Around the web: Great feature on Brink at CG Society


We’re back with another roundup!

We start off with a great new feature up at CG Society on Brink. The piece delves into the game’s unique art design — with a look at the games characters, environments, and more. Definitely check it out — there’s plenty of never-before-seen concept art.

For more on Brink, check out these sites:

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Did the 2000s decade end last year, or does it end this year?? The debate wages on, and at GameFAQs, the debate over the best game of the decade has only begun. In a 128 game tournament, fans will vote for their favorite title of the past ten years.  Both Fallout 3 and Oblivion are in the running, and Oblivion’s 2nd round matchup will be starting soon. Find out more here.

In Fallout news, I couldn’t help but share this pic from artist Renée Chio. Bonus points to anyone that can think of a better Ghostbusters reference than Kotaku.


Semi-related to Fallout, can anyone watch the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens and not think Daniel Craig is wearing a Pip-Boy?

Closing out this edition of “Around the Web,” check out Cracked’s feature on 6 Ways ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ Made Me a Worse Person. Anyone feel the same way??

Reader Comments

  1. Why is there no contacts page on the fallout new vegas website? If one were to experience problems, how would one contact you about those problems. We have a new gen system, but we’re experiencing glitches that hurt the gameplay. How would one resolve these problems, assuming they are game, and not xbox problems?

  2. “Sorry, Benny, I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.”

    “We’ve been going about this all wrong! This Mr. Vault Boy is OK! He’s a Vault dweller, he’s in New Vegas – we get this guy laid, we won’t have any trouble!”

    yeah, i totally thought it looked like a Pip-Boy – i kept waiting for the distinct whoosh-click of VATS. as i remarked elsewhere, “Cowboys & Aliens” would sound like the worst movie ever were it not for the big names involved. i haven’t read the comic, but the movie looks worth a shot.

  3. *moves Brink to the top of my highly-anticipated games list*

    THIS PREVIEW REALLY GOT MY HOPES HIGH! This is going to be awesome!