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Here’s another web roundup to fill up your web browsers before digging into turkey and mashed potatoes.

In last week’s In the ‘Works, we shared new details on Fallout: New Vegas’ upcoming DLC, Dead Money, which hits Xbox LIVE on December 21st. You can also check out the content’s fact sheet, and above we’ve got the first screenshot.

More news, including coverage on the iPhone release of RAGE, after the jump.


With RAGE’s release on iTunes, id Software technical director and co-founder, John Carmack, took some time away from rocket ships and videogames to talk about the game’s release. In Joystiq’s coverage, Carmack discusses his desire to do a racing-based RAGE title, as well as other ideas he has for the platform. For more interviews with John, including discussion on Game Center and future projects, check out the following links…

And if you missed it, you can also check out our interview with John for The Bethesda Podcast.

In other RAGE-related news, a number of reviews for the game are up. Here’s just a snippet of what’s out there.

  • IGN“Mutant Bash TV is a stunning game, loaded with over-the-top violence.”
  • Gizmodo — “The graphics are unbelievably good, the best of any iPhone game yet. It’s a must-download if you love shooters—just look. It’s nuts.”
  • Touch Arcade“… it’s also one of the best ways to both show off the power of your iPhone…”
  • Engadget“…if you’re looking for the best way to kill, murder, and obliterate 30 minutes of your lifetime, this $1.99 gorefest would top our list of recommendations.”
  • Touch Reviews“Rage is great fun. Really great fun! I heartily recommend it. You must buy it. But know that you are basically playing a shooting gallery game, albeit with great production values, awesome sound, and gorgeous graphics.”
  • Pad Gadget“The graphics are simply amazing, as it’s hard to believe the game runs on an iPad.”
  • The Portable Gamer“Rage HD is a marvel to behold on your iPad.”
  • IntoMobile“If you own an iPhone 4 or iPad, you’ll want to pick up RAGE HD.”
  • Middle East Gamers “An impressive technical showpiece that will leave you spellbound with its visuals.”
  • Apple Gazette: “Rage for iOS is another media marvel from id Software, the fine folks who brought you Quake and Doom, games that need no introduction.”

Moving to other news, DigiNews has an all-new preview for Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. And speaking of the game, don’t forget to enter our Ultimate Co-Op sweeps at GameStop.

And wrapping things up, here’s a few fun links definitely worth checking out.

  • Deviant Art user Darksamu has some pretty amazing pics of his Fallout costume.
  • UGO discusses why New Vegas is better than the real Las Vegas.

That’s all for this week.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Reader Comments

  1. When are they going to stop with the DLC exclusive hype and also list when the PC and PS3 will get the Fallout:NV DLC.

    I for one want the level 35 level cap.

    (I am a ps3 user)

  2. in all honesty, we know this will eventually get to the PS3, assuming right before a GOTY edition of Fallout: New Vegas does….

    So why not just throw a date out there like November 1st or something?

    I hope this time around there is less issues with save saves compared to when Fallout 3 DLC came out.

    On Fallout 3 I still have issues exploring Point Lookout with freezing.

    Personally, I would like them to put up on the PSN the other pre-order packages to. It would be nice to have a choice in starter items too.

  3. Of course, you’ve completely dodged the biggest Bethesda-related news this week concerning a TESV rumour that spread like the Black Plague. Closing your eyes and wearing ear muffs doesn’t make the news disappear =P

  4. heh, Darkstorne, i was holding back from trolling the TES zealots, but i just gotta… if measured by fans and profits, TESV wouldn’t be the biggest Beth-related news this week – New Vegas’s DLC is. Fallout 3 and, from what i understand, New Vegas have both easily outsold Oblivion. the fantasy RPG genre simply doesn’t have the appeal that other genres do.

  5. Im still kinda waiting for the patch… I can’t play for more than 1 hour straight in the mountain areas or the game gets unstable, and this kinda ruins the RPG experiance of pretending your the character.

  6. New Fallout DLC is coming first to the 360? Soooooo…bethesda…how much did Microsoft bribe you to pull that one off…

    Did they also pay you to ignore TES?

  7. I am just hoping the rumor of Elder Scrolls: V being an MMO is not true.

    I prefer a single-player experience.

    Although, making a Fallout game of Elder Scrolls game where say 2 to 4 people are affecting a single world might be interesting. It would bring a competitive edge to the game.

    Think about it, Fallout 3 would of been much interesting if you had o compete with another wanderer who was playing more evil while you are playing good in effecting the world you play it.

    Kind of like a Fallout Co-Op

  8. I am not trying to make this a console war but to the PS3 users: Microsoft actually does pay to make deals with these developers. They get the money partially from our paid xbox live subscription. If you are not willing to pay for online gaming then you don’t get the rewards. Its just how things work in this world, money makes things happen.

  9. Where’s that “comprehensive” console patch we were promised almost a month ago? Would be great to be able to play this game I dropped $80 on (CE) for PS3.

  10. Any word when this will be available on PC? Not that I’ve run out of anything to do, as everything down to the rocks in the desert shower me with tasks 😉

  11. The only reason Fallout outsold TES 4 is because it has guns in it. All the kiddies love guns, why you think COD sells so much? The game is horrible, same thing every year and yet it sells millions of copies.

  12. @ Tony

    I love all of Bethesda’s RPG games… does Bethesda make HORRIBLE marketing decisions with DLCs and focusing on 1 system more than the other 2? yes… but i still love the games.

    Reason why i like Fallout more is just because im a more of a post apocolyptic fan rather than a fantasy world fan

  13. I agree with thegrimmling on multiplayer for TES.it would be nice to get another person on, but mmostyle would ruin it for me.
    And I want to see a new TES game soon too, but one not as buggy as New Vegas. Please, polish the jewel before you sell it, not sell it and then go “Oops, forgot something!” afterwards. I think it’s worth the extra wait.

  14. also, i forgot to note: WTF IS UP WITH THAT AWESOME WEAPON IN THE SCREEN SHOT?! dude! a bear trap fist?! daddy want – especially if it retains dismembered limbs until reset.

    “The only reason Fallout outsold TES 4 is because it has guns in it.”

    @ Tony – yup! well, that’s a gross simplification, but one way to put it. another way is “Tolkein-inspired fantasy games have smaller markets.” yet another way is “post-nuclear survival is way more relevant to people’s lives than a bunch of fairies prancing about in the forest.”

  15. It really sucks that there seems to be no news about a new patch for PC. The patches are coded on a PC, so what’s the problem. It’s doubly disturbing that Bethesda has been extremely quiet about it – as if the patch is some kind of feature or game expansion so they don’t want to “spoil it”. The patch needed for PC isn’t just for performance – it’s so you can play different branches of the game without problems – the NCR path being the most buggy. It looks like Beth is going to just let this fade away instead of diligently trying to repair the flaws. All the hype in the world about other games is not going to save you if you don’t get it in gear and release those fixes – just look at what happened to to the Gothic series since they skipped fixing Gothic III – nobody is buying Gothic IV…

  16. I know your going to “moderate” this out – but I just have to say this – YOU are not going to fix the issues people are having. I know this and I have no confidence or hope in you standing behind your product. You are obviously just allowing this to fade away. All this talk about DLC and other games is not what your customers – not “fans”, PAYING customers – need to hear. We need to hear that you are releasing patches and we need to hear that you released them YESTERDAY. patches are not DLC, game enhancements or expansions, and you shouldn’t treat them that way. You released a defective product and the patches are supposed to remedy your mistake. You have been disrespectful and inconsiderate to the people who pay your salary and keeps your company afloat – you don’t even want people to discuss it and aggressively “moderate” comments out. You sicken me and don’t worry – you won’t have another chance to rip me off because I won’t be buying your products since you think so little of our issues.

    And I’m not alone in this – good luck.

  17. relly guyz. u need to fix the freaking loading problem on the xbox 360. stop trying to make us for get the fallout nv problems by releasing dlc for it. god knows theres going to be probs wit that to

  18. @sandy

    If I could name the type of co-op mode I mentioned I liked….. I guess it would be competitive Mode. 2 to 4 Lone Wanderers carving their own agendas and plotting to either work with or destroy what everyone else is doing on a single map.

    One could be trying to be the hero of the wastes, while the other is his arch-villain.

  19. @thegrimmling

    Sorry, should have said how I saw it. When you said co-op I was thinking along the lines of Borderlands, something you could use different tatics with and that grabbed me. Like going in with a mage to silence an enemy while a sniper picks at him with arrows, then closing in with a few good slashes. But against each other I think would be good for arena only. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be fun, I’d actually look forward to it, but limited to arena.

  20. @sandy

    my idea could be like that too.

    I mainly would like to see a handful of players in a single world where they all have free will and can affect other players on a small scale.

    They could work together or against each other.

    It would be cool having a buddy alone in Fallout 3 retaking the Jefferson, but it also would be fun to compete against one for say the quest “Shoot them in the head” where multiple players are trying to compete for the contracts.

    MMO style would not be fun, but up to 4 people trying to change their world would be.

  21. Selling dlc for a console on which “a small number of users are experiencing problems” (aka most xbox users) is going to be problematic seeing as how nobody can play the game. its like selling a muffler for a car that didn’t work in the first place who is going to buy that crap.

  22. lol, Andrew, i’ve kinda given up on talking reason to gamers. that’s why i don’t really participate in gamer forums: they’re just full of whiny, immature jerks with a righteous sense of entitlement and zero knowledge of technology or business. it gets a little tiring after 20+ years of gaming, so i can’t imagine what it’s like for the producers.

    i do not envy those on the front line of support & community relations that have to be ceaselessly kind and infinitely patient with this endless cavalcade of thankless babies.

    folks, the game industry has a lot of problems – but most of them are the fault of your beloved Sony or Microsoft. learn more about the biz and you just might see the big picture – or even enter the industry to make things better!

  23. Now that bethesda is publishing all these other developers titles they can’t release their own titles so as not to compete with their own products. For instance they couldn’t release a Fallout 4 right before RAGE, because there is only X amount of dollars the market is willing to spend on post-apocolyptic games at any given time and X > X/2, both of their games would be competing for the same money.This is why Fallout New Vegas was prematurely released (so they could get all DLCs in and whatever other Game+DLC’s version they come out with in before RAGE) See if they postponed the release of fallout new vegas to fix all the bugs/glitches some of the market would probably say “meh ill just wait for RAGE”. Again the profit takes precedence over quality. They haven’t even completely fixed FALLOUT NEW VEGAS and they are already developing and marketing DLC!

  24. Well since bethseda have decided that us pc players no longer belong to the fan base i will end my up till now idea of buying the rpg games becouse they are good. I have all of them since morrowind in collectors edition and Elderscrolls V would have been another one in the bookcase… but as i cant see that i will be able to take part in any DLC:s in the future i wont buy it, NOT EVEN as a regular game.

    In fact i will stop playing Bethsedas games… as i dont feel like they have earned my time as a player. I would sell the games on E-bay but i doubt they are worth much now that we cant count on the developer supporting the PC platform!