Around the web: New Vegas and RAGE coverage


Around the web returns with a mix of news for Fallout: New Vegas and RAGE mobile.

We start with the former. Earlier this week we put the word out that the latest game update for New Vegas has been submitted. The update will be available on each platform (PS3, PC, and Xbox 360) soon, and you can find the latest updates in our forums here.

In other news for the game, today X-Play announced their Best of 2010 award nominees — with Fallout: New Vegas receiving nominations for Best Writing and Best RPG. New Vegas has also picked up Best RPG nominations at 1uP, Just Push Start, and already won at PS3 Gamerzines!

There’s plenty more to read on New Vegas this week, including…

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It’s been a couple weeks since RAGE made it’s way to iTunes, but there’s still some good articles to check out. Adding to the list of interviews John Carmack’s done in support of the game, Ars Technica caught up with the gaming legend to discuss iOS, making AAA games, and more. And at the conclusion of the interview, you can read the site’s review for the groundbreaking app.

RAGE was also included in VentureBeat’s top ten list of games to check out this holiday season. Meanwhile, Kotaku posted their review for the game on Monday. Check out a snippet of the review, written by Brian Ashcraft, below…

“Yes, the game is short, and sometimes I wanted the on-rails bit to stop for a second, not so I could catch my breath, but so I could look around and admire all the work that went into the game. With Rage HD’s three levels, it’s as though id Software put all its effort into making the most impressive iOS demo ever. Rage HD is deeply impressive, but leaves me wanting more.”

For more on RAGE, check out coverage at USA Today Game Hunters,  iTWire, Appolicious, and The Appera. And if more sites come up with clever names using Apple or App, we’ll let ya know.

Wrapping up this update, here’s the latest New Vegas reviews to make their way online

Reader Comments

  1. So when does this new patch come out? Before the dlc or after? also will I be able to play the dlc offline? I found that to be bs in f3 when I didn’t have internet. The fact that a game with no online anything, cant be played without internet when you get the dlc.

  2. gstaff cannot say anything because his superiors decided on stupidly idiotic policy of timed platform exclusives, but of course it will be released on PC/PS3 later, just like all DLCs for Oblivion and Fallout 3 were.

    And we will all buy them too, because despite being treated as second class citizens, we just love those games too much.

    And the bastards know it.