On the Brink of a New Desktop Wallpaper


Previously released as an exclusive to our In the ‘Works monthly newsletter, a wide variety of Brink wallpapers (from iPhone sized to 2560 x 1600) are now available on the official website for Brink.

Consider it an early holiday gift. And speaking of early, we’re working on getting the next In the ‘Works newsletter out before the holidays.

Reader Comments

  1. Still waiting on that new blog update on the Fallout: New Vegas patch. Would be nice to tell everyone how the certification is going and to see some patch notes.

  2. wow, the guy on the right was clearly misinformed as to what to bring to this party. “maybe if i wedge a bullet right down one of those minigun bores he’ll only perforate me with 1000 rounds/minute instead of 1200!”

    sheesh, Frank, off topic, much? c’mon, NV folks, let’s try keeping the off-topic adolescent pestering to the TES fans.