New Vegas is Dance Central

Even Benny’s got some serious moves on the wasteland dance floor thanks to a New Vegas mod currently making the rounds. With a single console command, you too can bring out the inner “Hip Hop Shake” in every on-screen character. While the PC mod doesn’t technically support Kinect, we won’t stop you from rearranging your furniture and gettin’ busy.

Download umpa’s dance mod, and many others, on the New Vegas Nexus.

Reader Comments

  1. What?
    No one likes to pay over $60 to be a companies beta tester?

    With all the bugs in Oblivion and Fallout 3, we really should have seen this one coming.
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me…

    Something tells me I am going to be skipping the purchase of NV as well as a TES V (if it ever exists).

  2. I would love to go to the strip and see Benny, but the game is freezing (and not recovering) when I try to entry the strip (PS3). Also freezing in a lot of other places. So instead of blog posts pointing to nice mods I’d love to see a blog post FINALLY announcing a patch that makes the core game playable again. I’ve cleared all mission that do not involve going to the strip and have now started over, hoping that this time I’ll be able to enter the strip.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love FNV, but please do better Quality Assurance next time. I don’t mind scripting errors and glitches, but engine crashes/freezes are just unacceptable. Especially if they make the game uncompleteable.

  3. Who cares about this crap fix the game first I’m playing it on xbox and I got it on launch 5 hours in after launch and my game is un playable its been almost 3 months now either you fix it or reimburse me for something that doesn’t work or I’ll file for a class action lawsuit

  4. I agree, its been a nice exp but the constant freezing and reloading, not to mention several quests glitching up to where you physically cannot complete them is getting very tiresome. Despite all this Ive still managed to get up to 75% complete on the trophies, which I think should grant a new platinum trophy, “Achieving everything with an extremely buggy game”. Its disapointing enough that as a ps3 player I have to wait to even play the DLC coming out the 21st, and even more disapointing that with all the mods and extra crap available for pc; there isnt so much as a added weapons or armor pack for the console versions? Extra traits/custom stuff…ANYTHING? Seriously, why no love for the console owners…I even tried to meet you half way and got the FO3 for pc, downloaded all my updates and it Still wont go past first steps without freezing up and causing an error. Throw me a bone here guys.

  5. Wow. Mods and DLC for a game that doesn’t work. Thanks to all the posters on the blog here–you guys saved me some money. I enjoyed TES and Fallout 3 (though both were buggy at times). No way I’m plunking down one red cent on this steamy pile that doesn’t work though. Think I’ll play Fable 3 instead.

    Come Bethesda, convince me to buy your product. (Hint: start by saying you actually fixed it.)

  6. Do you guys even read these comments? A simple update on the “comprehensive” patch for consoles (PS3 for me) would be GREAT. I’d love to play the Collector’s Edition of the game, that I pre-ordered, and paid $80 CAD for from GameStop but it’s IMPOSSIBLE with the issues that this game is facing w/o a patch. You’re being COMPLETE idiots by ignoring a HUGE segment of your revenue stream like this.

  7. Instead of wasting yours and our time on this meaningless youtube-clip, give us an update on the next patch!

    Don’t you get it?! We have paid you money for a game we can’t play! Do you like being thieves?