Wastelander of the Coast

Halloween’s long gone now, but recently BGS concept artist Ray Lederer emailed me these awesome pics from Wizards of the Coast (makers of Magic: The Gathering) employee Mat Smith. Taking a look at the various pics, you can see he went the extra mile to look like a wastelander (check out his books!).

Got a great costume to share with us? Send it in! Bonus points if you just wear it any day other than Halloween.

Reader Comments

  1. freakin’ RAD!

    the books! omg… the books! the food! the license plate armor! and is that a mini-nuke peeking over your shoulder? a little greenhouse/birdcage full of bottle caps? i doff my helm to you and your attention to detail, sir!

    speaking of helms, i’ll plug this once again, if anyone missed it:
    Happy Halloween from the NCR!
    (no, i don’t wear it every day. i might leave the insignia on the coat, though…)

    thanks to BethBlog for the Twitter mention! i’m totally foreign to Twitter, it’s like getting a postcard from the moon.

  2. Ha ha nice license plate for leg armor. Good flowing colour scheme of grey throughout the costume with nothing distracting from one element to the next even with the cool looking Pip Boy. Woah! Hold the horses and drop the hay! Thems be some artistic recreations of certain books. I done smell rush of advertising gold in this here lads blood!

    Thanks for the thrill and glad you got some worthy attention for ye talented troubles hopefully with some delicious apple cider on the side Mr. Mat Smith.