Fallout Bulletin: Tips, Mods and More


You’re exploring the New Vegas wasteland, and then it hits you: if only there was something that added more grass to the game. You hit a roadblock on the Road, and suddenly find yourself scrambling for a tip to get past those darn Radscorpions. You’ve conquered Caesar, but what you’d really like is some way, any way, to bottle water.

Well, we have the links for you.

First up, the New Vegas Nexus has officially opened, offering a convenient home for many of the game’s modders. The site already features dozens and dozens of files to sample, and only some of them are explicit. Check it out.

In an effort to weed out the best of the best mods, PC Gamer has listed their 25 favorites. Everything from depth-of-field hacks to higher-stakes gambling is featured. If you like one-hit headshots, they have a mod for you.

Ripten also has a list of five essential New Vegas PC mods, including a camera shift for those that like a more centered perspective.

Planet Fallout has their own set of modding guides in the works. Check out their first and second posts offering top-quality mods.

1Up.com shares 10 tips for braving the post-nuclear wilds of the West. Their second tip: become a kleptomaniac. Obviously this guide is good for your cap wallet, but not for the good of heart.

The latest episode of own Bethesda Podcast also has plenty of tips and hints, courtesy New Vegas game guide author David Hodgson. Snowglobe spots and effective builds are discussed.

Finally, let’s say you’re still scraping together the caps to buy New Vegas. No problem: FileBlog has five Fallout 3 mods to keep you busy in the meantime.

Reader Comments

  1. Has anyone reported a bug on the PS3 post-patch that makes the game feel as if its lagging…odd considering its an offline game? I ask because I’ve searched around and I haven’t seen it anywhere.

    Panning left or right, the screen stutters heavily and fast moving enemies (such as Ghouls running) lag heavily as if on a bad online game. This was not an issue pre-patch. Thank you for taking the time to look into this issue.

  2. Right now I am using Darnified UI, which makes the game actually playable on PC, inventory sorters, which makes it even more playable, then slower level rates 1.3x so that I do not reach level 30 10 hours before finishing the game, and more realistic physics.

    The game is brilliant, but damn, those modders really make it perfect.

  3. Any tips on getting replies from customer support or getting the game to run without crashing? Crashes after the intro video on new game on both my PC and my laptop and support won’t give me the time of day.

  4. So when are you guys patching this game so it’s playable on consoles? I would much rather an update on that then a list of mods for the PC version.

  5. here’s a simple question: will mods affect achievements? as in, will it stop counting achievements because it’s possible to “cheat” the stock game with mods? i like the UI mods, like changing the font size and camera, but i have no interest in ones that affect gameplay (at least, for the first 2-3 playthroughs…).

    there are a couple places with sandstorm-y environments, besides the Hidden Valley defense system. the Deathclaw-infested quarry comes to mind.

    (omg dren didn’t you say you were going to sell the game, implying that you would leave us alone? apparently neither of those things have happened. you’re starting to sound more obnoxious than the TES zealots.)

  6. the bugs need to get fixed….quick. and why does it seem like this game is so empty compared to fallout 3???? i havent seen anything besides cazadors and blind deathclaws for days….why bethesda why did you let obsidion destroy a great game???? no more out sourcing….ecspecially to obsidion….habent you guys played kotor II???

  7. Were is the woman named daisy she is a side misson. I bought the guide but it doesn’t tell me were she is the guide not much help its only help me with two answers out of seven questions please if engine knows the answer. Tell me thank you

  8. Talk to one of the boomers and hill give u a thing to raise it and talk to a mother boomer to get a under water breather. There bough in the hanger

  9. I’d personally love to try out some mods, but none of my save games work. Maybe you could provide more relevent tips to your customers, like how to get responses from customer service (I’ve been waiting almost a week), or maybe just stop advertising for a bit and respond to some of the teeming hordes of angry people in your forums who are doing your QA testing for you.

    Just a thought.


  11. How about tips on avoiding the save-game corruption issues? What parts of the game is it best for us to pretend do not exist so we do not encounter this issue?

  12. why dont u guys make a few mods for the ps3 verison like making a nuclear weapon to blow up vault 3 to remove all the fiends as it explodes keeping the vault unaccessable for a time or like being able to have more rad away when needed or being able to finding radiation suits a lil easier or how about being able to buy the weapons that are on display at the silver rush makes me want to open fire on the silver rush and steal all the energy weapons

  13. i downloaded the patch for my ps3, and i agree with brandon, it does seem to lag a little, also, in the game guide it says that the special weapon “all american” is on the floor in the armory in vault 34, i unlocked all the doors, and got to all of the extra weapons and everything, but the “all american” is nowere to be found, unless the game guide is wrong and its locked in the gun box with the other special weapon, i would really appreciate some clarification on this, thanks

  14. You know what would be a great idea for Xbox Live? A mod section where users create their own content for a game and then it is uploaded to Xbox Live, and then the players are able to download it for their game…..sounds like a good idea to me….

  15. D3V@[email protected] said on :

    Are you guys gamers or hack-loving noobs? Mods are for weaklings that haven’t got the gaming skill to complete one without them. If you’re talking weapon mods that are included in the game, fine. But, all the rest are CHEATS! Grow a pair and learn to play right. Game guides are fine, but some of these geniuses don’t need them(I’m not one of them) cuz they can find everything. Just play the game without hacking. I’ve been gaming since Atari and you guys may think that’s old (and maybe 33 is old) but I have more gaming SKILL in my pinky than most of you hacks have in your whole body. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go play New Vegas…. THE RIGHT WAY!

  16. Will there be a new patch for the Xbox360 version anytime soon? Love the game, it´s just that all the bugs and glitches and freezing is making me really frustrated.

  17. ok, disregard the second part of my comment, i just figured out that Cass (one of my followers) somehow picked it up before i ever saw it

  18. I dare you to stop patting yourselves on the back about your game and the community and have the courage to give us an honest update on the bug fixes and an ETA. I dare you.

  19. When are the add-ons coming out? I beat the game and I know it has to be like FALLOUT 3. There have to be add-ons coming out soon.

  20. Why did u make a game useing the name fall out and rud there name throw the mud this game had a lot of promiss to be good and not deliver u just throw crap to gether and now the game frezzys saves hafe work u cant clime rockes with out falling throw them and geting stuck and not being abel to coutinue the game after the end there a hollot more to say but im done just realize that makeing a bad game will come back to bite u

  21. ok im not going to yell and piss and moan like a lot of people, i love the fallout series, been with me since i was a kid, and i LOVE the references to the first two in new vegas… brought back memories. Honestly I applied for a job as a beth/zeni QA tester and never heard back, hell i would have done it for free…. and maybe found that this game is ALMOST unplayable. i freeze nonstop, my companions disappear, it constantly slows down to the point of needing to restart, dialog options to start end quests are not available….. that was slap in the face 1. number 2 was announcing that dlc will go to xbox the day before release, and WAAAAAAY after the collectors edition was not available anymore……

  22. Now im finding magazens u cant pick up and I talk to people and on the top right hand of the scren it says note and map added and I go look for it and nothing new is added in quest or in misc so whats the deal ive played the game throw twice so I know what im doing and the guied I payed 25dollers for hasent help but two out of seven things iv needed it for so please whats up what im I looking foward to if u ever fix the lag is it gowing to fix these problems or is there something ealse I havent noticet yet . And is there going to be add on and are they going to have problems to like building being closed off or 2 out of 10 buildings have something worth looking in for so come on this game Is good butt u could have done better I was reading some reviews and they sad this game was just as good as fall out 3 and that is not true ya we can explore the wast land but for what theres nothing out there out of all the places to descover more than hafe dont have crap nothing nota y is this and the places that u need a key or password u cant find them the guied sore dosent help me ive looked every were talked to everyone that dident try to kill me first no keys or passwords to be found so please write back and let me know somethin thankes

  23. any chance this single player game is going to be re-released without steam or online activation? my gaming rig isnt going online, thats what the shitty laptop is for at work.

  24. @Phillip

    The “Map Marker added” messages you see in the corner when talking to people refers to your world map on the pip boy. It is merely adding a location that you didn’t know about before. When you get “note added” that should also be one of the “Data” tabs, I believe the one to the left of the radio stations. This is the way it was in Fallout 3.

  25. Thanh u for getting back with me can u answere my other questions I no theres other people wonting answeres but it would un stres me alot like were is daisy she has a side quest and the guied doesent say were shes at like it does the other ones thank u

  26. I also liked fallout 3 better but the mods sure give it a new lease on life. And, i’m also hoping a version with only single play will be released. I’m playing a work on a station discconnected from the Net (The Horror!!!),