Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame – November Entries


Planet Elder Scrolls has announced the newest Hall of Fame mods for both Morrowind and Oblivion. Join us in celebrating the latest inductees…

Morrowind mods

  • Hilgya the Seamstress Expansion 1 by Plangkye: More than 80 new articles of Better Bodies clothing have been added to Hilgya’s store in Dagon Fel. Requires Hilgya the Seamstress.esm.
  • Daedric Warhammer Replacement by Android (shown above): This mod replaces all generic daedric warhammers in the game with a new model and texture, stats remain the same.
  • Pursuit Enhanced by Yacoby: The chase is on. This mod makes up to six people or creatures that are chasing/attacking you follow you through load areas.

Oblivion Mods

  • Companion Share/Recruit by Talkie Toaster: Boss NPCs around or make friends with them! This mod allows you to recruit any NPC in the land to follow you, give them orders, and even access their inventories. Alternatively, you can make friends and influence people by giving gifts, then borrow things from them.
  • Expanded Hotkeys and Spell Delete by scruggs: Just like it sounds, this mod increases the number of hotkeys (to 28) and also lets you delete spells from your spell book.
  • Banes Witchking Lair by Bane: Lord of the Rings fans won’t want to miss this mod inspired by Tolkien’s masterpiece.

Congrats to all of the these modders for their work!

Reader Comments

  1. You guys realise the PR folks (like Matt and Pete) don’t work on the bugs, they work on, shock, PR. So constantly spamming for patches and updates isn’t doing anything other than just wasting space and your time.

  2. Daedric Warhammer Replacement by Android is a great mod and really puts the visual pain into Daedric weaponery. Great to see it getting attention. Yacoby’s Persuit Enhanced sounds wicked! I was always glad the terrifying horrors within Morrowind tombs never chased me past the exit. This will make things much more blood chilling to the bone as fear becomes all enveloping BEYOND THE DOOR.

    Thank you for the advertising RUSH! I guess thats part of waiting for the FALLOUT NEW VEGAS Patch now that i think of it 😀

  3. Ya I want elder scrolls five to I have heard lots of rumers about it being made but do not know if they are true now it would been nice if they could confirm or deny the rumer but u all know Bethesda they will not say a word it been about 4 year now I want a new 80 hour adventure please bestesda tell us something