New Vegas picks up three VGA nominations


This morning nominees for the Video Game Awards 2010 (better known as the VGAs) were announced. We’re excited to announce that Fallout: New Vegas received nominations in three categories: Best PC Game, Best RPG, and Best Performance by a Human Female (Felicia Day as Veronica).

Nominees were voted on by an advisory council comprised of 25 leading publications including Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, Wired, Game Informer, Kotaku, IGN, GameSpot, and Joystiq. Winners will also be determined by the council.

Like the big sticker says above, you can watch the 2010 VGAs on Saturday, December 11th at 8PM EST — live on Spike.

Reader Comments

  1. Is this user voted? I’d love to vote against the game (but not Felicia).

    Crashes on game start on a machine that meets specs and tech support won’t return E-Mails.

  2. I can’t believe you got nominated for anything other than the best performance by a human female.
    This game is so buggy that you can’t even tell how good the game is. Maybe in 3 or 4 years when you come out WITH THE SAME GAME, you won’t just make a 60 dollar expansion pack. You guys suck. And obviously do not deserve any nomination. But I’m not going to lie, I play New Vegas everyday hoping to prove myself wrong. But falling through mountains just keeps making it terrible.

  3. Fallout games have completely inspired me throughout the years since Fallout 3, between the story and entering a alternate future based world is incredible. Through this games great qualities and it’s disappointing ones it’s inspired me none – the less to someday design video games myself. The possibilites that come with a game like this aren’t seen anywhere else, which makes it incredibly disappointing when it lacks so many things that I wish I could add. It’s almost like they now rely on modders however to bring the game up to par with todays games, such as adding graphics/animations that are somewhat close to what is seen else where. It’s a slap in the face when a beta is basically released, charging 60 dollars for it, and naming it something other a Fallout 3 expansion. Best Performance by Female is all it should get.

    Age 17, PA

  4. pretty sweet – i’m glad that the video game industry has been building proper ways to pat itself on the back. video games are now significant cultural events that bring shared experiences to millions of people, often exceeding the satisfaction and immersion of movies.

    and to all the bitchy haters… video game reviewers learn to separate the creative qualities of a game from the technical ones. plastic floors and disappearing light sabers don’t distract from the joy of “Star Wars”, many good TV shows have had awful sets and sound, and Duke Nukem 3D’s textures lagged its contemporaries. yes, NV is one of the buggiest game releases i’ve ever played… but i can criticize that as distinct from the story and aesthetic qualities of the game.

  5. Glad to see it get nominated! I loved ever minute of New Vegas. And anyone that complains about bugs has apparently never played a RPG or huge open world game before… It happens.

    Wish the public voted instead of a “council” though so I could vote for it myself!

  6. Where’s ps3 love? I thought we were done with this bull@*$#! And i’m still turning off my system because its freeeezing. Really? Guys, c’mon.

  7. … have the nominators actually played the game? It’s a very good game but the number of bugs and issues that have cropped up in it are totally inexcusable.

  8. This is nice, did any of the voters actually play the game?

    I’ve stopped playing after it crashed the zillionth time (not even the first assassin’s creed crashed this much).

    Quests still disappear (I have the ps3 version). I just can’t play it.

    I have to say though I’m enjoying enslaved and bioshock 2’s minerva den (DLC) quite a bit.
    Of course those games got nothing to do with you guys.