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  1. @King of Wastes — this is in reference to the newsletter (In the Works), not the podcast (The Bethesda Podcast). We’ve been putting them out around the same time, so I guess I see where you’ve got them mixed up 🙂

    We’ve got a podcast coming too 🙂

  2. I went to sign up for the newsletter yesterday and it said my email address was already registered, but I’ve never gotten a newsletter from you guys. could you possibly send one to the email I put in here? thanks.

  3. Releasing a DLC for a very broken game on all three consoles seems like it should be the last thing on your mind… But I suppose money is your priority, and DLC is the best way about that. Bugger the fans that actually purchase the game, just make sure Microsoft are happy by releasing DLC on their console! That sounds like an excellent business plan!

    I suppose we’re to blame too, though. If we stopped supporting the developers until they properly fixed the bugs – game breaking or otherwise – they might pull thier thumbs out of their ass and do something worthwhile. I do love Fallout, and if it weren’t for the terrible bugs it’d be an almost flawless game, I hate to give it bad critisism, but it just has to be said.

  4. crikey, people.

    THE DLC WILL COME OUT FOR PC AND PS3. just not at first. it’s just the dumb “exclusive” moniker that MS is no doubt making them use.

    did you forget about the FO3 DLCs? almost the exact same thing happened, except it was just the PS3 folks that had to wait around. (the difference this time? NV’s lack of Games for Windows LIVE! probably means that MS would only cut a deal for the Xbox version.)

    i think lots of gamers have awful amnesia – or they just look for any way to be uppity and righteous. like, all the people who whined about Bad Company 2 being the “worst release ever” clearly weren’t around for Battlefield 2’s release, and the folks who say the same for New Vegas clearly never played Fallout 2 (which, even when patched by third-party bug fixes is still a buggy pile of awesome).

  5. @emilio: MS didn’t “make” them do anything. It takes two to tango, as they say.

    It’s just annoying that platform exclusives (temporary or not) are becoming more and more common as manufacturers of aging consoles try to prop up sales for as long as they can. There’s no good reason for it except $. Oh, wait… that’s the only reason for anything. What was I thinking?

  6. “There’s no good reason for it except $. Oh, wait… that’s the only reason for anything. What was I thinking?”

    well, at least someone realizes that our entertainment is their business – and big business, at that. they’re not in this because they love us or have any obligation to us.

    yeah, i hate platform “exclusives”, too. but, in a sense, that’s the price for the platform wars. sell a console at a loss -> take that out on devs & consumers with high SDK and license fees -> inflate to whatever profit margin you want -> that margin becomes a bargaining chip. they have some big numbers to push around when several whole dollars per game is going to MS or Sony. since the Xbox pulls the sales numbers, game producers let them lead the way.