More news on New Vegas updates (updated!)


We wanted to give you guys a heads-up regarding the latest progress on Fallout: New Vegas updates.

We’ve come up with solutions for the Xbox 360 save issue folks are reporting, along with a number of other issues being reported. We’re currently running final testing and certification on a comprehensive patch for all three platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), so we’ll have something available in the coming weeks. When we have more details, we’ll let you know.

We are also looking into the issues people are experiencing with the pre-order DLC, including not being able to access the content.

Updated: The incremental update for PC users (v 1.2.0) is now available for download on Steam. Check out our forums for the issues it covers. As mentioned previously, we still have a comprehensive update coming for PC, 360, and PS3. As we have more info to share, we’ll let everyone know.

Update 12/8: It’s sounding good for a release of the update for PS3 users in Europe tonight — as early as midnight GMT.  PS3 users in North America shouldn’t have to wait too much longer… we’ll keep you posted.

We’re also hopeful to have the update available on Steam tomorrow and the update on 360 next week.  Once updates are released, we’ll start sharing notes on the update. Stay tuned.

Reader Comments

  1. @FragCzar I know they would not have waited 2 months but I read on the official Beth forum and other places that Sony/Microsoft have a limit to how many patches (via PSN/LIVE) can be released for a game. I don’t think this is true for steam hence the small patch which was released after the intial patch

    So going by that assumption they would need to release a “comprehensive’ patch since releasing small paatches would exceed the limit allowed

    The game is soo good but its just sad that because of the problems we are not able to enjoy it to the max

    Sorry for any spelling errors 🙂

  2. Hey, guys when is this patch out?!
    I hope it fixes Raul’s Full Maintenance!
    It’s been out along time now, I know the patch must be big (considering the glitches) but c’mon ; we really want to get back to playing a great game!!

  3. i love the fallout games and i must say good deal with these past 2 games ,but i dont like the bugs in new vegas on ps3 i play it and i need to go in the strip and it freezes randomly and i hate it cuz it ruins me and i bout took it bak but i told my self no keep it it will get better and so ive been playing black ops so can you tell me when the new update is up thnks. p.s. game idea make another fallout after the dlc call it Fallout: Tactical Warfare and have the story take place during the war before the nukes been dropped ad have like a call of duty multiplayer on a diffrent disk like halo 3: odst and have fallout weopons and perks to and customizable armor on it for your charecter as well and weopon mods for your guns example: plasma rifle with high endurance scope on it with a super sledge as a secondary and gunslinger as a perk and plasma mine as grenade thnks bye. 🙂

  4. You people are talking about bugs crashes and freezes……. What about buying the game in retail only to find out that the activation number is missing??????? Now i have a Fallout Vegas cd that i can not install and 50$ less in my pokets………… A dam shame.

  5. hey guys i know your working on getting the patch out and i know i sound like everyone else but just a ballpark estimate would be awesome i get off work every day hoping is released only to be let down lol my wife said she’ll be glad also so ill shutup about it anyway thanks for the hardwork still LOVE the game

  6. FO: NV has been officially ruined for me. Thanks. I basically bought my playstation this summer for this game because I played FO3 at a friends house. The more I play the worse it gets, freezes constantly at random. No less than once or twice an hour the game freezes and I lose my progress from the last save. Not to mention everything else that glitches. I was so excited for this game and it came out complete garbage, when it did work it was awesome, now I don’t even want to play it because it just wastes my time. How you get away with releasing a game so poorly coded I will never understand. I want my money back.

  7. I am usually very careful and particular about buying games, and have gotten pretty disciplined about not buying games at release. Instead, I’ll wait a few months for them to drop significantly in price.

    But I was eager to play Fallout New Vegas and paid full price on release day, and boy do I feel like a fool for having done so. The game has been unplayable due to corrupted saves and freezing issues. It sits and gathers dust while I wait…..and wait…..and wait for a patch. Meanwhile the developers are busy working on DLC?

    How this game was released so broken in the first place is disgraceful. I feel ripped off and I wish I could get my money back.

    Oh well, THIS is why its not smart to buy games at release. Oh well, you know the old saying, “Fool me once…”

  8. Waiting for patches is nothing new, you think this is bad, anyone remember the Falcon 4 fiasco? We as gamers should all know developers and publishers have always and will always release titles that are far from being “finished”. I don’t recall owning a single game that hasn’t had to have been patched after release, not sure if I recall one that took over 2 months tho.
    We should also know that Bethesda have given us some great titles as well, Oblivion and Fallout 3 just for starters. I know squat about developing and programming games like New Vegas but I’m pretty sure a game as complex as this can’t be easy and we all need to be patient as I am sure we don’t want developers like bethesda to drop creating games like this and just go down the linear shoot em up road which I am sure is by far an easier a game to develop.
    So I for one am gonna put the New Vegas disk back in its case and play something else until the update is out and then maybe in a few weeks time we will all be blogging about another great game Bethesda has created. That being said I think we all know now not to buy another bethesda product until at least 3 months after release.

    PS Bethesda, not really sure it was a great idea to go telling people about some great new DLC for 360 ONLY!!!!! when the shop bought content is still broke -10 on the PR front there.

  9. I found a glitch where i cannot move with right analog stick. tried a differant controller. same thing. tried differant things and still same(fast travel, dieing, etc.) I reallydon’t want to start all over cause im in hardcore mode and pretty far in game. hope u guys fix soon please!!!

  10. I’ve felt pretty good compared to others because I’ve only had minor problems running FNV on my PS3, frequent freezing and items appearing in the middle of rock walls, etc. Now I can relate to the other frustrated players.

    I’ve found many shovels while exploring, but can’t pick them up! You can’t put them damn things into your inventory so you can’t use them.

    I found Gibson’s Shack (doesn’t show up on PIP Boy even after you enter and leave), but once I download data from terminal I’m automatically locked into a dialog box with Veronica with no way to end the conversation. The only way out is to reload from the last save point and avoid the shack with its necessary data! Hope you guys are making note of these problems.

    I have to agree with Russ, another frustrated customer. Not a great idea to be telling us about pre-ordering DLC accessories to put on a car that won’t run. Not smooth dude.

  11. @Harborwolf – No the DLC/save corruption is NOT related to the Gamestop pre-order bonus. I bought mine from Amazon, never installed the bonus and still got it.

    @gstaff – Can those of us that pre-ordered and basically fronted you $60-$90 for an unplayable alpha-game please get a refund for the amount the game has now dropped in price?

  12. Like a fool I bought the game despite knowing about the glitches. Started it today and 2 freezes in 2 hours which is bearable I guess despite having to restart the PS3 via the on/off switch. My concern is the above update seems to have changed from ‘coming weeks’ to ‘more info’. For a patch that was in theory in it’s final stages this seems rather suspect…

  13. Just traded mine back in today. I couldn’t wait any longer for the 360 update. When I went to gamstop, $25 was posted as the trade in value but I only got $22 for it. The value is dropping fast for New Vegas and everyone should get rid of it while it still has a little value and get it again when its dirt cheap and the updates are finally out.

  14. @gstaff

    While waiting for the New Vegas patch, because of saved game corruption, I went to play Fallout 3 and discovered the exact same save game corruption on my old saves…. No way this is a coincidence.

    I have never had this problem before on Fallout 3. Could this corruption problem have really gone from New Vegas to Fallout 3?! Thanks.

  15. ^^ Just plugged my Xbox into the internet and got the latest update for Fallout 3 and there was no more problems, in case anyone else has this problem!

  16. I believe that anyone who thinks they’re going to get a dime back from Bethesda are sadly mistaken. Same goes for any free DLC or any other form of compensation for our trouble.
    The reason? I believe that it is Bethesda’s stance that the game is not broken so long as they can patch it, no matter how long it takes.
    Also, those folks who are rightfully & legitimately complaining about the new DLC being currently under development should also be aware that Bethesda is also currently working on at least three to four other major games right now, including ‘Brink’, a new ground-breaking FPS, ‘Hunted: the Demon’s Forge’, a new twist on the dungeon crawler genre, the much rumored ‘Elder Scrolls V’, and a rumored & very secretive new MMO. So Bethesda, I’d say, has a very full plate right now.
    After being on this blog for a couple weeks now, and having visited & read some of the forum posts about this game, I am starting to suspect that the patch for it has already been completed, and is either being held up by the certification process or being purposefully delayed to coincide with the release of the DLC & update for the 360.
    As time goes by, this last scenario becomes more likely to me simply because Bethesda are so obviously in bed with Microsoft.
    Any way you slice it, the loyal fans of Bethesda are the ones getting the rotten end of the stick.

    If you believe this is unjust & unfair treatment, there is something we can do about it, but it will only work if we all act together as a team. The more people who participate, the more effective the action, and the better our voice will be heard.
    Any interest?

  17. *Just in case you’re reading this list of posts wondering if you should buy the game or not*

    I’ve been playing New Vegas for at lease 10 hours a week since it came out. Still haven’t had any “game killing” bugs. I’ve experienced the weathered 10mm glitch (the gun becomes a floating exclamation point if you mod it) and two freezes, but other than that it’s been smooth sailing! I highly recommend buying and playing this game!

  18. Come on guys give us something 🙁 it’s December 5th and still nothing. I’ve been waiting weeks for the Xbox save data fix so i can start playing again 🙁 I’m 12 hours in and i LOVE the game but i don’t want to start over.

  19. You know, I find this terribly ironic. Literally hundreds of people are in here screaming, “hurry up already!” That’s EXACTLY why the game got released in the state it’s in, with lots of holes. People on both sides (in charge of the company and the fans waiting for the release) were screaming “hurry up already!”

    Never mind that this game is built as a DX9 only game. Really? In Q4 2010, with DX11 out? Come on folks… Maybe the thing would have worked better if it was built using a new game engine that doesn’t cause Windows 7 to get indigestion.

    Oh but that would have taken longer. Hmmmn.

  20. Any news on an actual date ? Love the game but i’m having the ‘can not load’ issue. Refuse to start over as theres a high probability that this will just happen again after another 8-12 hours of playing =/

  21. I am having trouble equiping the scope on the varment rifle and the 9mm Have the scope and repaiered the weapons to 100%. The equip option is grayed out still. I have a stand alone 360. What do I do. Getting my ass kicked by scorpians, kind of stuck in first area, been to prison, and talked to ghost sniper to south and went to town in the middle south, to the camp on the northern route but bird are a pain, walked the ridge to get there. game is fun but kind of bogged down. Quit playing, bird and scorpians are a problem, scope would help to snipe them. what is needed to equip scope????

  22. I have never played a game with so many glitches in my life! Now don’t get me wrong Im a huge fan of not only fallout but also Elder scrolls, but the issues with missions failing randomly, The game crashing at random points and companions just vanishing in to thin air have got me a little angry. Its ruined what was going to be a very good game. Not only that but like other people my pre order bonus was non existant.

    A great example of one of these many flaws is the house always wins mission, I do not want to kill or dissable House however because I was exploring a vault and shot the turrets (nothing to do with House I might add) now the robots in lucky 38 casino wont let me enter without attacking me!

    Another example? I could go on and on, but what I would really love is a fix for all these problems before I get to the end of the game. That is if it doesnt screw up and stop me from getting that far. Are you going to fix these problems so the game plays as it was intended?

  23. I for one will NEVER buy another fallout game at release. Never, never, never. This is the WORST game as far as glitches go I have ever played, ever.
    And I am just one of the thousands of people with this same complaint.
    So if any of you take the time to read everyone’s complains, especially this one, here is how we can all fix this sort of problem ourselves.


    When you start messing with people’s money, they tend to take notice and correct their problems.

  24. Hurry up with the 360 patch please, just had a 100 hour save ruined by the Vault 3 bug. Not exactally encouraging gamers to buy new this is it.

  25. @Wasteland Wanderer

    I have patiently waited, and not once bad mouthed this company. I have courteously posted several times on this blog, and have yet to receive an answer to anything. Hmmm….what do you have in mind? I am in.

  26. Hi all, just thought i’d add my two cents to this blog! I, like everyone else, have encountered numerous bugs in an otherwise terrific game – too many people have had a stab at Bethesda so far, im with them but feel its obvious that we are all disappointed with the length of time for an update…whats wrong with incremental updates? Feels to me like maybe some of the bug fixes are nigh on impossible to sort out, and Bethesda are stalling for time – i know until the game works properly i wont be buying the dlc.

    oh, and i notice the forums are down for ‘software updates’ – how long is that gona take based on your track record? two months?

  27. WHERE IS THE PATCH ALREADY!!! I love the fact that you guys are getting ready to sell everyone DLC on a game that is barely playable yet. I already paid $80 for your collectors edition and I can’t even play it. The game freezes every third – fourth time I play, sometimes losing hours of play-time. Now, I find myself locked out of the Strip because of another bug – THE STRIP IS WHAT THE GAME’S ALL ABOUT!!! I have been the hugest fan of the “Bethesda Fallout Era”, this was a huge let down. If this patch isn’t released soon, I promise I’ll never pre-order another Bethesda game again.

  28. I just read your twitter. VERY glad to see the patch has been submitted. I just want you guys to know, I have commented on this blog a few times, But never bashed you guys for the delay on this. In fact, In One of my comments, I tried to stand up for you guys while everyone had to throw in their 2 cents. That comment never got published though. Oh well, Who gives a [email protected]#$, THE PATCH IS DONE!!!

  29. Could someone please copy whatever was posted on Twitter about the patch, I’m at work and Twitter is blocked.


  30. @Gilmo

    The patch has to be certified by Sony,Microsoft and steam for the repective platforms before they release it. So it should be tue/wed for psn

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think EU and USA have a day difference when the PSN updates

    who cares the patch is comming now I can finally enter The Strip

  31. Bethesda i’m glad the patch has just been submitted I have had the game since it came out rented and i experienced the corrupt saved glitch on October 24th but you know what i’ve had waited patiently for this long and i know that i’m am gonna get the DLC and fallout new Vegas is still def on my Christmas list.

  32. I am really upset with the bugs in New Vegas. As an retired programer I am aware of the difficulty of clearing the bugs. But the amount and severity of the bugs is enormous. Did marketing push this game out before it was playtested. Also had the same problems in Fallout 3. Did you not learn anything from that game.I love both games but I may never buy a Bethesda game again.!

  33. Thanxs u guys. It’s good to hear that u guys have finished the patch. Sry for getting so mad, but it’s just that I haven’t been able to play one of my favorite games for a very long time. Lol. Good thing I didn’t sell fallout for assassins creed.

  34. I’ve been throwing barbs like the rest of you but I have a real idea. Its appears Bethesda has LOST quite of bit of favor with a lot of its fans. Myself included. But all we want is a stable patch because we do LOVE the game.

    So wouldn’t it be nice. If they offered all of us who had problems a DISCOUNT on the DLC as a sign of good faith. Or at least some add-ons like with the pre-orders. Like a new weapon on extra Stimpaks.

    That’s about the only way to get me playing this game again. Since I’m still stuck at the doors on New Vegas (even with the damn old cowboy hat!)

    I doubt they will. In fact I doubt anyone even listening to this thread anymore. But I know it would smooth over a lot of damage done!

  35. ALERT: “We’ve wrapped up work on the Fallout: New Vegas patch and submitted it. We’ll let you know when it’s up on PS3, 360, and Steam.” (Tweeted earlier today)

    Hmmm… The day after I made my last post, my console died. Ironic, no?

    I was merely going to suggest what Jimmy has already said in his post, with the additions that perhaps our anger is slightly mis-directed. It’s possible that we should really be angry with Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda, and probably the ones who pushed to have the game released in it’s unfinished state. Also to say that it would take several million people all boycotting the new DLC (especially) and the first few new games after that for about a month to make the company take notice.
    After posting I realized that there really is just a handful of people posting here compared to the five hundred million copies of the game that were shipped. It would take a massive and concerted effort to get enough people on board to make a difference. It’s most certainly possible, even for the few dozen or so people posting here to pull off, but they’d have to be dedicated to the task. I really think it unlikely to happen, especially now the patch has been submitted. I believe most of us harbor no ill will toward Bethesda, and are really their fans. In the end, we just want to be able to play our game without difficulty. Thanks for the interest, though.

    Yours is the voice of reason in this crowd. Others would do well to heed your post. Thank you for saying it.

  36. I was idolized by the Brotherhood, but now, for some strange reason, it is Neutral and I get attacked. Same with the NCR except that they are not hostile. Ceaser’s legion has turned hostile, even though I have the mark and have done nothing to offend them. And, both Boone and Rex are AWOL.

  37. @gstaff,

    Is it possible to post a list containing a few things this submitted patch has fixed? It would really be nice to hear this while we wait.


  38. I’m mostly annoyed about NPCs not resetting when you fail their actions during quests.

    I failed the van graf mission when the King’s lieutenant showed up and now he just hangs around outside the store, so I can’t get in to see the king and can’t recruit Rex.

    If the patch checks for active missions and resets NPCs based on that status it’d be much appreciated.