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  1. A life sized BoS xD I want it!!!! I would totally pay a couple hundred or more for one of those! haha better yet, can you guys make me a Telsa Enclave Soldier replica? πŸ˜›

  2. One of these life-size tin-men would fit perfectly in my apartment! Is it an early christmas present for one of your devoted fans? πŸ™‚

  3. @ Colby

    Nah I live up in Iowa, but yeah damn it knew these wouldn’t sell cheap, but i would still pay alot for one. Imagine having your friends come over and inside your front door they see a big Brotherhood of Steel member πŸ˜› I guess i better make sure i can spend a couple thousand for something like this haha.

  4. Awesome thought!!! Alan Rickman needs to do voice work as one of or the main Antagonist in Fallout 4!!! Make it happen! … and give me a credit lol =)P

  5. These were only available in the UK when Fallout 3 was released or pre-ordered as small-scale statuettes, roughly eight to ten inches tall. I’ve seen them on ebay, but they’re pretty pricey when you find them.

  6. Oh my…. if by any chance this needs a new home I would kill… literally murder to have this!!! That or give me a job and work for it! Thanks Bethesda for continuing the Fallout legend, love it!!!

  7. please tell me there’s a Beretta taped to his back.

    i just recently watched all the Die Hard movies again ($30 for all of ’em on Blu-Ray?! thank you, Fry’s!) to experience what that first truly seminal action movie was like – and the rocky path it followed after.

    the first one is still the best, by far. they all have their merits – hey, even #2, which at least had William Sadler, some badass pre-T1000 stunt work by Robert Patrick, and an ill-fated Colm Meaney. i was surprised at how good Live Free or Die Hard was; apart from an uninspiring villain it had one of the most cohesive plots and great pacing (and Kevin Smith).

    incidentally, i hear the NCR sends out Christmas cards…

  8. Yeah Frank, putting a Santa hat and bow on him and photographing the result wasted a whole valuable 60 seconds of time that will push the patch back to never. Get a grip, these are REAL people working their asses off and they deserve the odd moment of seasonal joy. Also, it’s not a sweat-shop, they do get breaks, maybe it was done then. You just don’t know. So stop being such a Scrooge and smile at the fun of it all.

    That aside, I’m happy with New Vegas. Sure, it has bugs, but none of them are game-breakers to me. Heck, I’d rather have an immensely fun but buggy game like NV than another dull-as-dishwater but technically near-perfect game like Modern Warfare 2, the story of which could have been written on the back of a postage stamp.

  9. I would like to have 1 laser rifle and that power armor! i would never ask for anything else to anyone on christmas! πŸ˜€

  10. That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I want one. LOL At first, I thought it was the size of a bobblehead, but then I noticed the chairs.

  11. Oh no! Is that Princess Stomper in there??? Run Todd Howard! RUN REAL FAAST!!!

    Still awe inspiring to see after all this time. Thanks for the picture! :>

  12. @FrankBroWest LOL! Funny, but I doubt making this has any effect on when the patch is released. also, I doubt they made it themselves. I would be really surprised if they actually had the skills/equipment to make it. Judging from this (which wasn’t photoshoped, like the other guy said. I saw a pick of people in this building dressed up for Halloween that had it in the background) and the fallout stuff they were selling for an auction for some charity a couple weeks back, it was probably made by some company that professionally makes stuff like this (toys, statues, ect.). Im sure bethesda is partnered with some kind of toy company. who else do you think would make all the vault boy bobble heads from the FO 3 pre-order.

    Also, I think the Die hard reference is unintentional (though I could be wrong, as bethesda games to tend to have lots of references, some fairly obscure. this was defiantly something I think NV was missing. I love references!).

  13. My game is broken. Will not load saves. Clearing system cache, overwriting autosave, loading earlier game wont work. Nothing works. Patch the game. Or give me my money back.