Brian Wood Memorial Trust Auction ends tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that our eBay auctions — with all proceeds going towards the Brian Wood Memorial Trust — end tomorrow. If you’re looking for some holiday gifts, here’s the items you can bid on:

Good luck to all the bidders.

Reader Comments

  1. I already tried bidding on the New Vegas sign.. don’t think im going to get it 😛 but oh well.

    Hey Bethesda when are you going to announce your 2 secret projects? 😉

  2. ooof, counter-sniped on the shirt. that’s what i get for waiting ’til 60 seconds left… should have left it ’til 30s! oh, well, at least i helped drive up the price for a good cause.

    this all, of course, makes me more annoyed that i just can’t buy an official t-shirt like our lovely free-market capitalism demands.