed? It’s the one thing everyone wants to know and yet it’s the one thing you’re not talking about.

    The game isn’t going to be patched, is it?

  4. This is fantastic news. Being a traditional 2D artist and gamer myself, I sincerely believe the combined knowledge and experience from all these amazing developers, Bethesda, id Software, Arkane, now Mikami-sama and his team, will amount to some invaluable creative and technical progress for the industry. All of these people are so immensely talented and skilled, one can only imagine for now the greatness that will come of these partnerships. Like putting all your eggs in one variably gigantic basket, except that in this case all the eggs are made of gold.

    Where is Elder Scrolls V, by the way? We NEED Elder Scrolls V! Like… NOW! Lol. 😛

  5. good stuff! the interview with David Hodgson was enlightening both for the game info and just what it takes to wrangle these massive games. it almost sounds like months of meticulous gameplay might, well, not always be fun. aahhh, to be a reputable publisher and get access to a game months in advance…

    the Boone + ED-E combo is crazy powerful. like, hax powerful! Boone’s perk combined with the much improved ballistics (and 60FPS 1920×1080 gameplay) means i’ve been popping gecko heads at absurd distances with iron sights! his own shooting prowess is badass: i’ll take a pot shot at a radscorp, and in 5 seconds he’s killed that one and two others i didn’t see. ED-E’s perception boost is so high that out in the wastes i’ve taken to not investigating everything that pops up on the radar, simply because it might be too far out of my way.