The Bethesda Podcast Episode 5: John Carmack


On a very special hour-long edition of the Bethesda Podcast, id Software co-founder and technical director John Carmack joins us for a long discussion on topics ranging from the development of RAGE Mobile to space exploration and Ferraris.

Also featured on the podcast is Bethesda Game Studios level designer Joel Burgess, who shares his Minecraft expertise, as well as his advice on breaking into the video game industry.

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Reader Comments

  1. Hi, im not sure if this is the question box for the forum so if it is i was wondering if you had any information about a new Elder scrolls game? and if so when do you think it might be released? Boohyah!

  2. Where is the patch for fallout new Vegas for xbox.
    How can you announce dlc for a completely broken game. This is pathetic, my 60 Eur purchase has been unplayably broken for weeks and you’re not informing your customers. I cannot believe Microsoft would take this long to certify a patch. Your programmers really stink. It’s unbelievable, seriously are you not embarrassed?

  3. You guys need to watch the Oblivion song thats been pressented for you guys at Bethesda to watch-

  4. what a great episode!

    i enjoyed the Burgess segment, and i liked the tiiiiiny bit of info about writing positions for video games – as well as his enjoyment of a cog psych course. i’m not going to fool myself in to thinking i’m a good coder, and most 3D authoring programs want to make me gouge my eyes out from their utter crap usability (really, they all look like Power Animator from back when i interned at SGI in, like, 1996). however, as a psychology-trained interaction designer with video editing experience i’m damn sure as to my sense of level design and story flow. so it’s that higher-level, plot-scale writing and design that hold the most interest for me – sort of a combo of a motion picture’s writer and editor.

    John Carmack is, as usual, a delight to listen to. really, are there any more entertaining nerds out there? games, memory management, cars, FREAKIN’ SPACEFLIGHT, is there anything he’s into that isn’t cool?

    (also, special shout-out to user Joel, who for some reason thinks he’s the first person to ask about TESV. i’m actually not annoyed by this just because he just sounds so genuinely clueless.)

  5. There’s an issue with getting this podcast from iTunes. I haven’t heard it and would like to listen to it, is there any chance on a fix?