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  1. i am totally down with this mod. i thought all the options were pretty off – i chose “bearded man” even though it’s more like “bearded Juggalo” or maybe “sad lumberjack clown.”

    really, how crazy is Doc Mitchell? he just saves some random person, gives them some priceless gear, and thinks some cursory psychological inventory is gonna keep ’em sane. like most of the other people around the Mojave Wasteland, he is burdened with some past trauma that he can’t quite deal with. maybe if he saves one more life, things will be better…

    oh, he’ll learn the folly of being so eager to save lives, though. one of my future chars will be someone that shouldn’t really have been brought back… that bullet went helter-skelter through that char’s higher-level empathy and remote proprioception – he’ll make the DSM’s definition of “psychopath” look like a grade-school bully.

  2. I love how at the end Doc Mitchel just says “Well, I have nothing to know what this means”, yet he persists to waste my time with it! What a crazy old man.

  3. whats funny is that this is in the xbox version of the game already ive chosen it my self when i first played the game on launch night then my game broke and ive been waiting for the update for 3 months now wtf

  4. @ emilio – My first char was a complete psychopath, almost everyone he came across got a face full of lead.. which led to ALOT of quests being failed and similar mishaps.. But damn is it fun..

    I’m definitely going to give this mod a spin… Keep posting More Mods.. I’m too lazy to go searching for good ones(: