New Vegas game update available on all platforms (Updated)


Update: The PC patch is now available. Restart Steam and launch Fallout: New Vegas to begin the auto-download. The update is also available on Xbox 360. You can access it by starting up Fallout: New Vegas while connected to Xbox LIVE.

Today PlayStation 3 users in North America and European territories can download the latest game update for Fallout: New Vegas. With your PS3 connected online, you should receive a prompt to download update 1.02*. This update will be available on Xbox 360 and Steam early next week (we’ll keep you posted). Below is list of issues resolved with the game update.

Top fixes:

  • Companions now show up as waypoints on the map
  • Companions will always fast travel with you, unless told to wait or sent away
  • Fix: DLC error/save corruption
  • Fix: Entering the strip after Debt Collector causes crash and autosave corruption
  • Fix: Using Mojave Express dropbox can cause DLC warnings
  • Crafting menu now filters valid (bright) recipes to the top of the list
  • Weathered pistol no longer glitches when applying mods

After the break, see other issues/quests the patch covers…

In addition, this patch addresses issues with the following areas:

  • Pip-Boy Interface
  • Pre-Order DLC Items
  • Reputation System
  • Radio Stations
  • Companion fixes
  • Companion Quests
  • Repair Menu
  • Caravan
  • Weapons and Weapon Mods
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Perks
  • Skills
  • Crafting Recipes
  • Crafting Menu
  • Mojave Express
  • Chems/Addiction
  • Doctors
  • Vendors

And fixes for the following quests:

  • Ain’t That a Kick in the Head
  • By a Campfire on The Trail
  • They Went That-a-Way
  • My Kind of Town
  • Boulder City Showdown
  • Ring a Ding Ding!
  • King’s Gambit
  • For The Republic, Part 2
  • Render Unto Caesar
  • Et Tumor, Brute?
  • The House Always Wins
  • Wild Card
  • Beyond the Beef
  • GI Blues
  • How Little We Know
  • Oh My Papa
  • Still In The Dark
  • You’ll Know It When It Happens
  • Arizona Killer
  • Eureka!
  • Veni, Vidi, Vici
  • All or Nothing
  • No Gods, No Masters
  • Birds of a Feather
  • I Put A Spell On you
  • Come Fly With Me
  • That Lucky Old Sun
  • Don’t Make a Beggar of Me
  • The White Wash
  • Ghost Town Gunfight
  • Restoring Hope
  • Bleed Me Dry
  • Aba Daba Honeymoon
  • Tend To Your Business
  • Wang Dang Atomic Tango
  • Flags of Our Foul-Ups
  • Debt Collector
  • Talent Pool
  • Left My Heart
  • Someone To Watch Over Me
  • Hard Luck Blues

*Please note that once you’ve updated the game, you can confirm it’s been installed by going to the Title Screen>Settings>Display. In the lower left corner you should see Version in the lower left-hand corner.

Reader Comments

  1. I,m still getting crashes when will it end I,m getting very mad all you do is update the game when will you ever get rid of all the bugs it was was just fine when it came out the first time why did they change
    it and what for just fix the done thing, fallout 3 work’s just fine but nobody can’t fix fallout new vegas don’t know why.

  2. Game worked great after the patch…. for the 9 seconds before it crashed. Ok, one crash, could be coincidence, but not the next one, and the one after that. Seriously, are you employing my grandma in your coding department? Not only have you lost me as a customer but my disc’s going on ebay for 99p- I refuse to to rip people off the same way you did to me.

  3. I just ran across an odd glitch last night. I had just fast traveled to bitter springs for Boone’s quest and we were immediately attacked by Cazadores and Boone took a fair pit of damage. After we dispatched the Cazadores I attempted to use a stimpack on Boone to heal him but it didn’t do anything but remove a stimpack from my inventory, Boone didn’t heal at all. I basically just had to walk around until Boone healed himself over time (sleeping didn’t heal him either). Has anyone else run into this?

  4. Happy Xbox360 user here. Some glitches still, but no freezing or quest problems so far. Total 50 hours played. The only thing I have noticed is that after 1-2 hours of playing time the loading times take _a lot_ longer than right after a system startup.

    I’m wondering how is it possible that some XBox 360 users here have problems and others don’t. Shouldn’t everyone have 100% same DVD, same patches and same XBox hardware also?

  5. I love fallout new vegas but why the hell does xbox 360 get the dlc first ? i own both xbox and ps3 and i think the are both great systems but why woulndnt you realleas dead money on both systems for the holiday like come on now i cant get my x mas present any more /dead money for ps3/ pleas release info soon when ps3 dead money is comeing out

  6. Still having the For the Republic part 2 glitch were you can not talk to Grant. I have over 50 hours into this game, and now I have to re start the game, big disapointment , espesially after fall out 3, what a let down, PLEASE FIX THIS GAME !

  7. would be handy if my xbox could connect to the internet….totally useless to me…but then again the game should have never been released like how it was


  9. “Seriously, are you employing my grandma in your coding department?” LOL Ben. Does anyone know if anymore patches are coming for the PS3? or any console..

  10. great update, had stopped glitching almost 100% now, ive still had 2 crashes tho in around 10 hours gameplay which i dont mind since its a huge game but if u can do anything to prevent it in another patch would be goood 😀

  11. The game occasionally crashes more than it’s predecessor patch, it is 10x slower and i’m traveling across the wasteland at a slow speed, heavy combat make the game lag or crash, the ranger combat armor didn’t even show up in the NCR Ranger Safehouse (i was looking forward to wearing it in-game). However I do like the ideas how you marked the PC’s companions on the Pip-Boy’s map and how you added more content to the game. But please release a better patch fixing the problems. Good job anyways guys.

  12. I seem to be having an issue now where faction will attack me even if Idolized if I put on a piece of said factions armor. I haven’t had this problem until the patch.

  13. I was just curious if there are any more patches coming out for ps3 or xbox 360. You fixed alot with this patch and I’m wondering if this is the final major patch for christmas for can we expect more major patches?

  14. Hey did any one Finsh the new DLC (Dead Money)on 360 and ED-E attack you when you try to pick him up at Primm? Did do some wrong? Is it part of the story? Or did Bethesda drop the ball this to? If the did where’s the patch to fix this?

  15. Just have a question. I’ve only been playing the game since the 2nd patch was released but I dont know whether or not this is an actual bug. When I wear plain clothing (for example a vault jumpsuit) all my factions are available. Im liked by the NCR and vilified by Caesars Legion and the Powder Gangers. Then when I put on some NCR Ranger armour that I picked up everything changes. For some reason at that point it show me as “liked” by NCR only “neutral” and Im no longer vilified by the Legion or Powder Gangers. Also my “liked” status in Goodsprings disappears and is replaced by nothing there just is no status for Goodsprings when wearing NCR armour. Am I just being stupid and missing something or is this possibly a bug?

  16. @Gstaff i found a new bug in Fallout: New Vegas when your at the final part of the mission right when ceasers legion is attacking Hoover dam when u get to the control room elevator it does the same thing before the patch for ps3 version update 1.01 when you get into the strip that thing well just wanted to inform yall the new bug it also does it at goodsprings as well wen u get to the building where the old man is on the porch u go in does the exact same thing as what im telling above so there you go for the new bugs to patch cuz i cant get past the elevator cuz i need in there

  17. It really didnt take me long to beat the game its just the end the hoover dam wasnt much of a battle the hardest thing to do was beat the guy with the mask i cant remember his name but my problem is after i beat him n talk to the general then yes man shows up he is there but it takes like five min. For the game to reccognise he is i guess its laggin a bit o well cant wait to get the updates installed

  18. Game freezes my 250 gig ps3 slim. any suggestions on how to remedy this crap. Its getting annoying and i’m starting to feel iv been ripped off. the game is basically unplayable after a half hour or so. I’m fighting at the hoover dam.

  19. I was really happy for the patch giving Ranger Combat armour and more ammo for Sequoia BUT when i started a new game and eventually played the DLC Dead Money i was really angra upon returning to the Mojave. ED-E became hostile and hid in Primm, i couldn´t get Cass as a companion, couldn´t do the quest for Crimson Caravan cuz i did another quest prior. Jeeeeez… I just gave up

  20. updated the game on ps3 but now its constantly freezing within 10 minutes of playing, cant do anything on the game anymore has now become a waste of money 🙁

  21. @RCC1138
    Yeah same goes with faction armor. If I have on NCR clothing/armor and go to an NCR outpost or McCarren they attack me, and without the armor I’m supposedly Idolized by them. If I return to a save before Dead Money everything works fine. Guess I’ll just wait and play Dead Money after these issues have been ironed out.

  22. So after getting through to the Boomers and completing all their tasks, I am idolised by them, I have now come back to them to find the Brotherhood of steel body and when trying to get to the body who unleashes an artillary attack on me… the boomers!, despite wearing their clothes and the old woman giving me the ok to come and go as I please
    surely this is a bug?

    Even though I have played this game for an embarrassing amout of hours the constant bugs have finally made me give up and move onto playing something that hopefully works

    I was late playing fallout 3 but loved it and was looking forward to FNV, but its ended in disappointment

  23. Game freezes after fast travel when I encounter an enemy. Is anyone else having this problem? Also The VATS glitches and I don’t always shot and it gets stuck in VATS the time varies.

  24. Hey guys i was just wondering if you have a patch in the works that fixes the glitch for ED-E My love i get to the part where it plays the BOS tape but then the game stops and I can’t move. I don’t know thought if its is on anyother system other then the Xbox 360 or if its just me running into the problem.

    • @Justin… if you’re still having issues with ED-E, try firing him manually before starting the DLC.

      For issues with ED-E not relating to Dead Money, trying waiting in game for seven days… this should return him to Primm.

  25. help when you enter the casino kitchen with the gas leaks in new vegas dead money the collar will not stop beeping any suggestions If you enter the room where dog is while your collar is beeping, it will continuously beep throughout that room and their is no way out of it

  26. Well, after 20 hours of playing the game with the new patch…. i still have the same ( and only) problem that is affecting everyone (PC AND PS3 versions included).

    Freezing .

    The game froze 2 times in 20hour of gameplay :/

    Please bestheda fix this major and important problem in the next update! I waited so much for this patch, and the problem continues… what a let down.

  27. Why has no one from Bethesda issued a statement regarding this freezing and crashing issue?

    Your game freezes/crashes my PC within an average of 30min of playtime. Sometimes its 5min in, sometimes I’ll get a whole HOUR of crash-free wasteland.

    I’ve tried everything; new drivers, reduced gfx settings, even reinstalled XP.

    FYI. I filed technical-help with Bethesda awhile back and have never gotten a response.

    Can someone please tell all of us who have this constant crashing issue whether there is a fix in the works? By responding to individual people’s quest issues and not responding to the crashes, it seems like you guys are just ignoring it.

    I’m holding out some hope that you guys care about your game and your customers. Please at least address that these crashes/freezes are a known issue. Then let us know if something is being done about them. If not, it’s totally cool, I’ll get a refund.

  28. You need to update for the republic part 2 again. the lockdown wont lift and i cant talk to mcnamara still wont talk. this is dispointing because the fallout series is one of my favrite rpgs of all time.

  29. Hey thanks for responding and giving me input. However im still running into the problem where ED-E delivers a message from the Brotherhood of Steel after enough trigger words are activated. And During the last paragraph of this speech, the speaker’s dialect changes to that of a hispanic male, and the I am consistantly stuck without being able to bring up the Pip-boy or move. For the xbox 360.

  30. I truly enjoyed this game – the difficulty was acceptable and fun, but the quality of the programming was absolutely garbage – shame is the only word that your employees should associate with this production. Just complete absolute junk is all that you produced – it is not 1989, and I am not installing Pong from a 5 and 1/4 – the crashes and freezes caused by this game would be laughable if it they were not so common. This was my first and most likely my last game from Bethesda as your QA barley touches unacceptable and definitely embraces unforgivable.


    BL and your Dad

  31. When are you guys gonna fix the problem with Helio One?Every time I try to connect the mainframe computers the game freezes.When is this problem gonna get fixed?

  32. @gstaff. I see that you guys answer alot of questions on this thread, which i do appreciate. But i’ve noticed that you only seem answer general questions about in-game problems like ( how to get ED-E to blah.. blah..). Meanwhile ppl who have bought this game since day one with numerous crashing, hard locking, head-aching problems get rail roaded. Wtf guys, when is something going to be done for those us who cant even start the game without fear of having to restart their entire pc? patch? Update system? remove some hardware? reinstall? what? Please let me know cause i feel as if i just waisted money.

    Thanks in advance,
    Valued Customer,

  33. OK….. a question and a problem, ok so I’m confused if they are going to come out with a DLC that will extend the game like in FO3. My problem is they came out with a update 1.2.0 somthing that in that patch Raul can still inichiate the conversation after you got the take down move from the ranger in Novac, but its still not activating. Tell me what im doing wrong!

  34. You guys aren’t going to get anything out of them. The reason they aren’t addressing your problems is because they don’t have a fix for them. Obviously.
    They got your money, end of story. They don’t care.
    Next time they offer a fallout, do the smart thing and don’t buy it. If they get hit in the pocketbooks, they might listen.

  35. Is there any way that you can complete The House Always Wins Pt. 5 without killing the Brotherhood Of Steel? If there is let me know

  36. I have the patch, but so far I have been having problems crafting, particularly ammunition. Sometimes, when I try to make .40 caliber ammo, it makes 10mm ammo, and various iterations thereof. Basically, it randomly picks what ammo goes in and comes out. Is this because I have a saved game that was pre-patch? And has this happened to anyone else?

  37. Has anybody else had this problem? I did not save my game manually at all (because why waste one when you only get 100??) and it autosaved when I walked into a house and was shot by 3 escaped convicts in Pimm. When I load or start over, my character instantly gets shot and dies without being able to do anything! WTF! Now am I supposed to just start the whole thing over again? If I don’t get a solution to this, I won’t be buying anything else from these guys again…

  38. Even after i got the new patch i started over my game and it still freezes, i still have trouble with my pip boy, i cant sit in chairs, and i cant hit peoples heads in VATS. Im sorry Bethesda but you disappoint me. Please make elder scrolls 5 amazing.

  39. Hi !

    I’ve got some serious issues with my Fallout NW on PS3 it hungs like every 20 minute now and it makes it almost impossible to play further. Will you release a new patch for PS3? Otherwise I can gladly send my save game to you if it might help you with the bugfixing.

    Thx for a otherwise good game!


  40. I just recently had a problem occur with the game where my weapon is holstered, but my character is shown holding it, and whenever I try to draw my weapon I will no longer be able to move and the weapon cannot be used. So, I become immobilized and cannot use any weapons. I have tried to reload several different save points as well as entered exited and reentered different areas to see if after loading the problem would be fixed but it was not. Can anyone help?