Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame


Wanted to give a shout out to the recent inductees to Planet Elder Scrolls’ modding hall of fame. Today we look at the mods added for the months of August and October.

Morrowind Mods

Oblivion Mods

Congrats to the modders are their fine work!

Reader Comments

  1. iv had enough of all these mods tbh im on ps3 so cant use them
    the fans (me included) want a NEW GAME
    and a really nice special edition then you can have 70 of my moneys 😛
    and i’ll love you long time lol

  2. Oh look. The Elder Scrolls (You know that lil series that got Bethesda noticed in the first place) was formally acknowledged in Falloutville.

    Will wonders never cease?

  3. Hmmm…Elder Scrolls, why does that sound familiar, oh yeah, its the game that Bethesda completely forgot about, loving how the Blog pays so little respect to what gave Bethesda its name in the first place -__-

  4. It’s nice seeing Elder Scrolls get some recognition on the blog for once. Fallout is kind of overstaying its welcome. By the way, where’s Elder Scrolls V?

  5. While having nice shiney mods for Oblivon and Morrowind is nice, I would like a new game so much better!!! Get your arses back to work and tell us when it’s coming out!

  6. Please ever since tes iv came out and I beat it I was on the net looking for the next installment and now I saw on a page that ther not making it they sent it to a company who makes iPod games (WTF) if they ruin it I swear to never buy another Bethesda gam the rest of my life
    P.S the iPod companies name is armor games