More news on New Vegas updates (updated!)


We wanted to give you guys a heads-up regarding the latest progress on Fallout: New Vegas updates.

We’ve come up with solutions for the Xbox 360 save issue folks are reporting, along with a number of other issues being reported. We’re currently running final testing and certification on a comprehensive patch for all three platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), so we’ll have something available in the coming weeks. When we have more details, we’ll let you know.

We are also looking into the issues people are experiencing with the pre-order DLC, including not being able to access the content.

Updated: The incremental update for PC users (v 1.2.0) is now available for download on Steam. Check out our forums for the issues it covers. As mentioned previously, we still have a comprehensive update coming for PC, 360, and PS3. As we have more info to share, we’ll let everyone know.

Update 12/8: It’s sounding good for a release of the update for PS3 users in Europe tonight — as early as midnight GMT.  PS3 users in North America shouldn’t have to wait too much longer… we’ll keep you posted.

We’re also hopeful to have the update available on Steam tomorrow and the update on 360 next week.  Once updates are released, we’ll start sharing notes on the update. Stay tuned.

Reader Comments

  1. Not sure if this fault has been logged but everythime I try to enter the Strip on the PS3 version the game freezes and goes to a black screen, I can contiune to go round the wasteland but can’t get any further with the campaign as I can’t get to Mr House etc. Please can you confirm if the patch will fix this issue.

  2. @gstaff

    Not sure if you all know about this, but durring the Quest Debt Collector, everyone in the Atomic Wrangler became hostile towards me for no apparent reason. I killed Grecks after making fun of his eye and upon returning to the Wrangler, everyone started putting holes in me.

    I though it was becasue I was wearing the VanGraff’s combat armor, but upon removal, same result. I also thought it might be my companions causing the ruckus, so had them wait, same result.

    Might wanna take a look and try and fix that glitch cause it really pissed me off! But, I did find a workaround. So, if anyone else out there has the same problem, this is what you do.

    Get a stealthboy, make your companions wait outside. Use Stealthboy BEFORE you enter Atomic Wrangler. Once inside, crouch and stand still. Everyone will get up and mill about and 2 guards will come running toward you at the door. Stay still, after they get to the door, they bolt to the gambling room of the bar, and then become friendly again. Go outside, retrieve your followers and use the Wrangler at will.

    Hope this helps, take a look Bethesda, seems like a small error in the AI

  3. Playing at level 30 Messiah. Cannot re-enter the strip. Ever time I attempt to do so the game crashes and after re-boot and re-load the auto save file is corrupt.

  4. @gstaff

    “This week or next”? Can’t you guys give us a closer estimate after all this time? I wanna play New Vegas again so darn bad! I get on Xbox live and pop in New Vegas every morning as soon as it get up. Only to be shot down by the fact that my game still won’t load 🙁

  5. I’m looking forward to the patch coming out on the 360, specifically for these two fixes:

    – Companions now show up as waypoints on the map
    – Companions will always fast travel with you, unless told to wait or sent away

    I lost ED-E at some point– I think after fast traveling to the Fort, he fell out of the world. But he’s still an active companion (I still have the Enhanced Sensors perk). The big problem with this is not even that I lost ED-E, but that I can’t re-hire Arcade as a companion, because of his bug that doesn’t give you that dialog option as long as you have ED-E or Rex. I need to do his companion quest!

  6. Thanks for the patch guys, can’t wait to go back to playing Fallout NV!
    Hopefully the game will be more stable now and i can play for atleast a hour without it crashing on me again. I really want to beat the game.. but ever since i reached 60+ ingame hours the game has just been so unstable.

  7. I started experiencing problems with my consol (ps3) the same time I started having problems with new Vegas. I completely removed all of the new Vegas data from the system and still all the games freeze and even blu rays. This is the first tome it has ever happened and maybe it is coincidence, but I believe not. I think the game has corrupted my whole system. Has this happened to anyone else? @gstaff if you read this, what do you recommend I do?

  8. @gstaff
    What are the chances of the patch coming out this week? Please say yes or no or probably, not some completely vague answer. I havent been able to play it for over a month now and am goibg through Fallout withdrawal.

  9. are we getting anything as a sort of compensation?…I’m guessing not, which is a bit of a joke for those of us who paid full price, played the game for a week and have been unable to play it for over a month now!! I understand its impossible to isolate those of us who had problems to “give” the DLC to, but I hope bethesda/obsidian will do something to appease us, and no, a DLC we have to pay for doesn’t count!
    I’m pleased its finally gonna be fixed but in future, I’ll wait a week or two and get the game at less than half price, brand new, like you can in almost any shop now!!

  10. @ Lunikalm

    Haha your funny.. I’m sure most of us here at PS3 and PC would pay for the DLC even thought the game has been buggy as hell. Just shows how much you guys are complainers and are never happy with whatever is coming your way. Good job at picking the right fans Bethesda…. not.

  11. @gstaff

    Why do you keep picking the easy questions to answer yet refuse to give any information about the patch we’re all waiting for? Surely one of you has a vague idea about when we can expect our game (that we paid for months ago) to start working properly.

    • @Ben, we’ll have details on the patch when it’s released. As we just put up in the forums, it should be available overnight for PS3 users in Europe. The PC patch is also likely to come out soon — there’s a good chance it’ll be tomorrow. I don’t have a timetable for PS3 US yet, but it shouldn’t be much longer. And it’s looking good for 360 users to get it next week.

  12. @gstaff

    That may be so, but then there is an error in the dialogue because the quest giver in the Wrangler, Francine Garrett, said she didn’t care how I went about collecting the debt, as long as I collected them. Killing Grecks shouldn’t matter. Also, if this was how it was all supposed to go down with the Wrangler getting pissed that I killed Grecks, why after the Stealth Boy workaround did they give up on attacking me, you see what I’m saying.

    I managed to turn in the quest and Francine even said she didn’t care what I did to “Those useless bags of flesh” as long as she got her money.

    Anyhow, it was confusing, to say the least. But I managed to work around it and move on to the next part of the quest, killing caleb.

  13. Anyone notice that the xplay award nominees are now out? Fallout 3 won about 7 of them two years ago including game of the year and best dlc, but this time around is only nominated for best rpg and best story. I am starting to sense a theme here…

  14. @gstaff
    oh yeah, and why do xbox 360 users have to wait for next week, are we not as good as the others? I thought everyone was equal…

  15. @Cornelius I hardly think you could complain, even if that were the case. Xbox 360 players get their DLC content before us ps3ers! We don’t even have a release date!

  16. Why doesn’t everyone just quit bitching and accept that it’s coming. Be thankful the damn thing is done and that you’ll get to play a more stable version over the X-mas break!!!!

    I was just as angry when I paid hard earned money for a broken game. In fact, you can read most of that rage on this board. However, at some point for your own sanity you have to let it go!

    Hell, I’m still playing the game with the glitches and having a good time doing it. Save often and you’re fine. Might lose a couple hours here or there, but if you’re diligent on your saves, you’ll be just fine. Hell, save just before you enter a door every time. DON’T TRUST YOUR AUTO SAVE! Trust me, I have had more heartache from games by trusting an autosave feature. In GTA IV, my girlfriend’s son started playing a new game on his profile and the autosave overwrote my autosave and I lost more than 60 hours of gameplay, SAVE OFTEN!

    Thanks Bethesda for giving us the patch pre-Christmas. I still think we should get the first DLC at a discount, but I’m not gonna split hairs, I’m just glad the damn thing is finished and hope it fixes the majority of the bugs I’ve had issues with.

  17. How about letting us know what the patch will fix? I can play sometimes, but seveal missions can’t be completed for some reason. For instance, I repaired the array @ Nellis. I am told to go tell Loyal, but can’t find him. If I make it the active quest and tell the map to show me where he is, nothing happens.

    Also, Melissa at the Khan camp is missing, ED-E stands there and does nothing as the combat takes place, and God forbid I try to go to Hoover Dam, locks up immediately. Will the patch fix these?

  18. that’s it 70 hours in and i cannot get my save game to load(down loadable content),it crashes constantly i am getting pretty annoyed at this so i am now playing COD BO and will not play FONV until i hear there is a patch released and when it comes round to the next fall-out being release i am going to wait a couple of months just in case this happens again and i may get a trade in copy.
    Come on guys do a bit more pre-launch testing or you are going to screw up on hell of a franchise!

  19. I just wanted to say thanks for the great game so far, Bethesda. I was very dismayed when I started reading about all the bugs a while ago, and so I put off purchasing until Black Friday. I got the game a week ago and couldn’t resist playing for more than a few days. I’m only a bit under 20 hours in now and have only suffered a few glitches and 1 freeze, but because I knew of the propensity for issues to arise in the game, I have been saving frequently with multiple save files and was prepared for the worst. It really has not been as bad for me as it has been for a lot of ppl (maybe it’s worse for Xbox than ps3 ppl like me? It seems that DLC error is more common for xbox ppl?)

    I did want to share one glitch that I have encountered some and wondered if you had resolved; when I shoot or burn a corpse, often it moans or groans once. For instance (spoiler) the original Sheriff of Primm and his wife. I used an incinerator on their bodies and they moaned. Not sure why since I assume they were never actually ‘living’ NPCs. This bug has been somewhat fun to exploit though so if your patch didn’t address this I won’t be complaining.

  20. @gstaff,

    We know the patches are on the way, but why must you guys wait for the patches to be released before you tell us? How will this hurt? When the patches are released we will obviously know what may, or may not be fixed, so just tell us that at least, lol.


  21. BAD NEWS!

    Hi everyone! I’m Italian and today i’ve “received” the new patch for PS3… I’ve still one big problem (Not as before, but still one!).

    I had ED-E and boone as companion, but a lot of hours ago i “lost” ED-E at vault 22, I went there several times (give me a pen and i can draw you the map), for finding him… nothing. I didn’t have an old save when i notice that problem, so i’m still waiting for him.

    Than one day i’ve found Victor and i don’t know why but each time i speak with him i can use the companion menu… It does do nothing but i need to tap on “speak with”, if i want to speak with Victor (it’s the only command that work).

    I was waiting for that patch to go further with the other quest, rex for example and other (because, as you know, if you can’t leave the old companion you can’t get the new one!).

    Now i have the patch, and i was going to find ED-E out, now you can see your active companion on the global map, fine, i thought…

    NO! I see Boone (the best!), i see Victor (don’t know why…) and I see ED-E at vault 22….

    I had never taken victor as companion, but he is disturbing my game! I hate him!!

    Now when you teleport, all companion comes with you, even if you had tell them “Stay here”, and so, when i teleport i have boone and Victor(!) at my side!
    More than this, i can tell you all that a see ED-E on the global map over vault 22, but he is not there! Not inside and not outside!!

    What shell i do?? And please don’t tell me to restart the game, because i have 114.23.03 hours of game, and befere i restart it i think i will throw it outside of a windows!!

    I hope to have write all the right way, sorry for my write mistake.

    Good by everyone, and good luck!!


  22. Download the patch in Canada,On after 2 am (Igloo time). So far I can tell you the game still lags and freezes so hopefully it fixed something but I can tell you it didn’t fixed the most important problems.

    Oh and so you know, where I experience the hick ups, it happened during the companion mission with Boone, at Bittersprings. I was trying to defend the town against Legion only not to be able to go in to V.A.T.S. until I switch my weapon, but then while making my way through the constant lag, and kill Legion I get a mild freeze, to then a permanent freeze.

    Also the night scope on the Varmint rifle, is fixed……………yeah………….(that is the only improvement I noticed so far)

    The game still broken, just like my limbs. I hope you guys come through on the next patch (whenever that maybe), and fix the game killing problems.

    And sorry if I’m coming off negative, but just got be truthful (in some aspects). Continue to make great games…..without the game killing problems though.

  23. Hi!
    me again! I’ve the patch, but still problems…

    At vault 22 (again), outside of that damned place on the left side, i’m imprisoned on a mountain wall.

    Don’t know what to say…, still problems, and so i have to reload again and again!!


  24. Bitter springs, during Boone personal mission, freeze.

    Another hard reset…

    Can you remember me for what that patch is usefull?!


  25. I’m a 360 user and still don’t have the patch, just curious if there was a workaround to get ED-E back, seeing as how at Black Mountain during a giant super mutant battle, I told him to Stim and then I never saw him again.

  26. hey gstaff glad the patch is out i like how you see your companion on the map and wear a power helmet through the strip door but have a lot of the same problems the little kid in freeside is nowhere to be found also melissa with the khans is nowhere also plus the dialogue with mr house isnt fixed i did the mission where you find out is up with the omerttas or however you spell it he just tells me to get back to work but the quest tells me to inform mr house i finished anyway was that patch just a part of what your fixing or should i start over

  27. gstaff im still having problems cant finish missions people isnt where they should be are you still fixing bugs or should i restart

  28. @Jesse: Believe me, I love that the patch is coming soon and hope that it will fix a large portion of the problems, but regarding “getting over it” I literally cannot finish the game. I cannot get to the casinos or Mr. House to get the actual main story going again. At present I am level 29 and have done nearly every external wasteland quest. Caesar is long dead as is most every member of the legion I can find. My map is just about full, and I’ve got most of the named weapons. The only thing left is to complete the quests in New Vegas proper, which again I cannot do and others cannot as well.

    It’s not a matter of “not trusting the auto-save.” It’s that the game breaks whenever some of us attempt to hit the Strip, keeping us from playing the game at all. Rather hard to get over.

    @gstaff: Thanks for the update. Hopefully the patch should resolve the main issues. Keep us updated as to when this hits xbox.

  29. I am getting an error now after playing for some time about downloadable content not available when I try to load a game. I cant seem to save any new games.

    Any help or patch coming? How would we get it?


  30. Patch is installed. Still can’t get to Loyal, can’t find the Colonel at Hoover Dam, Can’t seem to advance the storyline at all, amd STILL get multiple freezes for no apparent reason. The patch seems to have done nothing more than show where your companions are. I guess it’s helpful so they can wander around aimlessly as the player character does, since the game cannot advance.

    To the Gstaff, do I contact Obsidian or Bethesda to replace my PS3? Obviously all of these hard resets are not good for the system. Just a matter of time before the console fails. This is the last time I spend good money on an Obsidian/Bethesda release.

    And one more thing, when someone e-mails your CS, the least you can do is acknowledge it. Obviously you don’t care, but at least tell me FU or something.

  31. All I have to say is I have three save one at hoover damn and 2 at westside and none of those can load…I have a 360 and I been trying to beat this game before the dlc drops the 21st so hopefully we get this patch soon cause this is the 5th time I’ve restarted and the first time I’ve had a problem in westside…kinda lame